Flying Through Fear

Flying Through Fear

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Kicking Fear In The Butt, A Catalyst For Amazing Success

When fear overtakes us nothing else matters. We are consumed by it. Our stomachs are frozen, digestion stops, we hold our breath unconsciously. We are unable to think about anything else. Fear blocks us from creating the life we want, moving beyond where we are now. It freezes our energy and only creates negativity.

 Creating From A Place Of Fear

Our thoughts magnetize whatever we are thinking to us. Whether we focus on positive or negative we are magnets in the Universal soup of consciousness. When we focus on our lack of money; late mortgage, car payment, the more lack we create. Sure it sounds crazy, but the more we focus on ANYTHING, the more we create of what we are focused on. Whether our thoughts are on how little we have or how great our life is, we create from that place. So why do we focus on something we don’t want? Fear! Fear governs 70% of 90% of the population’s thoughts. 95% of our thoughts are unconscious. We are not even aware of how many times a day we have fearful thoughts that magnetize exactly the opposite of what we desire right into our laps. Our thoughts speed out into the Universe faster than the speed of light. Then return to us so quickly that it makes our head spin, a client bales, an unexpected accident, our kid gets kicked out of school or arrested. Who wants that? I know I sure don’t.

Fear comes up from our past relationships and childhood to be released. Following these steps will move you through it with ease. Ease is good!

The Flip Side Of Fear

After you move through this little blip success is right around the corner. We create an amazing program for our clients. We have the biggest sale of the quarter. It awaits you once you cross the fear threshold.


5 Ways to Kick Fear In its Butt! 

  1. Meditate. Going inward will shift you faster than anything you do in your outside world. If you don’t know how, download my YouTube video, Divine Presence Process Meditation and connect.  When you are connected to your High Self and go inward, your fear will dissolve. Divine Presence Process Meditation. 

  2. Stop! Running away from your fear does not make it go away. Turn around and face it. What is the worst that can happen? You cry? You get scared? You‘re already frozen like a salt statue, what difference is a little more fear going to make? When you face your fear and ask yourself these questions, you will recognize that you have experienced this before. The only way out of it is through. Right through the middle, like in one of Tony Robbin’s fire walks. Only this one does not have coals. The other side of fear is LOVE. Surely you want to get there? 

  3. Does this feel like something I experienced in my childhood? Is this a pattern of an old childhood fear? Is this a reverberating trigger of my father or mother coming up in this situation? What was it that triggered me? Did someone yell at me? Was it something I have experienced before? If so where, when? Asking these questions will help you realize that this fear is not real. It feels real. It is simply your soul recognizing an old pattern and you are time traveling back to that place from this energetic patterning. One thing is for sure, if you continue to attempt to run from this fear, it will return with a vengeance.

  4. Get your energy cleared. An energy clearing will remove anxiety, attachments, holes in your auric field and old patterns that you are apparently stuck in. GET CLEARED NOW! You will be glad you did.

  5. Get physical. Swim, lift weights, run. Do something physical to get your blood moving and energy shifting. Nothing makes you feel better than some outdoor activity. It raises your vibration, releases endorphins (those “feel good hormones”) and helps you get your mind clear.

    Affirmations are a great way to move beyond fear and work well. Using words like “I AM” in front of our affirmation makes it more powerful. 


    EVENTS DailyPart II – Manifestation 
    Without the “F” word

    Energetic Clearings Each Day and Manifestation Exercise

    Two Opportunities Each Day
    Wednesday and Thursday June 12 – 13th
    3:00 PM PST and 6:00 PM EST
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    PHONE # (530) 881-1212

    PIN # 727-336-798

    Join me and we’ll kick fear in the butt together. 

    Want more information about Jennifer Elizabeth Masters or her Fear-Free Lifestyle Assistance? Contact Jennifer for a 15-minute free consultation to see how The Self Love Guru can help. Praise for Jennifer’s work


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