Orgasm For Life – Viagara

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Orgasm For Life will be available for sale on Wednesday, May 28th. This book is a bold look at men and women with respect, candor and humor. This book was written to assist people to have better sex, better love and healthier more loving relationships. Orgasm For Life,  is laugh out loud funny as well as educational. It is filled with insight, wisdom and compassion for both sexes. The following is an excerpt from Orgasm For Life,  on the subject of Viagra. One of the statistics that needs to be added to this section is that 80% of women fake orgasms. There is a reason they fake it. They are not reaching the culmination of the sex act by the time that their male partners do. They feel it has taken them too long. (More on that subject tomorrow.)


Many women I know stop having sex in their fifties. They have stopped having sex because it was not fulfilling. They didn’t have orgasms and their husbands and lovers didn’t seem to know. Many felt that their partner’s did not care. This is just sad. Many women are disheartened, like I was, about the sex they have had. Just because we have sexual body parts does not mean we know how to make love to another. Or even with ourselves. Many of us need help. Sex can improve as you get older, with some guidance and understanding. Men need education, understanding, and patience with us women. Women, too, need to have better understanding of the male psyche and how it feels to be rejected when we are not in the mood. With new knowledge and understanding more women will be satisfied and happier. 


Millions of men have talked to their doctor about Viagra. Viagra is a pharmaceutical pill which uses five letters from the word vagina, which I find interesting. This little blue pill was created so that men with difficulties in the cranking department would be able to get hard enough to participate and enjoy penetrative sex. 
 Men have used the little blue pill to improve their sexual experiences where an erection is challenging or impossible. Of course, there are side effects, the worst of which is death. To think that a man would risk his life to experience coitus is telling. Sex is an important part of life. Completing the sex act is imperative, especially for men. Men have been having orgasms for thousands of years without major issues. Why is it so different today?


Women have suffered from frigidity for thousands of years, with the inability to complete the sex act. If sexual dysfunction was as prevalent in men as it is in women today as well as historically, a little pink pill would have already been created. This little pink pill would change the way millions of women experience sex. This pill would use the word penis to derive its name. This magical pill would be called, Piñata! As you can see, Piñata uses only two letters from the word penis, because women can have almost as much fun without a penis. Like a piñata, once you crack open a woman with an orgasm, she is full of fun, surprises, and lots of sugar. The mystery is solved! When women have orgasms through love-making, they return for more. This is an amazing concept! Instead of women existing in non-orgasmic relationships for twenty, thirty, or forty years, we could be enjoying orgasms! It is up to women to know what they like, and to have partners that will lovingly and patiently get them there before they do.


Given the popularity of Sex in the City and 50 Shades of Gray, the time is ripe for a fun, educational book about sex. Remember The Joy of Sex? Written in 1972, it sold over 10 million copies. People want more information, while morals and society have changed.I am an empowerment and sex coach for women. What I have found is, most people are ignoring the issue because they don’t want to hurt their partner’s feelings. Sex is a delicate subject. I have a knack for being irreverent and unorthodox, which makes me an excellent candidate for a book about a delicate subject. I take the “ahem,” out of sex by demystifying it. I don’t sugarcoat it, and I am fearlessly open. Sex, to me, is perfectly natural with nothing to be ashamed of. I also feel that sex has a deeply spiritual component to it. After all, who created sex anyway?


Thankfully, there are strong women on this planet that are heralding a new society, where men and women can become each other’s sex slaves, and women are touted for standing with one foot poised on their partner’s chests wearing stilettos and doing fist bumps with their “sistas.” Oh, wait. That was just a dream I had recently. What was I thinking?


Seriously, to really have the kind of sex you fantasize about, you need to revere your woman and your man. Love, respect and admire who they are. Men, you need to pleasure her until she can’t speak. Men, do you want the ultimate orgasm and sexual experience? Then give it up first. Give the best orgasm to your woman first. See how this changes the complexion of your relationship. 


Women are capable of having multiple orgasms. It just takes most women longer than men expect to have ours. Thinking that we are the same as men is what created the chasm that is currently between men and women today. Most women don’t experience an orgasm through vaginal penetration. Yet the majority of the men in the world continue to make love to women in this way. In India, for example, men take care of their own needs without asking if a woman has had an orgasm. It is not discussed. There is not an alternate method to bring a woman to orgasm because sex is for the man’s pleasure, not the woman’s. To the vast majority of the world, sex is a private, personal matter that is not up for discussion between husband and wife. Whether a woman experiences pleasure or not, rarely enters a marriage discussion. Living in the United States, where we are purported to be advanced technologically, medically and scientifically, most men do not know what it takes, or how to bring a woman to orgasm. 

As a healthy, heterosexual female, I have had lots of sex. I have been married and divorced 4 times. During those marriages, sex was an important component in my relationships. It was enjoyable. Sometimes it was very good. However, over time it became flat and cursory. I noticed how truncated, boring, and dull sexual experiences became after years of marriage. We often rush through our encounters because one person is less interested than the other, or when babies arrive on the scene. I hear stories of women telling their husbands, just do it and get it over with! Many women do not participate during sex. They lie still, like dead fish, expecting their men to just pleasure themselves. Who wants sex like that? It isn’t good for anyone. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life. This book was written to help people improve their sex lives, deepen intimacy and have happier, healthier relationships. Sex is the glue. Love is the foundation. 54% of Women are unhappy with their sex lives. 46% of men are unhappy with theirs. Marriages are failing at over 50% for first marriages and over 60% for subsequent marriages. This book was written to bridge the growing chasm between men and women, so that we understand each other. With understanding, compassion, appreciation and trust sex lives improve, communication improves and we get back to why we fell in love in the first place. Instead of being at war with our partners we need to revere them. As that kind lady married 60 years said, “We need to have as much respect for our spouse as we would for a complete stranger.” Very wise words. This is not the case in most marriages today. Disrespect, complaining and irritation result from the smallest of things. We treat our spouse as if they are the enemy. This is not love. This is hatred. 

Orgasm For Life is available on Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords. I would love for you to purchase your copy on Wednesday, hump day – yes, my crazy sense of humor. Then write your review on Amazon. This will help others to make their decision to purchase the book. I appreciate your review and look forward to hearing from you about what you think of the book. I am open to hearing your suggestions for my next book, Heart’s On Fire.
Jennifer is an intuitive life, love and sex coach. She empowers women to love themselves fearlessly and heal sexual dysfunction. Her passion is helping women and men heal past trauma and sexual dysfunction. You can schedule a private session with her through her website, or e-mailing her here. 

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