The Most Vital Ingredient For Great Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Men and women need it. Without it we feel fatigue, listless and may have headaches. We age prematurely, have body aches ad poor elimination. Our bones and organs malfunction and we won’t produce natural lubrication required for great sex. Our brains will have difficulty functioning, we lose focus, and can feel poorly. A lagging libido for men can result due to lack of this one thing. Depression and anger can result when we are missing this one important je ne sais quoi? Only being deficient 1% of this one vital ingredient can cause you serious issues, impacting our mood energy levels and sense of well-being. 

One of the issues is that many are consuming it without thinking about the quality. Unless the quality is good and the PH is correct, any old one will not do. The one vital thing most people do not get enough of for optimum health, brain, sex and organ function is ………..   WATER!
Fluoride contaminants, and other toxic chemicals in regular tap water will short circuit any benefit. Drinking pure, alkaline water is key. Most water has a high acidity which the body cannot use efficiently. Alkaline water can help cure cancer, body aches and other issues.

For healthy sexual function, physical vigor and sexual function being well hydrated is very important. Most people 45 and older are extremely dehydrated due to years of not drinking enough good quality water. 
Many people are so dehydrated that they don’t even recognize the signals for thirst. They often feel hunger, when it is actually thirst. If you sweat, drink coffee, or other caffeinated beverages you need more than most people. 
Energy Drinks
Energy drinks contain artificial caffeine which is worse than drinking coffee and tea. All of these act as a diuretics. Meaning that they quickly drain fluids from your cells. Many people who consume a lot of coffee, tea or energy drinks have cellulite, due to caffeine consumption.
Pure Water
A home filter that removes toxic chemicals and fluoride is best. You will find it cheaper than buying water in plastic bottles. Most water purchased is not pure either. Do your own research and make sure your water is clean, without fluoride.
Studies have been done recently because the United States was slow to step up and come clean with the reason for fluoridating water. It had nothing to do with dental decay. The countries that no longer have fluoridated water have no increase in dental cavities as a result. Fluoride reduces brain IQ in children. If it reduces brain IQ in children – does that mean it doesn’t in adults? It was used to dumb down the population so that we would swallow their BS about the REAL ISSUES. 
Coconut Water
Cold processed coconut water is an excellent replacement for water. It contains electrolytes and minerals lost through dehydration. Costco, Whole Foods and other health food stores carry this beverage. The cold processed one is best. When coconuts are heated to extract the juice much of the health benefits are lost. 
Sexual Lubrication and Function
When we are dehydrated our bodies do not lubricate sufficiently for comfortable sex play. Make sure you are getting enough water daily. Headaches, crankiness and fatigue will result when you are dehydrated. Most of us walk around down a quart. We put oil in our cars, but forget we need sufficient water for optimum levels of energy, mood and physical health. 
You will find your partner is much more interested when they are hydrated. Be sure to drink a full glass of water upon rising. A squirt from a fresh lemon wedge will alkalize the water for you naturally. 
People often ask me about lemon, saying that it is acidic, rather than alkaline. Outside of the body lemon is acidic. Once inside the body it becomes alkaline. Like magic for us!
Brain Function
When we are dehydrated our brains don’t function well. We might have issues with anger and depression. We may have difficulty thinking, focusing and feeling well. Prolonged dehydration will cause us to age quickly, hair loss and wrinkling of the skin. 
Water is a very simple fix. Remember if you have been dehydrated for years, one glass will not do it. Our bodies need water when we wake up – before food. We have been sleeping for seven or more hours without drinking. Having coffee before anything else, further dehydrates your body. Have a big glass of water first instead. Or maybe two. You will find you have more energy, your mood is better and your sex life will improve as well. 
Water is the one thing we can’t live without. Water can sustain life for weeks without food. It is a very important ingredient. Are you getting your fair share? 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life, The book to bridge the chasm between men and women. Sexy, witty and informative, Orgasm For Life was written from Jennifer’s experience. She has been married and divorced 4 times and had lots of sex. The reason for writing this book was to help men and women struggling with unfulfilling sex – or no sex at all. You have got to read Orgasm For Life! Guaranteed to give you great ideas to spice up your cool bedroom and bring you to higher heights of ecstasy, intimacy and deeper love. 
Jennifer is a life, love and sex coach. She helps women step into their Goddess power and lasting happiness. Jennifer’s motto is: “If you don’t want to be alone with you, how can you expect anyone else to?”


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