My Vision Of Death

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I am a visionary. I talk to God, my guides, and when in sessions with you, your guides too. The guidance I receive is spot on and never wrong. I receive mind videos of events before they happen. I hear voices, see dead people and hear The Ascended Masters in my head. It used to be scary when I was a child, but I have become used to my conversations with God, The Ascended Masters, and Guides.

Yesterday, I was not feeling well. There has been a tremendous influx of very powerful energy recently, and I know I am shifting as everyone on the planet is as well. I went into my room to meditate and began as usual with my prayers for healing of my clients, the planet, and my loved ones. After about twenty minutes or so, I heard, “Lie down.” I know better than to argue when I receive a message, as I have learned the hard way. When I had my landscaping business in Georgia, I was told every day what tools to bring to my job-sites. I was quite stubborn back then, and I would argue, “I don’t need that tarp for this job!” 
Well, you guessed it! Each time I stubbornly argued, I found that the very thing I needed to complete my job and get paid was the one tool that had been lit up with a glow around it in my barn. This happened about twenty times. I was a learning challenged. I will say this, my guides never got angry with me. They never expressed impatience with me. They never gave up on me. I write about my mystical experiences prior to my awakening in my book, Odyssey Victim to Victory. 
Eventually, I learned to listen when my guides told me something. When The Divine speaks to me, I never argue, I do as I am told. This is called obedience. You don’t have to do what God asks, but I don’t suggest you defy God. There are always consequences. My friend William has gone toe-to-toe with God several times and lost more than he cares to admit at least three times. You can’t win a fight with God!
Through my guides’ patience with me, I began to trust that what they told me was never and I mean NEVER wrong! I have never received Divine guidance that steered me the wrong way. Now this might be where you say, “I have received guidance that didn’t pan out to be true.” I assert that you need a clearing as you are not receiving guidance from your guides, The Divine or The Ascended Masters. They cannot lie and neither can I. 
You Cannot Hide The Truth From God
God knows all and hears all. There are no secrets of any kind in heaven. The entire universe knows all as well. Nothing that we do, say or think is a secret. You might feel it is, but it isn’t. Since there are no secrets in the universe, this is also why when two my exes had affairs, I found out every time. 
There Are No Secrets In The Universe
As we evolve, we won’t have secrets either. As we grow, our energy vibration becomes higher, we become increasingly authentic, truthful and cannot lie. As soon as I make a statement that is not one hundred percent honest, my guides ask me, “Are you sure about that?” I have corrected my statement on the phone or Skype with clients, they can vouch for me. I can’t leave a lie out there, as there is a price to pay. I am not prepared to pay that price, so I tell the truth.
My Vision
As I lay on my bed quietly, I continued to do my Gayatri mantra. It is a powerful mantra for those who want to raise their vibration. It is the favorite of the Indians – and I am referring to the ones from India, not the Native Americans.
In my vision, I was shown a mind-movie of myself driving in California towards Los Angeles. The roads from the desert to LA are particularly treacherous due to the winding curves and steep downhill grade. Interstate 14 cuts in between mountains and canyons. It was on this particularly curving stretch of highway that I saw a huge cloud of smoke (or sand storm), that blocked my vision. I could not see what was happening beyond the smoke. I drove into this cloud of smoke hearing metal upon metal and the screeching of tires. I asked questions after receiving the vision, “answer withheld.” In other words, there are some things we just can’t know, no matter how connected we are, no matter how clear our visions are. We can’t know everything. 
The day before I began to talk to my friend on the way to the beach about what I wanted to do upon my death. I wanted my three children to travel together to deepen their bond, visiting our favorite places together. I saw them south of St. Augustine on the white sand at Crescent Beach, Florida. I had a letter to them detailing all the places they need to visit. 
They went to the Gelato place together remembering what I ordered and talked about old times while they ate. They also traveled to Georgia, Boulder, Colorado and to the desert of California to see where I lived and visited my favorite walking trail. I had never thought about what life would be like for them after my death. I had no idea where this thought came from about me dying. I am not afraid to die; I just feel that my work isn’t done here yet.
My Close Call With Death 9.14.2015
At  7:33 AM, just one block from my home, I stopped at the light, and while waiting for it to change to green. I put my headset on, and speed dialed my oldest son. The call went to voice mail. As I was leaving him a voice message, the light changed to green. I edged slowly into the intersection, slightly distracted due to leaving my message. I usually look both ways just to be sure.  I have noticed we have become very distracted while driving and make some dangerous errors in judgment. 
A young man blasting through the intersection from my right blew through the red light narrowly missing me. He had no idea that the light was red for him. I have now had three near misses, where I was turning left on a green light in less than three months. My vision, yesterday was real. 
Cell Phone Use
Right then and there, I declared, no more cell phone use while driving. I have taken photos while driving and texted while stopped at lights. No more. This new energy blasting our planet is causing us all to have our issues come up. If you are already distracted, don’t drive and talk on the phone. I made a vow to stop distracted driving. My warning was real. I share this with you because I want you to be safe. 
Death Becomes You
Leaving the planet is not a scary thing. In fact, I have walked through the tunnel of light when I was given the option to leave. I chose not to go so I could be here for my daughter and all of humanity. I have more work to do. I had breast cancer. I realized then; I was not ready. I could have left quietly, without pain, suffering or facing chemo, radiation or surgery. I chose to heal myself and stay here to help with the coming changes. 
What is The Tunnel Of Light Like?
While walking through the tunnel of light, you don’t feel afraid. There are two guides who glide along next to you. You will be aware of their presence, but you can’t see them. The tunnel is very long. You feel at peace, happy and even contentment while

Gliding along. There is light at the end; you can vaguely make out beings that are waiting at the end. You can’t see faces till you get further along. There is nothing but love. With love, there is no fear. Nothing is scary. You feel safe, and surrounded by loving energy. 

There is No Sex In Heaven
I am sure of this fact. There is no sex in heaven. Earth is the only place where you can taste the juice of a fresh strawberry, or hear the sound of your baby’s cry, or the crash of waves on the

shore. Earth is the only place where you can feel the tender touch of your lover on your skin. Only on this planet can you feel the soft wetness of your lover as you enter her. Earth is the only place where you can feel the incredible ecstasy and the bliss of an orgasm. 

What No Sensory Devices?
All communication is telepathic. You don’t speak with your mouth in heaven. Instead, you hear the voice in your head. It is not spoken out loud. 
There is No Chit-Chat In Heaven
You may talk incessantly here on earth. In heaven, there is no small talk. People don’t discuss things that are meaningless. 
The Lesson
Trust the guidance you receive. Don’t use a cell phone while driving. Do not multi-task during the next two weeks – till September 29th. Focus on being in the moment. Breathe, pray and meditate to stay grounded. 
When I receive a clear message like this, I usually become quite vigilant looking for similar experiences in similar locales. This near-miss was no on a winding highway. It was one block from my home. I will be much more careful when I get behind the wheel from now on no matter where I am. I suggest you do the same. 

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