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Manifest a Magical Life is proven to help you: 

  • Fall in love with yourself
  • Find Complete Clarity
  • Discover what you want and what you don’t want from the Universe
  • Relinquish and Release the past clearing the decks for more love
  • Open your heart to allow more love to flow
  • Attract love to you (like Lisa Smith did of the UK in Week 5!)
  • Quickly raise your vibration to attract all of your desires
  • Live in a state of love and joy every day
  • Reprogram your mind for love, joy, wealth, happiness and the time to enjoy it!
  • Teach the right things the say to get what you want
  • Recognize and eliminate limiting beliefs and programs that block spiritual acceleration and manifestation 
  • End misery and suffering for good

Why Manifest a Magical Life?

Emotions can get the best of us creating drama in our lives that we do not need

We are unaware that the past is still running our lives dictating our future. This entire program is done in such a way that old programming is eliminated making room for an entirely new foundation of love, joy, happiness and freedom from the past!

when we do not love ourselves completely our relationships are marked with struggle and nothing in our lives seem to work.


But imagine waking up one morning feeling hopeful, passionate and energeized once again! Feeling  confident, happy, strong and having a reason to appreciate the beauty of every single moment! I did it and I can show you how.

With my wealth of experience, I have been privileged to work with doctors, healers, therapists and people like Wayne Dyer. It doesn’t matter what you are going through. I will help you eliminate anger, frustration, pain, anxiety and depression so you feel joy.

 I am the friend who listens, helps you get out of your own way, and kicks your ass to do it.

What to Expect

Receive 8 videos and 9 PDF workbooks each week to guide you through the master class. Additionally, meet with Jennifer once a week on video chat to reinforce and review that session’s lessons.

Learn how to use mantras and other tools to effectively calm anxiety,

quieting your mind while you learn to trust yourself and hear your inner guidance. 

Invest in Yourself & Your Happiness

For a limited time, this revolutionary master class is only $397.00. These tools are valued at over $3000.00!

Until September 13th, I am adding an additional bonus: The Akashic Records Certification Course

This course changed my life when I took it in Bali. The Akashic Records course allows you to open up to channel The Ascended Masters, raise your vibration, IQ and receive accurate guidance for yourself and clients!

This course offers the Keys To The Kingdom! See the details of what this Akashic Records course provides

It is an $800 value that I am throwing in for a very limited time. Coupled with the value of all the healing tools, guidance, energy upgrades, self-healing secrets the value is over 3,800.00! For 397.00 until September 13th

Take control of your life, your happiness and your prosperity! Click the link below and sign up today.

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Let me help you get out of your own way and start manifesting a life you love today.


Jennifer helped me find love when an arranged marriage was looming on the horizon. Her energy clearings resolved past life issues with my mother-in-law to be which allowed our marriage to go on as planned.

Dr. Falak Shaik

I was in a desperate mindset when I found Jennifer. She has been an enormous help to me. I am now a better person, free from the emotional and anger blocks I had since childhood.

Collin S. / Facebook

I’ve been to many healers over the years, but the power behind Jennifer’s was something I had never experienced before. I felt wave after wave of energy lifting off me! Her work is profound. I feel lighter, calmer, my anxiety is gone and I began dating again.

Marika D. / Atlanta, GA

Everything is different. I can’t even begin to tell you how different life is for me now. I have more energy than I know what to do with. There is an absolute abundance of love, joy, and creativity flowing through my life. On the surface, I am just a normal lady about to enter my 50’s living by myself, just renting a flat and teaching in a school. Inside, I now connect with energy and I simply love life ~ I truly do! I am forever indebted to you or enabling the biggest and most scary shift of my life. You help my hand and restored my trust. I love you deeply and hope we can meet one day. Let me know if you plan to visit the UK. I will move mountains to be there!

Dominique Connant / UK

I feel like I’ve known Jennifer forever. The fact is we’ve actually only “met” one time on a Zoom call. From the moment I first talked to her I felt like I was talking to the friend I’ve never had. I’ve been feeling my whole life that no-one knows the real me., but in minutes Jennifer has seen the real me for who I am, and it made it possible for me to see myself from a different and more Divine perspective.

Hilde A. Oslo

Whoever embarks on the journey of true self discovery needs courage, resolve and…some real help. Jennifer wasjust the person to do that. She totally gets the challenges because she has lived it. Her wisdom, strength and intuition were key to helping me through a divorce, a move and a new business. Happening all at the same time of course. The best part. The results were almost immediate. I am used tothe talk talk therapy that takes at least 2 years with minimum results. I was able to find my perfect home with minimal stress and kick start an award winning business. In a month! If someone could just bottle up what she has and give it to every mental health professional, the world would be a better place! Don’t wait. She’s just simply an amazing person with a gift that works.

Alice B. / La Crescenta, CA