Infinite Love (for Women)


Our unconscious mind governs our lives. Learning how to reprogram your unconscious mind for love, success and happiness is part of this program.

What we think and feel about ourselves dictates who we attract and who we stay with. The GREAT NEWS IS this can be fixed!

We stay with people that we shouldn’t for fear that there won’t be another chance. That is fear and lack conscious talking. There are plenty of people out there and there is one just for you.

Some of The Reasons Things Haven’t Worked

  1. We stay with the wrong person because we see the good in them and ignore the red flags.
  2. We see their potential and marry the untapped potential.
  3. When we don’t have complete confidence in ourselves it is difficult to say, this won’t work for me and move on.
  4. We don’t want to hurt their feelings.
  5. Everyone has positive qualities and faults. We think we can live with this.
  6. We ignore or don’t recognize our deal breakers.
  7. We don’t know ourselves enough to know what we really want.
  8. We are afraid to be ourselves because we think they won’t like us.
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