God Delivers To Your Door When You Ask

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Faith is the opposite of fear. When you have faith that you are always supported by The Universe and God, you will be. Asking for support, Guidance and help is what many of us forget to do. If you feel challenged by life right now, then this article will help to give you the faith you need. Today I share the ways God has shown up at my door with proof, answers and yes, men!

I have been happily single now for about six years. I have dated intermittently without commitment to finding a partner. Recently, I felt a gentle push from The Universe that it is time to get myself out into the dating world. However, I don’t do Internet dating – typically. I asked, “God if you want me to date, bring the men to me!” I don’t go to clubs, bars, or many places where I could meet an available man. I live in an isolated environment. Meeting a man could be a challenging prospect for me.

Do you think me finding a man is a strange request? Maybe you believe that God has better things to do with his time is what you are thinking? What is more important that love? Nothing! Love is the most important energy for us to experience, radiate and include in our lives. We are better people, more loving parents, pet owners and more productive members of society when we have love within us and someone to love us.

God Delivered 3 Men To My Door!

I asked God for a sign. “If you want me out in the world dating, I will commit to finding a partner. Please give me a sign.” I asked for a sign right before I spent three days in silence. During my second 24 hour period of silence my Internet went out. A service man showed up on my first day after my retreat. He replaced my modem, checked that I had Internet service and then left. He was kind, polite, attractive and certainly male. 

Second Sign

As soon as the serviceman left my home, my Internet went out

again. He wasn’t gone five minutes! What the heck? I thought. I called my Internet provider again and waited three days without Internet till he showed up. He couldn’t find anything wrong inside or out with my DSL. He made a few adjustments got my Internet working and then left. Within 24 hours, you guessed it! My Internet went out again. 

Each time my Internet went out, I asked, what is this about? Am I not supposed to be working? Am I not supposed to be on the Internet? When the third serviceman showed up three times, to continue to work on an apparent non-issue, I realized that God was delivering men to my door to show me, “It’s time to have a man in your life.” There was never anything wrong with my Internet. God set this up so that I would get the picture. Men! It’s time for a man! I had to make a relationship a top priority. Until we focus with clarity on our desires (a relationship), we won’t get what we want.

Recognizing The Signs

When I realized that God had delivered men to my door – three within a two-week period. I realized that within this two-week period more men had been in my house than in the entire previous year, I laughed. We have to be able to interpret the messages of The Universe and God. If you don’t open your eyes to see and your heart to recognize what is being delivered to your door you miss the messages. 

God didn’t mean that the ATT&T men were the exact men for me. These men that showed up to my door were examples. These men were nice, kind, handsome and helpful people. They were representative of what I could have with a little effort on my part.

When It’s FREE, Say YES!

I don’t believe in paying for a dating site. I don’t like dating sites for me, so investing my money in a dating site isn’t beneficial for me. However, when I was offered a FREE three day trial, I said, “YES PLEASE!” I accepted the three-day trial and met a very nice, attractive, intelligent, spiritual man. I had to get out of my comfort zone and make some effort (right action) to make something happen. We have to do our part when God offers us a solution. 

I said YES! to God. I said YES to me. Stepping forward was a move toward love. I could do nothing and live the rest of my life as a single woman very happily. However I know that I won’t reach my highest potential without a supportive loving partner. We grow when we are in relationships. Growth is what we are here to do. 

“God either get me the hell out of this place or fix this relationship!”

Answered Prayers

I don’t believe in dwelling on the negative because when we do, we draw negativity to us. Suffice it to say, I had a misunderstanding with a neighbor in October. We both felt we were right (not a good place to be for healing to occur.) I prayed, did forgiveness work, I sent her and everyone on her block love daily. Finally, last Friday I drove up my driveway and demanded, “God either get me the hell out of this place or fix this relationship!” I spoke the words with intense emotion. I meant it! I was prepared for either outcome. I was not attached to whatever God sent to me.

That Very Day My Prayer Was Answered

Last Friday we had torrential rains. It was cold, rainy and dark when after hearing a couple of honks of a car horn, someone knocked on my door. I was on the phone with my web designer and friend. Before answering the door I asked who was at the door, it was my neighbor! I got off the phone immediately and opened the door. The anger that had been coming from her six months ago was gone. She found my older dog, Karma outside of our fence wandering in the dark. A black 17-year old dog on a dark night could have been disastrous. I saw that my gate was open. The wind (God had orchestrated this event) must have blown the gate open.

God used Karma to bring us face-to-face. I was incredibly grateful to her for getting out of her car on a dark, cold rainy night. This was the first time we were face-to-face in six months. She had to put aside whatever she had been feeling to walk to my door. 

I was sincere in my gratitude. I looked her in the eyes and told her how much I appreciated her. Part of the issue in the past was that

she thought I didn’t appreciate what she did for me. It does not matter what the truth is, when someone perceives that they are being mistreated, it is as if they are. We have to validate their feelings, rather than tell them they have no right to experience what they are feeling.


I expressed both gratitude and appreciation to her. I had no walls or blocks in the way of expressing my heartfelt gratitude. Gratitude is the fuel that brings us more of what we desire to us.

God Doesn’t Like Begging

When we beg God we will wait a very long time to receive what we are begging. God prefers win-win solutions. God wants harmony. God wants love. God wants peace on this earth. If you are asking for material things you will be more apt to receive those material goods if they benefit many people. 

God and The Universe Are Orchestrating For Us

God wants the best for us. God wants us to live in harmony with ourselves and our neighbors. So you can bet when an

opportunity presented itself for two families to heal a rift when asked, God gladly stepped in with the help of Mother Nature, my loving companion, and best friend, Karma. Karma has been with me for fifteen years, longer than any man in my life. We love each other unconditionally. We have an understanding. I protect her, take care of her and take her with me wherever I can. She has traveled over 40,000 miles with me over the years. She trusts me. I trust her.

God and The Universe created a situation where “the wind” blew (GOD) and Karma got out. Yoda stayed within the confines of the fence. He was a good little dog. Karma is old and marches to the beat of her own drum, much like me. She was curious about what was on the other side of the fence. She isn’t afraid of me. God took care of her too. 

Ask And It Is Given

  1. You must ASK. Help is always available. We have to ASK for intervention, or it will not be given. Angels can be dispatched at our request. We must ask. There are rules in The Universe. Free will means we will be left to our own devices unless we request assistance. Remember the Bible verse, “Ask and it is given unto you.”
  2. You are important. If you don’t value yourself enough to recognize that God and The Universe values you also, you might feel God is too busy for you. God values you. You need to recognize your own value, or God will consider you insignificant. God helps those who help themselves. Help yourself by getting self-love coaching. Everyone has value. Love yourself enough to get some help.
  3. Fervent prayer is answered faster than any kind. I prayed fervently. In fact, I prayed passionately. Emotion fuels our prayer. A prayer couples with intense emotion will bring it to you fast! 
  4. Say it like you mean it! Be clear in your request. Focus only on what you want. Don’t wander aimlessly all over the place, even God can have a short attention span these days. Let God know what you want clearly.
  5. Ask for win-win solutions. God is busy. When we ask for something that will help many, we are much more likely to receive our request. 
  6. Don’t whine. Whining is not allowed in prayer. You are coming to God, be respectful, strong and empowered. 
  7. Always say Thank you! My prayer was answered the very day that I made it. I gave impassioned Gratitude for hours on Friday. Five days later, I am still saying prayers of gratitude for receiving my answered prayer. I will continue to say THANK YOU! The more heartfelt gratitude we express the more we receive.

I pray as soon as my eyes are opened in the morning. It is the first thing on my lips in the morning and the last thing on my lips as I

fall asleep as night. I have faith that God wants me to do His work. 

I am committed to help women heal their lives and love themselves fearlessly. Fearless living and loving is our birthright. I help women heal their sexuality as it is a part of who we are. If you don’t love yourself enough to have sex with your partner, there are self-esteem issues involved. Loving relationships involve sex, compassion, acceptance, loving touch, appreciation, respect and trust. 

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