My Beautiful Canadian Vacation Memories

As Labor Day weekend enters full swing, my mind rolls back over my most beautiful memories on Bob’s Lake, in Canada. There was no other such time during my vacation returning to celebrate my mother’s hundredth birthday, even with my siblings that meant as much to me as my time with my dear friend Joanie.

Friends that matter understand us completely. No matter the number of months or years that swim by ever so swiftly, a friend that connects with your heart is priceless.

I have one such friend that I met at the Toronto airport back in 1973 on my way to Montreal, for Air Canada training. We met before we had children at a time in our youth when we were young and free.

Today, our friendship still stands. The comfort and understanding that was present forty-five years ago remains. Rather than wax poetically about our lovely time together, I’ll share some images that speak volumes.

Joanie has seen me through divorce, and babies, visiting my mother’s home whenever I was in Canada. We never missed an opportunity to see one another. We have experienced a multiple of parallels and heart-wrenching issues with our children. No matter what, the love remains. Funnily, her husband John threatened me with my life if I didn’t visit them while in Canada. I hadn’t seen John in many years, he always thought I would be best suited to marry a Canadian man. With so many friendships, a spouse can come between us and our friend. That is certainly not the case with John. It seems he feels about me the way his wife does, I’m significant, and matter to both of them.

Love between two women is vastly different than the relationship we have with men. We are on the same page with children, nature and a zest for the small things, like lifting a turtle off the middle of the road to save its life. Joanie and I have had many such adventures of turtle saving. In fact, the day I arrived at Joanie and John’s lovely cottage on Bob’s Lake, Ontario, Joan had just rescued a turtle from the train tracks near her abode.

We need both in our lives. Without friends to support us we have no one to turn to when life gets challenging. Sometimes we need another person to hear us and bounce ideas off. Friendships take nurturing and love just as our romantic relationships do.

At the end of the day, it isn’t the money we made or the success we have had that people remember. It is the love we share that changes lives and is remembered.

Summer may be ending but love never does.

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