2022 The Year of The Water Tiger

Welcome to 2022, the year of the Water Tiger!

This year has a distinctively different energy than the lumbering of the heavy Oxen we had in 2021. Tigers are graceful, fierce, stealthy, and powerful. Their energy is vastly different than that of the Ox. This year is a transformational year with this water year. It is a clean sweep of energy! In this video, I offer two different meditations to increase your intuition and align with Source energy!

How is this year different?

This year began quietly for me. After winds up to 75 miles an hour and then horrible grass fires in nearby Broomfield and Superior eradicating 600 homes right before the New Year. My internet was out from New Year’s eve until mid-morning today! I managed to read three books which helped me determine this year’s focus. The guidance I received is to help you increase intuition and awaken, connecting within. When our intuition is open and we are in the flow, we are able to manifest easily what we desire. Life becomes easy when we are aligned and connected within.

Water Tiger Traits and Qualities For 2022

The Tiger is actually the first sign of spring. They are lazily sitting or pouncing with great force. The tiger moves fearlessly pouncing into spring. In Western astrology, Aquarius is the sign of a Tiger. It is the moving of minds. Tigers are thinkers, analytical. They are represented by the wood element. Tigers are loyal, sincere, and love to have a good time. They love to set the pace for his life and don’t like to be controlled. Tigers are born leaders. They are ambitious. They are truthful.

It is important to be candid and Frank. Tigers are disarming with their Frankness. Their nature is to tell you the truth. Tigers are generous, giving, passionate, sweet a doting parents. They love children. They love a luxurious lifestyle and are great nest builders. They sometimes tell others what to do. But at the same time, are protective, caring, and devoted family members. They are uncompromising. They make upstanding leaders. Queen Elizabeth is a Tiger. She loves horses and her Corgis. Tigers, dogs, and horses are compatible together. They get along famously.

If you align with your zodiac sign it gives you more power. Queen Elizabeth is the quintessence of duty.

Tigers are brave and don’t back down. Once they are in, they are in. Their secret friend is the pig. Their enemy is the monkey and the snake. They create what is considered a fire penalty. Watch out if you are traveling this year. Pay close attention to your health especially if you are a snake or monkey. Accidents could happen.


Tigers are sensitive caring and intuitive. The water tiger has a calm that other tigers do not show. They are a showman. They enjoy basking in the limelight. The tiger loves being King of the Jungle. Unlike lions, tigers do live in jungles. They have stamina. They don’t have the limitations that lions do. They love water! Intelligent put others at ease great self-control Once ready to act: they are quick and decisive.

Tiger’s Downfall

Procrastination Can drag their heels Don’t let indecision rule your year! Move energy as much as possible.

Famous Tigers

Fidel Castro Bill Murray Jerry Lewis Marilyn Monroe Demi Moore Steve Irwin Stevie Wonder Robert Patteson There is the potential for a war to begin this year. In fact, both WWI and WWII began we were in Tiger years. It is my prayer that truth will prevail and those world governments will make the world’s environment and climate a top priority. Speed is building. The tiger moves much faster than the Oxen. Water years are quick years.

Lessons For This year

Don’t dilly dally Act decisively Get moving! Be committed Plant your stake in the ground Invest make regular contributions Eliminate debt be done with it! Make you the top priority! Take care of your health this year. All signs benefit from the Tiger year this year.

The Tiger and Money

Rocketships are going out into the atmosphere! We have water energy sitting on top of wood in 2022. There is lots of growth potential. Look for small investments that are undervalued. Look for acorns that will grow into the mighty oak! Tigers are patient. Be patient with your investments.


It is very important for you to take care of your immune system this year. Your liver is responsible for repairing damage in your body. Watch overconsumption of alcohol, sweets, and processed foods. The liver is the organ that really needs to be taken care of this year. Drinking lemon water on an empty stomach will help cleanse the liver. Squeeze one lemon into a glass of 16 ounces of water and drink it on an empty stomach.


Bring more romance into your relationship. When you are together be ALL IN! Be like a TIGER! Be present fully! Don’t be on your computer or phone when you are together. Find things that unite you and give you a sense of purpose. Spend time gardening together. Anything that will unite you as a couple will help to extend and deepen that relationship. Anything that will bring more intimacy into your relationship will help.

1. Be committed!
2. Be ALL IN!
3. Look for growth potential
4. Watch your health and pump up your immune system Don’t stress yourself!

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