The Best Sex In Your 60’s and 70’s

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Do you ever wonder what sex will be like when you are in your golden years? With the millions of prescriptions filled for Viagra, Cialis, and other drugs for erectile dysfunction, many people wonder if they will be able to have sex in their 60’s and 70’s. You will be surprised at the truth. 

What matters more than our sexual organs is what we do with our brain. The brain is the most important organ in our body which helps stimulate the sexual response. Thoughts about whether you can get an erection may be enough to prevent one. If you think it and believe it, you will create it. Positive or negative, our thoughts create our reality especially when it comes to sex. Famed researcher Gina Ogden reports from the results of her Isis study that the brain is what matters most. 

Dr. Ogden’s study had 3,810 participants both male and female, ages 18 to 86. She cites this study to show how men and women can use sexuality and spirituality to transform their lives. The study contains extraordinary information about how we might expand our view of love, lust, intimacy, nurturing, empathy, communication, safety, abuse, trauma, ecstasy, spirituality, religion and so much more. The study took ten years to complete after which time Oprah Winfrey interviewed Dr. Ogden on her show.

What I know to be true is that the better I feel about myself, my body, life, business and everything I do, the better sex becomes for me. As I have gotten older, I have become more comfortable in my skin, love myself completely. Although my body is not perfect, I am delighted with how I look. We don’t have to have a perfect body to be happy with it. The more comfortable we are with ourselves, the more comfortable we are between the sheets naked. 

When we can laugh at ourselves, have fun because we know who we are, have raised our children and are free from the worry of pregnancy, we can relax during sex. We aren’t so worried about someone hearing us when we moan or are enjoying ourselves. 

Aging does not have to be a negative experience. I see it as a coming of age, or coming into our own. If you don’t love yourself and the way you look, I can help you with that. It is my specialty. Aging is not the biggest cause of erectile dysfunction as some would have you believe.

As we mature, we become wiser, freer and sure of what we like and don’t like. We are more confident. We are more apt to talk about what pleases us as we get older, there is less at stake, we have fewer fears. We have often integrated spirituality into our lives.

The Findings In the Isis Sex Study:

1. Sexual response is multi-dimensional, including body, heart, mind and spirit. Sex goes beyond the physical performance to include what we think, feel and what sex means in our lives. This finding concurs with the latest neuroscience regarding sex and interactivity in our brains for both sexes.

2. Sex is embedded in relationship with ourselves, our partners and a power greater than ourselves (no matter what you call that power). The culminating energy of orgasm connects you to the universe, source energy and God. It also involves taking the risk to create intentions for our own sexual happiness – which is consistent with the most psychological and spiritual thinking.

3. Sex gets better as you get older, involving more laughter, play, fun, eye contact, sharing and less angst about societal and religious programming. This finding challenges current medical and pharmaceutical biases regarding the need for performance enhancing drugs. (More on this in my next article – did I tell you about my laughing orgasm after 59?) 

4. This finding suggests that broadening our sexual horizons can help us transcend sexual wounds, guilt, shame, as well as debilitating cultural messages such as, “good girls don’t” and “real men score.” A multi-dimensional view of sexuality and intimacy encourages self esteem, promotes sacred union which is in alignment with the law of attraction about enhancing health and drawing positive energy into our lives.

Not Having Sex?

If you aren’t having sex, you might want to re-consider. I have met many women who consider themselves holy because they are NOT having sex. Did you know that the universe and your higher power expands when you experience pleasure? Yes indeedy! The Divine experiences bliss when we do. Everything we experience the universe and our higher power experiences also. Living a life of celibacy shuts down the first two chakras and can create financial issues. To live your highest spiritual potential we need to be in Divine relationship with a partner, having sacred sex. 

Relationships are how we heal our own lives, creating bliss, joy and complete fulfillment. Humans were created to enjoy pleasure, rather than deny themselves that joy.

Click here to download the ISIS survey. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach. She was non-orgasmic into her 50’s – which led her to interview hundreds of men and women for her book, Orgasm For Life. This book sheds new light on sacred relationship, understanding and intimacy. Jennifer’s journey of healing opened new pathways in her brain, moving from profound depression, anxiety, illness including breast cancer into true vitality and emotional well-being. Instead of looking older each year, her internal well-being radiates outward causing youthing, rather than aging. True happiness keeps you looking youthful, radiant and thriving! If you are ready to do the work and want this contact Jennifer now.

In 2012 she experienced a profound awakening which shifted her view of reality, God and love. She has not experienced loneliness, fear or longing since that time. She shares what she has learned from her vast experience of life, love, sex, and God. Her connection with higher dimensions allows her to see the root of your issues quickly in her coaching sessions helping women and men heal past issues, coming into loving acceptance of themselves. When you lovingly accept you, your relationships become relaxed, easy and infinitely more pleasurable. 

If you desire to feel whole, happy and fulfilled, you want someone that can understand what you are going through,  from her personal experience. Jennifer is compassionate, direct and a natural catalyst. Talking with her shifts your energy automatically. Some of what she clears are trapped emotions, blockages, depression, suicidal programming, imbalances and fears from The Akashic Records. If you keep creating the same thing expecting a different result, isn’t it time to connect with someone who can truly help you shift permanently?

Listen in every Thursday at 8:00 EST/ 5:00 PST, to ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE on BBM Global network radio. Jennifer takes your questions via e-mail and will answer them on the air. 

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