Manifesting Miraculous Moments

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

There is no doubt that at this time of year more than any other,  people are focusing on a multitude of things. When you are driving, walking down stairs or stepping off or over a curb, take care. Keep your wits about you and be aware. Instead be in the moment focused and firmly grounded in the here and now and your holiday and your life will be so much more miraculous…. read on. You may wondering where this rambling is taking you, believe me, you will wind up with miracles if you read through to the end – no sales pitch just “HOW TO DO IT.”

Breathe in deeply…..
With all the activities happening, shopping, rushing and multi-tasking we often forget to pay attention. I have known of three car accidents and two stair accidents in the past month. So please be aware, stay grounded and watch what you are doing. When we have too many things going on at once, this is when we become ungrounded, fragmented and unfocused. Just focus on what you are doing when you are doing it. Be aware. 
Walking Down Stairs
When carrying something in our hands we often can’t see if we have reached the bottom step or not. Accidents happen when you think you have arrived and you have two more steps left. This

occurs when we are daydreaming, or not focusing on the task at hand (yes, one and the same thing). This lack of focus is being autocorrected by The Universe. You will have to focus on what you are doing, stay present, or you will be in danger. 

Being In The Now
You may think it is an impossible task to be present and in the now. It is as simple as  focusing on one thing. Focus on the speaker, focus on the task, focus on right here, right now. Don’t think of what you should have done, or could have done, or what you wished for that never materialized. All of those thoughts are a waste of time and precious energy. The past is gone. Continuing to worry, fret or even regret will cause you to be stuck in another time. When you are focused on the past, or the future, you miss out on the precious and wonderful moments that are happening right now. When you are elsewhere, you will not be with those who love you and are with you now. They will feel it, even if you think you are doing a great job faking it.
How To Be Present
Breathe in deeply. Notice what your body is feeling right now. Exhale deeply, as you do relax your shoulders that are up around your ears. Notice how you feel in your body. Are you trying to escape the moment? If you are, ask yourself, “What am I afraid of? Is what I am fearing REAL?” Sometimes we are so used to being somewhere else that is where we live and breathe. When we don’t love ourselves we often try to escape our emotions. We might even feel uncomfortable in our own skin. The point is that running away causes more pain and suffering because you are in resistance to what is.
Resistance Causes Suffering
When we are fighting what is occurring in the moment, we are resisting. Usually we are in a fight all by ourselves. We think it is the other person, but we are fighting our inner demons, fears or beliefs about ourselves. Relax and breathe. Know you are already enough. You are already loved, accepted and cared for. The earth loves you. The birds love you. The sky loves you. The Universe loves you and God/Divine /Source Energy loves you. You don’t have to achieve or be something other than who you are to be loved. It has already happened. It is a DONE DEAL! So stop fighting with yourself. Allow yourself to RECEIVE LOVE. 
When I was suffering…..
So unhappy, I rarely smiled….  suffering a lot
I could not feel other’s love for me. I was stuck in blame and victimhood. I blamed everyone for my own personal pain. I suffered a lot. I was so wounded from my past, that I could not feel love if it fell on me.
Wounded people hurt others
I was hurting. I often lashed out in anger at my children, husband and parents. It took me a long time to finally accept all of me, release the past events and forgive everyone. When I did, life became so much easier. 
I was the camelian. I turned into whatever I thought others wanted me to be, in order for them to like me. I did things that I didn’t really want to do, because I was unable to say no, thinking they wouldn’t like me, or love me if I did. It was not until I let go of trying to be perfect, trying to please everyone and trying to be something other than myself that my pain went away. I let go of it all and surrendered. 
Being In The Flow and Manifesting In The Moment
I aligned my will with that of The Divine and began to manifest anything I asked for. Is that a miracle, I feel it is. I began to manifest whatever I asked for immediately – in the same day I asked for it to come into being. That is a freaking miracle I tell you! The secret here is to be in the present. Miracles are manifested when you are thankful for what you have, grounded in the present. When I was told my beloved Colorado was not my home. I listened. I did not fight it. I moved to California. When I did, money was no longer an issue. I aligned my will with that of The Divine. I stopped fighting.
Win-Win Solutions
It took me a while to get this. I thought I did it all. I thought I was the one bringing all this into being. Yes, that is part of it, but the surrender piece is the most important. When we align with the will of God we no longer focus on just us. We focus on the good of the whole. We focus on the cosmic perspective. We are concerned about the planet and all it’s people. We look for and ask for WIN-WIN Solutions. When we do, we get all that we desire. Now people come to me asking me to pray for miracles for them.
Scattered Smothered And Covered?
In Georgia, breakfast is served all day 24 hours a day in little hole in the wall diners called, Waffle House. One of their dishes is hash brown potatoes smothered with cheese and who knows what else. I just like the sound of the dish. 

It sounds like everything but the kitchen sink, which explains where our minds are when we are unfocused. We are scattered, smothered in tasks, details and covered up with too many projects unfinished. We may be traveling and trying to get laundry, housecleaning and animals taken care of. Whatever you are doing, please take your time, don’t rush and be present. Slow down. Breathe. 

Love Your Loved Ones
The more present we are in the moment with ourselves, the more present we will be with our loved ones. You can bet, I will be putting my computer away and spending time with my adult offspring this coming week. We are all gathering in Colorado for a
snowy white Christmas. It is one I have been envisioning for many years. We all need downtime. We all need to have love. If you are alone this Christmas or holiday, take care of yourself and focus on

what you want to do. Nurture yourself. You are your loved one. Get in touch with your inner child. Your connection with your inner child is the key to permanent happiness. Your inner child wants to integrate with you, connect with you and have fun with you. When you do, your life is more joyful, happy, playful and peace-filled. Have some fun, play board games, watch movies that make you laugh. Enjoy your life. It is the only moment you have.

Wishing you all a very safe holiday and wonderful time with family, friends and loved ones. My mother and I will be reconnecting in Canada. Family healing is the key to your healing. When we have healed our relationships with our parents and siblings we have healed ourselves. Love is always the answer, when, is the question I ask you?
If you have questions, need assistance or prayers over the holidays, send Jennifer a private e-mail here. [email protected]

Much love to you,


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