Why “I Can’t!” Needs To Be Removed From Your Vocabulary

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

If we aren’t learning and growing, we are dying. Moving forward is what we are here to do. Learning, growing, realizing what is happening inside of us is key to understanding and personal growth.

Where you are right now is only this moment. Recognizing what we are feeling in each moment is consciousness. The longing you feel for love and acceptance is the void you feel inside of you. When you lovingly accept yourself as you are and recognize that our reactions only serve to show us what we need to learn, we are growing. Learning, growing and evolving is what our soul purpose is. 

Saying No To Our Good

When we say “I can’t,” we are stopping our growth. I cannot tell you how many people have told me, “I can’t meditate.” When we say, “I can’t” we are actually saying “I WON’T!” 

I teach meditation through my coaching. Meditation is one of the

things that help us connect to our greater selves. Without this connection, we feel lost, disconnected and without direction. Meditation alleviates stress, anxiety, worry, depression and brings you to the fullness of who you truly are. Meditation allows love in. When you feel loved within, you attract love to you.

One of my clients is a lovely, well-educated and brilliant woman. She was originally from India. For some reason, I thought most Indian people meditated. Not so. She resisted my meditation teachings for weeks. When her anxiety continued, I reminded her of the meditation she had previously rejected (said NO to). Finally, she agreed to begin. Within weeks of following my guidance her wild mind chatter ceased. Her mind became completely quiet. She was amazed! When she stopped resisting, she opened up to the possibility of something different. She stopped saying “NO!”

Saying No To Love

We often say no to love without realizing it. We make judgments about people who want to date us, love us, make love to us. We say

no. When we do, we are rejecting ourselves and love. If you are still looking for love and haven’t found it, perhaps you have said no, or don’t love you. I help women and men not only find love but permanent happiness within. 


The energy of joy heals. If you want to shift your vibration learn to play every day. I play at the beach with my dogs. I go

there as often as I can. Being at the beach puts me in a state of joy.

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