Love Has The Power To Heal You Faster

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Love is a powerful healer. It can heal a wound on a child, a blister on an adult faster than without it, and even rejuvenates nerve damage. Don’t believe me? The Scientists have proven that love heals the body faster when you are in a healthy happy
marriage or relationship. Love even reduces cortisol levels caused by stress. When you are in a marriage or relationship where there are frequent arguments, nagging or abuse, your body will heal more slowly.

Professor Stephanie Ortegue of Syracuse University studied people’s brains and found the following:

  1. 12 areas of the brain are stimulated when in love, working in tandem.
  2. Testosterone and estrogen surge
  3. Oxytocin, Adrenaline, Dopamine and Vasopressin also surge through the body
  4. Seratonin levels are the equivalent to an obsessive compulsive person
  5. The dopamine levels are that of someone on cocaine.
Dr. Helen Fisher a neurohormonal anthropologist at Rutgers University studied the effect of love on the brain. She performed scans of the brain to discover that our brain on drugs looks very much like someone on cocaine. The reward centers of the brain are lit up. Her findings were that love increases testosterone, which increases sex drive in both men and women. Sex increases oxygenation to the blood and organs, reduces stress and calms the nervous system. 

Love Is Addictive!

Love Is A Drug!

You Feel Crazy In Love!

Nerve Growth Factor

NGF is released when in love. This NGF causes nerves to heal faster. 

You Heal Faster In A Healthy Loving Relationship

According to The Institutes of Health, 37 married couples checked into a hospital for 24 hours. They were studied over a two-week period after blisters were created on their arms. Blood samples were taken from each person. Those in happy, loving and supportive relationships with good communication healed faster than those who weren’t.

Happy Couples Live Longer

Science has proven that happy couples live longer. A couple was interviewed on The Today show recently. They have been married 81 years. John and Ann Betar eloped on Nov. 25, 1932, fleeing their Syrian neighborhood in Connecticut. They have been together ever since. John is 104 and Ann is 100. Their secret? Meeting each other’s needs. 

Stress Levels

If you have had a tough day at work, your stress levels fall once you arrive home to a reassuring voice and hug. Loving touch reduces stress. Sex also reduces stress.

If when you arrive home, your spouse nags, complains or puts you down, your stress levels increase. 

How Fast Do We Fall In Love?

We can fall in love in as little as a fifth of a second! For some it takes a little longer, between 90 seconds and four minutes. 

We fall in love with the way someone moves (55%) and their voice (33%) faster than what it is that they are saying (only 7%). 

Wishing you a loving Valentine’s Day. Remember, love heals. Be kind. Stop nagging and just love each other! Now go have some fun! 

I love you!

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