Miracles and Magic

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

This is my connection to Source Energy

God speaks to me. Today God said give your gifts away to as many people as you can. People need your help. 

Today at 6:00 PM Pacific, God and I are sharing the gift of healing miracles for one hour. LIVE!

Share this information with anyone you feel could use a miracle today. At this time, so many are struggling with health, sadness, depression, abuse, challenges with relationships, money, feeling stuck, confused without purpose and direction. This call is totally spontaneous. This call will leave you feeling energized, full of joy and clarity. Blocks to success and love will be lifted. The rest is up to The Divine.

(605) 475-4000 PIN 939401 #

Share this with everyone you know. This call is totally spontaneous and a call for me to serve humanity in the biggest way possible. Please get the word out.

Jennifer is awake and self actualized. She is a certified hypnotherapist, Master Energy Healer and Love, Life and relationship coach. She is a mystic, channel and medium. Her purpose is to help, empower and raise the consciousness of the people on the planet, so that they can be joy filled and happy. Giving from the heart is the best way to attract positive people and events into your life. You can e-mail Jennifer for a private session, channeling or coaching HERE

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