5 Ways To Manifest Your Love in 4 Days!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

(Side note, tomorrow is a powerful day to manifest your desires – Vernal Equinox, Supermoon and a solar eclipse.)

Did you know that what happened way back in your childhood could be still plaguing you today? 

Yes, those traumatic events in childhood lay the fertile ground for emotions to become trapped and stay stuck forever, unless you have them removed. Even after clearing thousands of times, unless you specifically ask for the emotion to be cleared, you will continue to attract all those things that plagued you in childhood. REALLY? Yes, really.

Take The Test Now

Write a list of descriptors for what you experienced in your FAMILY OF ORIGIN. Write HOME at the top of the page.

Now write a list of descriptors of your most significant relationships. See the similarities? I rest my case. I did it too!

How does this work?

Take my latest client who lives in Colorado, I will call her Jade. Jade came to me with a relationship that was broken. Her boyfriend couldn’t step up to the plate. There was conflict. They could not get on the same page no matter how hard they tried and what they both did. They broke up, because there was no hope.

After I did ONE session with Jade and cleared the debris, patterns and EMOTIONS from childhood, she and her boyfriend are back together, re-committed and on the same page. She has never been happier. Jade is working on my 6 week self study program that has energetic pattern clearing embedded in it. (More about that program below)
You Are A Magnet

Whether you know it or not, your unconscious mind sends out signals into the ethers and brings you back whatever trapped emotions are stuck inside your body-mind and spirit. 

If you had an alcoholic mother, abuse of any sort, were abandoned in any way or lied to, you will attract people who will not be there for you, will lie and cheat on you abandon or betray you. Our emotions are the biggest source of manifestation for us humans. Emotions are what bring us our desires. Often though, we don’t even realize we are sending out unconscious messages of what we DON’T WANT, rather than what we do want.

If you have trapped anger in your body from being molested as a child, that emotion continues to send out a signal into the universe and brings you more events that will cause you to be angry. You may attract angry men or women. You may attract an angry boss. You may experience road rage while driving when someone cuts you off. All these events are signs and signals along your road of life that you have an issue. It is inside of you, rather than the other person. 


If events keep repeating for you, it is because you have an issue, rather than the other way around. It is so easy to blame the other person for their behavior, when we are the one magnetizing these situations to us. 

This Friday is the Vernal Equinox. It is also a day with two other powerful celestial events, a solar eclipse and a SUPERMOON. A new moon is the best day to manifest your desires. It is a perfect day to schedule your one-hour session and get going on what you really want in your life. 


  1. Pray. Ask that your blocks be elliminated. You will get guidance about what you need to do to clear your blocks. 
  2. Get Clear and Focused. You can’t manifest when your thoughts are all over the place. Focus on one thing at a time. Write down a list of all the criteria of that one thing. Burn it today or tomorrow.
  3. Feel It. Believe It. I have already mentioned how your emotions attract. Positive emotions attract positive things. So feel love. Feel rich, prosperous, be grateful. Gratitude will open your heart faster than anything – next to love.
  4. Know it is done! Thank the universe, God, The Divine for bringing you what you desire. Remember doubt blocks. Be in faith.
  5. Write down each day how grateful you are for having your desire right now, as if you have it. Writing down your gratitude is a powerful way of ensuring your quick delivery!

Within this self study program there is a one hour session with me the first week. This is a great way to experience my work to see if it is for you, while getting what you need at the same time. For $98.00 you get 7 pdf workbooks that guide you through the process, 7 videos to teach you AND a one-hour session with Jennifer! During the one-hour session you get an avatar treatment to release patterns with both parents, an energy clearing, coaching and an assessment of what emotions are trapped. The key ones plaguing you are cleared.

Women that have gone through this program have found by week 5 that they have manifested their dream guy. Amazing but true. The system I have in place steps your energy up week by week. I walk

you through how to manifest your dream relationship by focusing with clarity on what you want. I teach you how to do this on your own. 

For those who find the great benefits of my personalized coaching, but don’t are budget conscious, my group coaching may be a great plan for you. I am starting a group program for $297.00 for the entire 6 week program. You receive 7 videos and 7 pdf workbooks to keep and reuse whenever you need a refresher.

Each week you will have the benefits of my live coaching on a call. Speaking to me by phone, or Skype shifts your energy. I am a catalyst. Ask any of my clients. You can’t help but shift! Interested in this program. Send me an e-mail here.  The events will be recorded and you will be given a code to be able to listen again and again. 

Private Coaching

Prefer to have private coaching? My Magnetize Your Man course is $1,300 for 6 weeks of private coaching. In this 6-week course you receive 6 energy clearings, with private one-on-one coaching and emotional clearings. You receive 7 pdf workbooks to keep and use when you need a refresher and 7 videos to watch to assist you when you need a boost. Each week you will gain clarity, focus and deeper connection with you and your Divine Self. For the men in the group wanting a woman, the same thing holds true for you. You can attract what you desire, with this course. It works whether you are a man or a woman.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach, empowering you to your highest and best. She gives you a leg up and over the challenges that continue no matter what you do or try. She shifts you to a higher, clearer more focused version of you. With love and compassion your anxiety lessens, depression and chaos lifts and a deeper more connected sense of self emerges.

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