What Can You Expect: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Today is a very big day! Today on May 5th, a PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE will occur at 1:34 PM EDT and 14 DEGREES 58 MINUTES SCORPIO. What is a Penumbral eclipse and why should you care? I’ll tell you.

First of all, we are also in the beginning of a Pluto Retrograde and Mercury Retrograde all at the same time.

What Is A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse?

A Penumbral lunar eclipse appears to be a “normal” full moon. A Penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, earth and moon are not perfectly aligned. The earth blocks some of the sun’s light from the surface of the moon.

For a Penumbral Lunar eclipse to occur two celestial events must take place. The Moon must be in the Full Moon phase, and the Sun, Earth and Moon must be nearly aligned but not as closely aligned as during a partial eclipse. The effects and power of this type of eclipse are no less powerful than any other type of full eclipse.

From a personal perspective, my mother who turned 100 last July fell and was hospitalized yesterday (May 4th) after hitting the back of her head and being rushed to the hospital for observation. My mother is terrific, albeit extremely stubborn refusing help from people or a walker or even a cane. She does her own laundry and lives alone to this day. The fact that she fell on the eve of the eclipse isn’t surprising. Six months ago she complained about vertigo and that resurfaced on Monday when Pluto went retrograde (going back to the past).

Setting The Stage For Six Months

The effects of an eclipse encompass six months prior and six months post eclipse. Meaning what was happening six months ago, is likely coming to full fruition or completion. Eclipses bring about crisis and resolution, to a situation and often not the way we hoped for or expected things to complete, but what is necessary.

Eclipses tend to bring up things from the inner plane or subconscious. Our inner most fears, urges or desires may come up to the surface. These issues may be things we have outgrown; patterns or beliefs we need to let go of.


The ruling planets of Scorpio are Pluto and Mars. Pluto is the planet that governs both destruction and transformation. Mars is the planet of aggression, combat, energy, passion, sex and war. Small but mighty the planet Pluto is about regeneration, depth and power.

The fact that Pluto just went retrograde on Monday impacts this eclipse in many ways. The following is an excerpt from Cheney Hall’s blog about the eclipse. Cheney Hall is an astrologer friend of mine. His humor and way of explaining I have always appreciated.

“With a full moon in Scorpio in general, illumination, even though somewhat partially blocked here, has the potential to bring up major intense issues from extremely deep within … things we might rather not want to face fearing what we might encounter or what it might bring into our lives – issues that address our innermost fears, urges and desires … but these are issues that we must face, deal with, then find the courage to release and let go of which gives us the potential to promote healing, transformation potentially in an extreme manner of upheaval, and change leading to more profound positive personal and spiritual growth !!!

This will potentially be a very emotional full moon period, perhaps the most intense of the year, not only because full moons elevate the bodily fluids to their highest levels making us feel somewhat tense, irritable and uncomfortable, but also because our feelings and emotions are normally heightened even more so when the full moon occurs in a water sign … and in the watery depths of Scorpio – ruled by Pluto – there are unlimited possibilities of what might surface for us to deal with – are you strong, trusting and secure enough that you can successfully rise to the challenge ???

Many may have felt the restlessness and angst building in the body the last day or two but especially after the Moon entered the sign of Scorpio, today, Thursday, May 4th, at 10:32 AM EDT … it is time to call upon your personal strength to face your deepest fears and inner “demons” in order to conquer them so you can move forward and begin to manifest the potential of all the universal energy for positive change and new growth that has been put into play when so many “doors” are opening, opportunities presented and major shifts are occurring some of which are not always the easiest to deal with in our lives !!!

All Full moons, eclipsed or not, are times for culmination and completion … these could involve actions put into motion possibly back on October 25th, 2022 the date of the Scorpio New Moon at 2 degrees 0 minutes Scorpio, as well as what you might have put into motion back on April 20th of this year, the date of the most recent New Moon which occurred at 29 degrees 50 minutes Aries … if you’ve had a natal chart run, check to see what houses and thus what areas of life these changes may have begun in represented by the house where these signs and degrees fall !!!”

Expect illumination and enlightenment – that potentially may make itself known in a raw and extremely vulnerable way as well as suddenly, unexpectedly – not only in the area of life ruled by whichever house in your natal chart this full moon occurs, but also from any aspects this full moon makes to your natal planets … in addition there is potential for universal enlightenment from any of the following areas as well.

stubborn rebelliousness

self-empowerment and self-mastery

awareness of others needs and motives

transcendence: transformation, eliminating built up “baggage”, change, restoration and forgiveness

taking risks in order to gain power

obsessions and compulsions

living on the edge

self-discipline, commitment, choosing good over evil

sex, soul mates and deep emotional connections

financial issues – loans, taxes, debts, wills and inheritances, business contracts

misuse of power – revenge, jealousy, harsh judgments, destructive urges, power struggles, abandonment and guilt

restoring health especially in the areas of the rectum, colon, bladder, organs of elimination, sexual diseases and sexual organs both male and female

The Full Moon in Scorpio requires each one of us to open our hearts and our minds … to trust ourselves … do not allow fear from the depths of the unknown within keep you trapped in a place that makes you feel comfortable and safe but ultimately prevents you from moving forward productively and successfully … it is time to release stubbornness, to choose vitality and empowerment, to release all forms of oppression, understand the benefits of partnerships, and to discover the values and needs of others and how to gain financial security through partnership !!!

The Universe may dictate and produce the energy around us, but each one of us has the ability to make the conscious effort to rise to the challenge to willingly and courageously embrace the excitement that positive change can bring into our lives … are you ready and prepared to take a great leap of faith ???

May be an image of eclipse and text that says 'Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Moon passes through penumbra. Partial Lunar Eclipse Part of the Moon passes through umbra. Total Lunar Eclipse Moon passes entirely through umbra. ©opyrgt © Addison Wesley'

How To Use This Eclipse Powerfully

A full moon is a fabulous time to let go of what we no longer want or need. Coupled with a Mercury Retrograde and Pluto retrograde releasing is highly recommended. Following are several ways to utilize this energy in positive ways.

  • Clean out your closets and give what you don’t love away
  • Write a list of what you want to release and burn it over a caldron, camp fire or fireproof bowl.
  • Say a prayer of intention for releasing what no longer serves you
  • Journal about the changes you wish to make and write the steps you are going to take
  • Use my burning bowl ceremony to let go

As For My Mother?

I’ll keep you posted. My sense is that this is the beginning of her transition from the planet. She is after all nearly 101. She has had a good life, great health and seen many things change. I’ll include my interview from last July while I visited for her 100th birthday celebration.

My 100-year-old Mother

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