Happiness JumpStart


You’re beautiful just the way you are, and Happiness Jumpstart will help you live in a constant state of Joy and overwhelming Happiness!

The Audios included in this personalized coaching experience include:

  1. Getting You to Happy
    Get onto the path of Happiness RIGHT NOW! I’ll review the Do’s and Don’ts of Happiness, starting w/ the Dos. You’ll learn what to focus on for your happiness and what to take your attention away from. Even just doing half of the things in this audio will help you to find Happiness RIGHT NOW!
  2. The Silver Lining
    Happy people ALWAYS look for the silver lining and are able to find the silver lining in any situation. This audio will shift you from seeing the negative to seeing the positive, and help to get you out of your own way. When you’re thinking positively, you’re creating a positive, happy space for yourself!
  3. Being in the Flow
    Increase your abilities and tap into the Divine consciousness and creativity like an athlete or artist using the State of Flow, and live in a state of constant joy! When you’re in the Flow State, you’re always creating your own happiness and State of Joy within yourself – and you can call it forth at any time!
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