Manic Move to the Mojave More Magic and Miracles

Photo by Jennifer 10 minutes from our home, 2012

Manic Move to the Mojave More Magic and Miracles

The story of how we got here is unbelievable. 

The Back Story….. How It Began

Jennifer in front, on the Ganges River, India 2004 at sunrise

In August of 2010, I committed to serve The Divine and all of humanity at an Indian mound ceremony in Florida, I had no idea where I would end up, and absolutely no idea what I was doing to serve God. Being a loving and caring person has challenges. Knowing when to say no is one of them.

Stage, age 27 was a dear friend and neighbor

My 2010 trip to Bali Indonesia changed my life forever. The sovereign commitment I made that day turned my life over to a Higher Power.was no longer in charge.  Doors opened and I walked through. On August 20, 2010, I received the following guidance, “Get rid of your stuff or we will do it for you.” On our way to visit our friend Diana Davis, I was told, “move your truck and trailer.” I have learned the guidance is never wrong. 


I moved my truck and trailer, asked if it would be safe where I left it, and got an affirmative. Ariel and I left for an overnight visit to Saute Georgia. My neighbor called me to let me know our Weimaraner Isabella had jumped out the window while we were away. When I returned and walked behind the house I saw 3 of the 6 beautiful 100-year-old oak trees had split and landed on the roof of the house. This began a cycle that created a domino effect. Rain poured in the roof from the tree damage, and too much moisture because our landlord refused to fix our air conditioner. Black mold was everywhere. On coats, in dresser drawers, and on jewelry. No wonder we all had asthma.

After loosing everything we owned to black mold, we left the farm house and 7 acres we loved and moved to a basement apartment in Alpharetta, Georgia in the middle of Ariel’s first semester of high school. The only furniture we had was what Ariel’s father (my ex-husband, Rich) loaned us. He had just moved in with his girlfriend and suggested a win-win to get his belongings out of storage. Using my ex-husband’s furniture and sleeping in his bed, was not my preference. Accepting his offer allowed us to heal our relationship further. Giving was easier for me than receiving. I was learning that love is not always a one-way street. You have to be open to receive love as well.

In September 2011, I received urgent guidance to move to Boulder, Colorado. I had vowed to never live in another place with cold and snow. I was born in Toronto the original Great White North. So much for personal vows! Originally, I considered renting a moving truck and driving across half the country with Rich’s belongings. My guides showed me the error in this thinking when they asked me, “Do you feel it is beneficial to drag your ex-husband’s belongings across the country?” 

The irony of me dragging his belongings across the country for his eventual use did not escape me. The expense was not worth it. I asked Rich’s permission to sell everything and he said, “Go for it!” Being a psychic and a medium, I have learned to trust the information I receive from Spirit. You never know how that information will show up. Sometimes, it comes through nature, animals, birds or an interaction with some wild creature. A snail crawling up the inside of my bedroom wall on September 19th told me I was not moving fast enough. There was some urgency to this move. I had even considered staying in Georgia until Ariel had finished the fall semester. The snail was my answer. I was not moving fast enough for God.

Adam and David Gates, Jennifer and Ariel 2003

Miracles happen when God wants you to be somewhere in a hurry. We had a huge yard sale. In spite of what others’ opinions were, all earthly 
limitations were removed. Our landlord gave us permission to display all my landscaping equipment on his front lawn and in his garage. There was a considerable amount to sell. I had been landscaping in Atlanta, Georgia for 11 years and had a lot of large equipment. My truck, trailer and all equipment was sold in 3 days. We were armed with enough cash for the trip, and first and last month’s rent in Colorado. 

We rolled up and packed our clothes in the trunk of my Honda. We shipped very few items and were on the road to Boulder within 3 weeks of receiving the guidance BOULDER! BOULDER! BOULDER! I have learned to trust this guidance, or the ramifications can be powerful. As with the message about “Get rid of your stuff or We will do it for you!” I learned when The Divine wants you out of somewhere quickly, anything can happen. My concern about telling my ex was even unfounded. My guides said it would be okay. The day I called to tell Rich we were moving to Boulder, he announced his simultaneous move to Williston, North Dakota to work in the oil fields.

I grew tremendously while in Boulder. Meditating every day. My dear friend Bill Laster downloaded a meditation from The Divine and told me I needed to share it with others. I began sharing The Divine Presence Process Meditation assisting others to connect deeply with their Divine. My consciousness expanded and I began receiving Cosmic Consciousness. Like a constant conversation with The Divine, The Ascended Masters, and the Angels. Whenever I asked a question, the answer was right there for me. Animals, domestic and wild began to flock towards me. While walking on the mountain trails, dogs would run up to me excitedly, smiling and tell me their age, and messages for their owners.

Ruby who smiles and cries whenever she sees me.

 In the middle of July, one little pug told me she wished her owner would leave her at home and just bring the big dog to the reservoir. It was just too hot for her. Another Golden Labrador Retriever told me she 13 and was leaving the planet in 3 months. Dogs have no fear of death and take it as a matter of course. They know when they are going to die. My belief is that animals are naturally enlightened. They already know and practice Divine Love and acceptance.

Top of Flagstaff Mountain January 2012 where I talk to God

One day after meditating for two hours I felt the strong urge to take a nap. It was not my habit to do so, but I could not keep my eyes opened. As I lay in my bed on my side, I felt my body de-materialize. It felt that my body turned into millions of dots or particles, like in Star Trek when Captain Kirk said, “Beam me up Scotty!” What I did not know was that I materialized over a thousand miles away in physical form. My son David called to tell me that I showed up at a swimming pool in Atlanta, Georgia where he was working. 

David said he saw me standing there watching him. Not like a ghost but in person! The Divine Presence Process meditation was something I was doing with clients remotely and my dear friend, Bill Laseter. We meditated remotely dozens of times. We connected by text and then invoked The Presence of The Divine and each other. It was a powerful and life changing meditation.

Strong Feeling of For-Boding

I felt that the job in Williston would kill Rich. I had a stroforebodinging about this work for Rich. He told me he had checked with a healer in Marietta, Georgia and he said it would not be dangerous for him.

Our move to Boulder, Colorado allowed Rich to see Ariel almost a full week each month. He drove 12 hours to spend his days off with his daughter. Sometimes, Ariel would be off with her friends and I would accompany Rich to breakfast or take hims sight-seeing.  Our relationship had grown and we were on friendly terms. He had begun paying child support for the first time in 8 years. He took us to Costco each time he came to town and filled up our freezer and pantry. 

I continued to do healing and offered several workshops in Boulder, Atlanta and Toronto. My radio show on Voice America, Into The Mystic, was doing well. I thought the main purpose of our move to Colorado was so that my business would flourish with the large population of healers and interest in Metaphysics in the Boulder area. What I came to realize is that the real reason for being in Boulder was so that Rich and Ariel would have quality time together. Had we stayed in Georgia, the trip was too far for Rich to make monthly, and their time cut short.

Ariel’s 16th birthday was in May. Even Ariel’s misgivings about a new school and making friends were unfounded. She settled in with a great group of conscious teens.

Death Prediction

While Rich was in town for Ariel’s birthday celebration he also visited a dentist. By this time, Rich had begun to trust my abilities. It had been 13 years since he went to a dentist. His family had a very negative imprint about dentists. He finally had the money to do something about his dental issues. He asked me if the abscess in his gum had healed up. Being extremely sensitive to energy, I checked and found it had. I told Rich this, with the caveat that the infection had moved into his heart and had damaged it. I told him that this infection coupled with the vigorous work he was doing in North Dakota could kill him. 


I was very serious when I told him he needed to get a different antibiotic, as the one that his dentist has prescribed was too broad spectrum. He immediately called his dentist and asked for a more specific anti-biotic. He was told what he had was good enough. July 5th, I received a call that Rich had died in his sleep in North Dakota. He was found in his very familiar meditation position with his arms crossed across his chest and a smile on his lips.
Although Rich and I had been divorced for nearly 8 years, news of the accuracy of my death prediction shocked me. I hoped that he would not die. I was saddened not only for Ariel, but my two older sons who had close relationships with Rich. He had run the Peachtree Road Race for 26 years consecutively. Strange he transitioned the first time he missed it.

Mediumship Skills Tested

Maria Rodriguez and Jennifer at El Nuevo Mexicano in Chicago July 5, 2012

I received the phone call with my friend Maria Rodriquez in Chicago. Maria and I met in Bali two years earlier. I stopped to visit with Maria on my way to Toronto for my mother’s 90th birthday. Holding the cell phone in my hand, I crumpled to the sidewalk outside Maria’s restaurant El Nuevo Mexicano. Rich’s manager told me how he was found after he did not show up for his shift.

"Eat dessert first, Life is uncertain" -Anonymous

We caught a taxi back to Maria’s townhome in Lincoln Park. While making phone calls to friends and family members in Maria’s kitchen, Rich came to me in Spirit form. He stood behind me and to the right. All my information from The Divine comes to me on my right side. Rich told me, “A door opened, and I simply walked through it. No pain, no heart attack, although people would think there was. It was easy.” He communicated he was fine and happy. He had much unrest in his life and had not been happy since our divorce. We fought over custody of Ariel in the past but had healed our relationship, becoming friends the past year. We spent many hours visiting and sight-seeing in Estes Park and Eldorado Springs. We also enjoyed many meals at my favorite breakfast place in Boulder. The Walnut Cafe, had become Ariel’s and my favorite place for pie and breakfast. While Ariel was with friends or sleeping late he even shared my favorite crazy habit. We ordered pie first while waiting for our breakfast to arrive.

atop Flagstaff Mountain, Boulder, Colorado

The autopsy report confirmed what he said. No heart attack, but heart disease. He came to me several more times, once on the top of Flagstaff Mountain after our ceremony and honoring of him on his birthday. He quipped, “Good-bye Jennifer!” When I said good-bye at the end of our ceremony. He teased me by intoning ridicule in my name. He very rarely called me by name, but when he did he always ridiculed me. In the after life he was no different. He also imparted that he would not longer stand in the way of me finding a true partner as he had in the past. I had an incredible feeling of The Divine as he left and a knowing that I was now truly fee of him.
In the months following Rich’s death, I could feel his regret. He regretted giving me such a hard time. He regretted being such a controlling husband and father. He regretted that Ariel had such hatred for him for what he did to me. I was grateful that I had the heads up from my guides September 2011, to suggest that Ariel do some forgiveness work and then forgive her Dad and apologize to him (even though it felt it should be the other way around). 

Ariel in Alpharetta before our move to Colorado, 9/2011

I am very grateful for this advance knowledge from my guides. Without this work on Ariel’s part and forgiving her father before his physical passing, she would have been wracked with guilt. As it was, she felt extreme sadness. The grief would come back to haunt her when she thought she was through.

Ariel after my return from Toronto at Chilis, Broomfield, CO.
This was Rich’s favorite place to dine with his Beloved daughter.
You can feel the difference in Ariel after her father’s passing.

Stay tuned and watch for part II

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