Tired of Feeling Sad, Depressed and Lonely?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

If you are tired of the struggle of conflict, negativity and challenges of life you are not alone. Challenges will always come up, it is how we react and feel about them that causes us suffering. If you want to change your life for the better and leave suffering in the dirt, read on. I have many great proven ways on this post. Eliminating mind chatter is one of the things people come to me for. If that or loneliness, unhappiness or depression are your issues, I can help you with those too. Permanently!

When we focus on the negative side of a challenge, that is all we can see. We can’t see the fact that we created it in the first place. To take your life by the horns and ride it with the wind is what I am talking about. I do it and will teach you how to also. 

How To Change Your Life FAST

  1. Take responsibility for your creation. “I CREATED THIS!”
  2. Change your thoughts. Like any fitness program it takes practice, practice practice. With time, you will train your brain to be positive and your unconscious mind will be also. Having a positive mantra playing in the background helps with this. Choose something simple and easy to remember when things get tough, like: I LOVE ME!
  3. You must have a daily spiritual practice. Meditation, sitting in silence, being quiet. You need to eliminate distractions, turn off the radio, cell phone and focus inward. Turn your focus inward and listen. I have several ways to quiet the mind chatter. One of which is getting your energy cleared. See below for details.
  4. When things get tough or challenging, remember this is your creation. Breathe. Allow the energy of the moment to move through you. Try to look at the situation from an eagles’ perspective – higher up. Know it will pass. Remember your mantra: I LOVE ME! Use the mantra silently in the background of your mind all day long, while you work, drive and watch how your thoughts become more positive.
  5. When you forget to think positive thoughts, do an auto correct, like on your cell phone: Cancel Cancel! Then say something loving and positive out loud. I AM SAFE. My LIFE IS FILLED WITH EASE AND GRACE.


I was not raised in a holy household. Holy Hell maybe! It took me into my 30s to recognize that God really did exist, but just not the fierce angry God we were taught in grade school and church. God is not a man, that seeks revenge or punishes. God does not cause us pain or suffering. 

God does not DO ANYTHING TO US! (Except love and accept us) God does not punish us. God does not hurt us. We do it to ourselves. We think it and it happens. Oh OUCH! Yes, it can be difficult to recognize that we have created the things that have occurred in our lives. I could get into the whys and wherefores, but that would take me too long. Suffice it to say, that this is true and move on. When I began changing my thoughts from negative to positive, my life transformed. I had been sick, depressed, angry negative and I was sick sick sick as a result. I have healed breast cancer, without chemo and radiation or surgery. I have healed Epstein Barr an auto immune disease and I have healed depression, Fibromyalgia and arthritis from my body all by changing my thoughts from negative, criticism and condemnation. This applies to our thoughts about others. What you send out comes back to you 1,000-fold. if you think it – you create it!

Loving thoughts begets a loving life. Loving thoughts heal the past. Forgiveness of yourself and everyone is a must. If you have to begin somewhere, begin with Forgiveness.  Use the Kahuna healing Ho’oponopono Prayer. Begin with you!

I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you.


Asking questions of The Universe is one of the fastest ways to get what you want. Here are some ways to ask the best questions for your situation.

  1. How can my life get any better?
  2. How can I effortlessly and easily get __________?
  3. How can I effortlessly and easily create ________?
  4. How can I effortlessly and easily be healthy.
  5. How can I effortlessly and easily heal __________?
The use of questions will bring you what you want quickly. Belief is important. If you ask the question and then say to yourself, “This will never work!” You will be correct. 

Instead. I open up to the infinite possibilities of The Universe and all creation. 


I know this will come to me, I don’t know how, but I know it will. Thank you!

Our thoughts create, instantly. What you are thinking today is creating your tomorrow. What you thought yesterday is why you are in this mess in the first place. Clean up your thoughts today, for a happier and better tomorrow. 


When we expect NOTHING, we get NOTHING. When we expect a miracle, miracles unfold for us. Here is a miracle prayer that works. I have prayed this miracle prayer for hundreds of people to manifest miracles for them. I do this privately as well. Contact me if you want me to provide a miracle treatment for you and your situation.   [email protected]

Here is the link to my meditation. I recommend you do it daily. It will change your life, it did mine. 

Jennifer is the author of two books, Odyssey Victim to Victory, the story of her awakening and Orgasm For Life. She is an inspirational teacher, speaker and amazing healer. She has healed thousands of people all around the world with her prayers, and healing gifts. As a life coach, she is like no other. She is connected, experiences the Divine, and hears messages for your life from your angels and God. She is a mystic and visionary. Her website is http:www/JenniferElizabethMasters.com

If you are wondering, Jennifer no longer experiences loneliness, depression, insomnia, illness, aches or pains in her body. She is the real deal. 

You can e-mail her for a private session or to ask questions HERE!

Want an energy clearing? Want to get rid of mind chatter, negativity or chaos? Are you ready to be free of loneliness, sadness and depression? Are you ready to have the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE?

Working with Jennifer weekly, daily or for one session is an e-mail away. Connect with her here to set up a session for yourself or a loved one. Miracles do happen. Are you ready to receive yours today? If you don’t expect, you won’t get. Intend for yours now.

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