You’re Not Crazy, It’s Just Another Mercury Retrograde

Feeling a little nutty? Have no fear, you’re not crazy, it’s just another Mercury Retrograde!

Beginning Friday, September 9 at 11:34 EDT in Libra

Days before the planet of communication, and ruling planet of Virgo turned retrograde my clients were calling asking what the heck was up with the energy?

What is up? Mercury Retrograde is plowing through our consciousness to get our attention. Even in its shadow point the energy of this latest retrograde period could be felt. Some of us felt a little crazy in the noggin. It’s okay. It will be over October 1st! Not soon enough for you? Well get ready because there is one more that will take us into the New Year of 2023 to help you celebrate!

Mercury is the planet that governs financial institutions, banking, communication, technology, cell phones and computers, travel and logic. As the tiny but powerful planet begins its transition, slowing down its rotation those of us that are sensitive already feel the impact.

You’re Not Crazy!

It’s just a Mercury Retrograde, you are not crazy. When you look at things from a scientific standpoint, that everything is energy, as this planet slows it affects the way we think, talk, communicate with our loved ones and may even cause dropped calls.

Who Does It Affect The Most?

The shadow period is likely impacting everyone. As Mercury turns retrograde at 11:34 EDT on Friday, September 9th those under the astrological sign of Libra will feel the strength of this slowing down period. Technical errors, dropped calls, friends and general communication will be experienced the most.

As we move towards September 23rd, those under the sign of Virgo which is ruled by Mercury will be the most impacted. Virgos will need to take care of their health, focusing on healthy eating turning to more fresh vegetables especially greens, and making sure they get their rest.

Don’t Fight It Use It Instead

There are some powerful ways to utilize the energy of a Mercury Retrograde. When you consider that the universe is always supporting us, even if it doesn’t feel that way, this period is a time for us to consider the following:


  • REduce clutter
  • REcycle clothing, appliances and cast-offs (think giving to the homeless and those in need)
  • REnew – microdermabrasion, facials, moisture masks and hair treatments
  • RE-think what you want for your life, business and relationships
  • RE-search
  • plan – this is a great time to review what you have done this year and plan for after October 1st
  • look for a home (but don’t move unless you are RE-TURNING to a place you loved)
  • RE-move junk
  • RE-duce waste
  • RE-organize
  • REmedy issues
  • clean out your refrigerator and cabinets

What NOT To Do During This Mercury Retrograde

  1. don’t date someone new (it may feel like its MRS. or MR. RIGHT, but once October 1st hits you’ll regret it
  2. don’t buy luxury items (you’ll feel like you spent too much or have issues with them technically)
  3. don’t buy a cell phone
  4. don’t buy a car
  5. don’t buy a computer
  6. don’t get married or engaged (remember #1 above?)
  7. avoid getting your hair cut if you can help it or trying some new hairstyle (you’ll likely HATE IT!)

The Universe Is Assisting You

When we remember that everything happens for a reason, we understand that we need to let go. We need to give clothing we don’t love or wear away. Times are very difficult for many families right now. Do yourself a favor and let go of those clothes you haven’t worn in five years. If you didn’t wear it in twelve months it is likely you won’t wear it in five. No matter what you paid for it hoarding things you don’t love isn’t serving you. Let it go!

Turkeys And Other Signs

From a personal standpoint, I have been seeing turkeys which are a Native American sign for “Give away!” I am going through all my clothes and dishes. What I don’t love or use is getting the old heave ho!

As Marie Kondo says, “If it doesn’t spark JOY, let it go!”

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