The Truth About Mothers

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Until we deliver our first child, we have no idea what we are in for. Hours of sleepless nights, nursing colicky babies, rocking, changing diapers and often staying up all night with feverish infants worrying. Having a baby changes us. The joy of holding our newborn child is such a miracle. It is one of the most important moments of our existence. We become a mother by giving birth. Our bodies change, our hormones change. Our entire life is turned upside down. 

Most mothers sacrifice clothes, trips even cars to feed and clothe their children. The sacrifices of time, energy and love are endless. Instead of focusing on what we want, most of us put all our energy into raising our children. Our focus turns to our children and family for about 20 years. If we have children later in life, our commitment is longer. In my case I had children at home for 32 years. 

As mothers we revel in our children’s accomplishments. We feel their sadness and grief at the losses they experience. Even when our children become adults, we still feel a deep connection, experiencing their pain as they do. 

Most mothers make decisions based on what is best for our family. Some women give up their dreams, putting careers on hold. Focusing on family, mothers do the best that they can with what they have learned and know. We often feel resentment, anger and unforgiveness for events that occurred years ago. 

Our relationship with our mother is what forms our beliefs about relationships. When we are estranged from our mothers our relationships are challenging. Until we resolve our relationship with our mother we are not fully healed. We cannot have a healthy relationship when we have not forgiven our mothers for what they

didn’t do for us. Continuing to blame our parents for what is happening in our lives is not taking responsibility for ourselves. Forgiving our mothers is an important part of the growth process. Most of us could point fingers siting many examples of what was not done for us, but what did they do?

My mother taught me how to cook, how to sew, how to clean a house. My mother is an excellent cook and taught me how to bake, how to present a beautiful meal. She taught me manners, spelling and grammar. She taught me how to be a lady. She encouraged me when I was writing to continue to write. Even when she didn’t like my first book, she praised my second. It is a long journey on this road of life, recognizing what has been given to us, can certainly make us recognize the blessings we have received along the way. 

Each event in our lives teaches us more about us. Our mothers gave us life. They gave years, energy and love to us, to the best of their ability. Without our mother’s efforts and love we would not be here.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, hypnotherapist, love and passion coach and energy healer. She is a catalyst for healing. Just being on the phone with her will lift your spirits and help you feel more calm and peaceful.  She helps those who are looking for love and happiness to find it within themselves first, so that they can become the magnet for it in the world. You can set up your Free discovery session with Jennifer to find out if her work is a good fit for you.

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