Why Women Don’t Trust Men

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Most men are motivated by sex. Many men want sex with women. Most men that are single will do almost anything and say anything to get a woman into bed. Most of these behaviors lead to mistrust for women. Without trust there can be no intimacy. When a relationship begins with a lie, it is doomed.

What is important for women is like with magic we have to watch the hands while their lips are moving. Following are statements that have dubious motivations:
  1. I don’t drink. This is a biggie. If you have a pattern of attracting addicts or any sort, when a guy says he doesn’t drink, watch his lips. Watch for a sleight of hand. Often the men who say they don’t drink will easily guzzle two drinks to your one. Did he have a drink before you showed up? Not everyone is an alcoholic, but having your eyes open to your date’s actions rather than words will tell you a lot. If he has a case of beer or a bottle in his car, or beer cans spill out of his truck when he comes to pick you up, perhaps this is some evidence you should pay attention to.
  2. I’ve only been married once. Unless you do a background check, this is difficult to ascertain. If he has three children by different mothers this could be a clue. 
  3. I just want to cuddle. It is a rare man that can cuddle without sex. Cuddling leads to bodies being naked and sex happening. If you don’t want sex yet, don’t cuddle. Men often use the cuddle ploy to get you naked and have sex with you. Does this surprise you?
  4. I never get cold. What? He’s not human? C’mon. Everyone gets cold at some point. 
  5. I’ve had too much to drink, I can’t drive, I’ll need to stay over. Remember #1? He doesn’t drink? Also refer to #3. He wants sex. He is hoping at some point you will crawl in naked next to him. Or he will climb in with you, while you sleep. There is always hope, isn’t there?
  6. My ex-wife was schizophrenic, or crazy, or slept around. Due to his behavior? You have to wonder when a guy tells you his wife was insanely crazy what is being hidden.
  7. I’m really easy going. Guys who have to tell you that they are easy going usually are not. These typically are the ones with tempers that rage. Note any mentions of restraining orders, or anger management classes ordered by the court system, these are a dead giveaway. If you find one of your tires flat after sending your date off in a huff, you might want to check for a screwdriver hole, like mine left me with. 
  8. He lives in one state and works in another. He might have a whole other family in the other state. How would you ever know? Unless you are invited to the home state for a visit, you have no way of knowing if there is another woman, or six kids living there.
  9. He tries to get you drunk. It is a known fact that women on alcohol are easy. We lose our inhibitions when we drink. This

    can be a good thing when we are slightly unwound and want to participate in sex. However, there are some that will take advantage of your sleeping stupor and take advantage while you are out of it. This is especially important for college women.

It is important to note that not all men lie, just as not all women lie. The point is this; when someone shows you who they are trust their actions. Watch what they do, rather than listening to what they say. Actions always speak so much louder than words. A liar is always a liar. Liars cheat. You can’t have deep intimacy with someone who lies to you. People who manipulate are also controlling. Neither of these behaviors make an easy relationship. 
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, love and passion coach, hypnotherapist and Master energy healer. She is a catalystic healer naturally, meaning she helps your release your stuff while talking with her. Jennifer works with those committed to living a happier life, with deep meaningful relationships. She herself has healed her codependency, addictions, depression and low self esteem. She lovingly and compassionately will move you forward out of your story, mind chatter, negativity, anxiety, sadness or depression with ease and grace. 
You can watch her You Tube videos here. Or connect with her via e-mail for your free 30 minute discovery session to see if her work is a good fit for you.

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