Are Women The Donut Hole on The Concession Stand of Life?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

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Woman’s vaginas, for men, are the donut hole on the concession stand of life that they derive pleasure from. 

I recently had a discussion with a woman named Maria at the gym. Maria explained that in thirty-five years of marriage she thinks she might have had one orgasm. ONE ORGASM IN 35 YEARS!  Because she only experienced it once she had nothing else to compare it to. So she wasn’t completely sure that she had that one orgasm. How sad. Maria finally got up the nerve to tell her husband she wasn’t having orgasms. When she did, he held a pillow over her face and punched her, then he screamed at her, “you’re a cold potato!” Clearly the issue was that she was a potato and a rather cold one at that. This is exactly the reason that women have remained silent.

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Men, if a woman tells you she didn’t come, is it her problem or yours? Think of it this way: who do you go to when your dick is hard? Do you wake up in the morning like a heat-seeking missile, looking for a hole to land in? Do you make your saluting soldier her problem? You know you do. So her orgasm is your issue. Men have to become the master of the female vagina. Ask her lots of questions (your partner, not her vagina). Through the Hunt and Peck System, HPS, you will learn what pleases her and do it EVERY TIME, not just on her birthday!

Most men would probably be gnawing their own leg off after thirty years without orgasm. Frankly, it is surprising to me how many of us have not received at least one orgasm each time our men want to have sex with us. Getting off is expected by most men. It should also be a given for women. Many women stop having sex because it’s not worth it to them. They would rather self-pleasure or shut down their sexuality completely, subjugating their womanhood to the male ego. Women stop missing sex. Many post-menopausal women need to have their pump primed again because their hormone levels are so low. Having regular sex through menopause and beyond is possible and will keep hormone levels higher.

Gentlemen Start Your Engines!

Orgasm for Life was written to help change the way men and women think about sex. When women are able to experience orgasms, they step into their power, becoming their Goddess selves. Without expressing all that they are as a woman, their life experience is diminished. I would like men to put themselves in the shoes or lingerie of their partner. Could you imagine having sex once, a week, twice a week or more and only getting the RMPs up to about 2,500. What if your engine never reached full power? What if you only revved up to 1,500 RPMS? How would you feel then? That is what over 40% of the women worldwide feel like all the time. They may get wet, they may get aroused, but they never make it to Disney Land! Just because a woman is wet, does not mean she is ready to go.

Speaking of partners, strangely lesbians are not any better at pleasuring their partners than men are. If women don’t know how to please another woman, how do we heterosexual women expect a man to be able to please us? We have to learn about our own bodies and what we really like. We have to experiment with different types of touch. We need to try new things. We need to touch ourselves to find out what feels good. Doing the same thing over and over will not give you different results. That is just crazy thinking.

Are you wondering how to spice up a humdrum sex life? Do you ever consider using fantasies or role playing? Do you wonder if that constitutes cheating? Could you even bring up the subject? Leaving this book in the bathroom, with pages highlighted, or corners dog-eared may be enough to ignite some passion for you and your partner. How about reading the “how to” sections together? I seriously considered laminating the pages to make them more user-friendly. A sponge-and-go book, if you will! Perhaps I’ll offer a waterproof version for my second edition.

The purpose of this book is to assist you to improve your communication and increase passion, compassion, tenderness, understanding and kindness. When there is greater understanding of each other’s needs both will reach bliss and ecstasy with regularity. Through regular blissful sexual exchanges relationships open and flower. The love between partners becomes deeper and more meaningful. It is my desire to assist you to build intimacy through authenticity, and become a better lover in the process. Orgasm for Life bridges the gap of connectivity between the sexes. In so doing, each person gains the ability to understand while giving their partner what it is they want. When communication is improved outside the bedroom, we can be more open inside the bedroom. Then, each person can express themselves more completely with profound growth towards spiritual sexual union. 

If men could understand that living in a non-orgasmic state is like shutting down half of your brain and a third of your body, can you imagine what life would be like if only half of your brain cells fired? What if you never had an orgasm, ever?  You would then understand the mounting frustration and resentment that is present in more than 40% of the female population. It is a wonder that more crimes of passion are not performed by unfulfilled women. And men talk about your blue balls!

Everyone has different motivations for sex. Some people want to show their  partner how much they are loved. Others have sex to feel healthy, vigorous or alive. Many men have sex to relieve pressure. While others are having sex simply to get off. Whatever your motivation, are you ready to make amazing sex a priority in your relationship?

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