Jennifer Elizabeth Masters Soul Sculptor

My Journey Helps You With Yours

From Hurting To Healing …

As a heart-based, intuitive Self-Love Guru and fearless healer, I help you chip away at whatever obstructs your health, happiness, or success and embrace the life of your dreams.

As a child, I suffered terrible trauma. Fear plagued me along with insomnia, anxiety, depression, serious illnesses, an auto-immune disease, Fibromyalgia, and even cancer.

I had a huge epiphany: I realized my negative thoughts about myself were literally killing me!

Self-loathing, obsessive worry, addictions, and perfectionism challenged my relationships. People-pleasing, fixing others, and attempting to be the perfect wife, mother, and daughter left me feeling lost, disempowered, stuck, lacking healthy boundaries, self-respect, and void of confidence. I was miserable. I knew there had to be a better way!

Lovingly accepting myself, healing my energy, and creating self-empowerment tools evaporated all my illnesses. Depression and anxiety disappeared! I became happy with myself and my life.

I studied, researched and became a Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. A trip to Bali to study The Akashic Records up-leveled my life forever and paved the way for a profound awakening in 2012. Since that time I have not felt alone, lonely or disempowered.

Who do I work with?

My clients are committed to transformation and growth. They are doctors, famous authors, attorneys, Spiritual leaders, therapists, movie producers, and people just like you. Wayne Dyer was not only a client but a friend. I have coached and helped resolve marital issues, broken hearts, healing childhood trauma, finding love, and praying their desires into reality. 

I empower committed, highly successful women and men around the world to become self-realized and awakened, breaking free of past trauma, fears, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, and emotional triggers that kept them stuck, depressed, and anxious. I help you joyfully kick down the blocks that stand in the way, opening your heart to align you with your higher purpose, infinite self, and light. Your inner fire and passion ignite so you live a fulfilled, purpose-filled, and joyful life.

I am so glad you found your way here….

I spent countless years dealing with shame, loss, and disappointment over unfulfilling relationships. Not any more! I discovered how to get it all and a joy of life that surpasses anything I’d ever imagined.

After trauma recovery, I began to look at all my experiences from a very different lens. Instead of thinking of myself as a victim, I realized that all my past relationships were teaching me more about me. Even the process of dating is more about me than the other. Life is teaching us all the time. We are the students if we are willing to look at our experiences from above rather than in the trenches.

I attracted experiences due to what I felt in my heart and the energy I projected into the Quantum Field. When I began to emanate a higher vibration, my life improved in all areas.

After suffering from trauma, women tend to give up their power to make their partner feel better. When we give away our power to our partners, we kill our personal fire. We might suppress our words and not speak about the issues that bother us in our relationships. When our fire goes out, so does the passion. When our passion dies, we feel dead and numb. The great news is you don’t have to dump your partner to have a fabulous, joy-filled life. 

“Jennifer is knowledgeable, compassionate, honest, thorough, a good listener, with good follow up and such a wide range of training and healing modalities…. she truly cares about her clients.” Starr West Perry

I’ve had my share of rodeos and barn burnings. I’ve weathered the storms of life, death, and relationships. What I’ve learned in my thirty-five years of transformation will help you change yours. I’ll tell you straight and get you across the finish line in time for champagne. 

I’ll celebrate your wins and cry with your pain. I’m here to get you the beautiful life you’ve always wanted.

I am your safe haven. I know where you have been because I lived it too. What I discovered in the process of healing the most tender parts of me is that I became softer rather than harder. I stopped fighting or being bitchy and critical. I became more rather than less in the process of UNBECOMING, and I became me!

Walking through the fire of life isn’t easy. Once the flames have been extinguished from the most recent failed marriage, we might feel we will never again be able to experience a deep love and connection with another. We might give up on those dreams, too.

What I have discovered is that the anger and frustration has a purpose. Under these feelings are unconscious programs and limiting beliefs that keep us feeling stuck, unable to move forward or have a deep sense of purpose or connection to another individual no matter how hard we try.

Having burned several layers on re-entry myself, along with houses and furniture, I know all too well how frustrating relationships can be when the programming from childhood keeps us in a never-ending loop of triggers, anger, frustration and pain.  We usually can’t feel love from our partner when we didn’t get it from our mother.

It’s not your fault.

You didn’t know. We had our wires crossed since childhood. The one that was meant to teach us all about love, probably didn’t get enough herself.  Until we heal the relationship with our mother we continue to ruin our marriages until the programming is changed. 

Until we come to a loving place with our mother and father but most importantly with ourselves, we continue to crash and burn.

I understand how important our relationship is with our mother. My mother was my kryptonite. The criticism and lack of empathy or sympathy paired with no validation left me feeling unloved. A Borderline Personality Disorder with Narcissism causes us to feel unloved and deeply broken. I’ll help you overcome this fragmented and tortured part of you. I did it for me and I know exactly what it takes.

Liquid Fire 

My coaching programs are a rich blend of fire and wisdom, using what I learned burning up personal karma and unconscious programming. I use Liquid Fire – my personal healing modality.  As an empath, I feel what you are feeling often before you do.

“Jennifer is grounded, empathic, kind, compassionate, resourceful, encouraging, inspiring, sincere, connected at a heart and soul level, speaks truth, is a skilled listener, insightful, contagious joy and gratitude, has a welcoming and nurturing essence that brings peace to those around her. She is a no bullshit kind of person!” Amy Arroyo

Ask And It Is Given!

All I can say is that when my clients ask for something and I pray over them, fantastic things happen! From saving dead marriages even when there is cheating, selling houses that won’t sell at their asking price, finding houses when it appears to be an impossibility to helping my client Michelle Amiri pass her Real Estate exam. The miracles are yours!

Soul Sculpting breaks you out of the mold of past trauma resolving fears, anxiety, depression and health issues along the way so that you feel fulfilled, powerful, content and successful. Let’s get you in alignment with your highest truth so that you step into the flow of ease and Grace. When you do, life becomes so much easier on all levels. It is my prayer for you. 

Burn up the negative programming!

I help you get there so that all areas of your life are in sync with your highest calling.

Assistance is always available from the unseen world and the wonders of this beautiful earth rise up to greet us bringing you into harmony with your world both inner and outer.

How It Began

There was a time in my life when I struggled with codependency, fibromyalgia, an auto-immune disease, tumors, breast cancer, depression, anxiety, sinus infections and felt like the world was out to get me. I discovered my beliefs about myself and the world created so much of my angst, fears and worries, but the biggest shift happened when I realized that my thoughts were actually killing me.

I committed to myself to transform whatever I needed to so that the pain I experienced from past childhood trauma was healed; so that I became stronger in those areas where I had been broken in the past.

A Bit About me

I grew up in Toronto. I was the product of a highly dysfunctional family. My mother had Borderline Personality Disorder with Narcissism and put me in harm’s way repeatedly. My father had an addictive personality with deep rage. Their marriage was volatile with passive aggression for communication.

As kids, we would duck for cover when my parents fought. There was positive of course too. I learned to cook, garden and spirituality was discussed openly with my father.

I endured rejection, emotional abandonment and sexual trauma beginning at a very early age. I was later blamed for ruining my brother’s life. becoming the perpetrator in my own abuse.

Negative Programming

Criticism, beatings, verbal abuse and emotional abandonment were served up regularly with heaping helpings of guilt and shame. Home life was volatile. I spent as much time in extra curricular activities, sports band and drama as it was the only peace I had.

I left home when I was 16, finishing high school living in a basement apartment. My anxiety was through the roof; I weighed 95 pounds.

As an adult I worked as an Air Canada Flight Attendant. Then jumped around from job to job not feeling like I fit in anywhere. I thought I would find happiness in marriage but didn’t know how to relate consciously without feeling victimized. I was terrified of conflict as it was so familiar to my home-life.

I raised three grown Spiritually grounded adults. I became a Georgia Master Gardener then owned my own Landscape Design and Installation company in Atlanta Georgia for eleven years. 

Restless Adventurer

I traveled across most of the US, Canada, Bali, India, lived in Toronto, Montreal, Maryland, London, England, Boulder, Colorado (high desert) then The Mojave Desert. I have visited most of Europe and finally settled in Ojai, California as I envisioned at 16.

Becoming A Healer

In 1998 after finding how Hypnotherapy impacted me positively, I enrolled in a six month Hypnotherapy program with the National Guild of Hypnotists in Atlanta, Georgia. That began my foray into healing hearts. In 2007 I became certified in advanced energy healing then became a certified coach, NLP Practitioner, and studied The Akashic Records in Bali, Indonesia. In 2019, I became a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher.


Empathic Healing Power

Being an empath helps me get to the root of my client’s issues quickly. I sense and feel what they are feeling often before they do. I get clear Guidance while in sessions or meditating once someone has committed to work with me. 

The Wounded Healer

Healing myself of Fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr, sinus infections, bladder infections, anxiety and depression 
has allowed me to recognize what is needed for others to move beyond their physical issues too.

Books and Publications

In 2011, I released my first book, Odyssey Victim to Victory the story of my awakening, moved to Boulder Colorado, had a radio show on Voice America called Into The Mystic. Orgasm For Life was published in 2014, Conceived To Lead in 2017. It’s All Bullshit The Truth About Depression and Healing From The Inside Out will be out in Fall, 2019.

Profound Awakening

Fast forward to 2012, I had a profound awakening that changed my life permanently. Since that time, I have not experienced a feeling of being lost, lonely or alone no matter where I am or who I am with. I went from a timid mouse of a girl to an expanded, confident but very human and authentic version of me. Compassion and non-judgment are my strongest companions when working with clients because I have been where you are and know the path out very well. I guide my clients lovingly, often with humor and levity that allows joy to flow as the past is resolved and healed.

We may never forget how we got here, but the past no longer defines me as I dance daily into life and joy, moving and shaking is a fun activity that propels and inspires me especially when done out in nature. My dogs and cats have helped me to open my heart fully so that magnetic part of me is what guides me today.

Now that I’ve shared my story, I would love to hear yours. You can book your success call or spend some time exploring how we can work together.

I’m so glad you’re here,

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I have come to love my mother as she is. After my healing, you can feel the love between us.


Animals have always been a part of my life from cats, dogs to horses. I find horses and dogs incredibly intuitive. I have meditated with both. Horses taught me how to blend with their energy and not be afraid. My connection to all of nature and it’s creatures has helped me grow and heal. My relationship with one very special dog that shared my home and heart for eighteen years is Karma, Border Collie mix. She was the most intelligent dog I have ever had the pleasure to know. She learned to sign for food and water and taught our little dog Yoda how to do so as well.

Karma showed me, unconditional love, when relationships were abusive and challenging. She helped me open my heart and heal as we walked twice daily in the desert where I began to dance. Dancing in the desert twice a day helped me recognize what an amazing life I had all alone in the Mojave Desert. Karma was instrumental in my healing. I highly recommend pets that are well taken care of and respected to help us heal our hearts.