Orgasm For Life: Men and Women Uncovered

Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love. Miguel Angel Ruiz

Hunt and Peck 

Men – Exposed 

Consider the male form for a moment. He is naturally hairy and his genitals hang outside of his body.  When he is aroused, there is no hiding the bulge in the front of his trousers. When relaxed, his scrotum is in constant motion. When he is hot, they drop so that their precious cargo, sperm, stays fertile. Too much heat in the kitchen could kill the sperm. 

When a man is cold his scrotum ride the elevator to the top floor and hug his body. Just this simple up-down process has got to be annoying. If nothing else, the constant sensation I would think would be a sentence stopper. Having all that sexual paraphernalia outside of a man’s body draws his attention to it because it moves around when he walks. When you think about it, having all those body parts in constant motion would make it impossible to think about much else. This is probably the underlying reason that men think about sex every 52 seconds. 

Men’s external sex organs are representative of their communication style, upfront and exposed. Men rarely hide what they think. Like their exposed body parts, when they are upset or angry they let you know. When you ask a man what he thinks, he’ll tell you straight. 

Women – Hidden, Buried And Covered Up

Women, on the other hand, have their beautiful lady parts tucked inside. Our vaginas are protected by our labia which never jiggle, flap or move in the breeze. They stay put. Our clitoris does not twitch or move when we walk and our labia majora does not shrink with the slightest breeze. No one knows when we are aroused by a thought, movie or book. Our slacks don’t form a telltale tent over our erect clitoris. Our vaginas remain faithfully tucked away, out of sight and out of mind. They don’t move around when we are cold, or hot and never give our arousal away. A woman’s sexual parts are lady-like and well hidden. They sit and stay when told. Women could be walking around in a constant state of arousal and no one would know. 

A woman’s emotions are often hidden, cloaked in a fake smile, or a quiet, “I’m fine!”  When asked we rarely tell you exactly how we feel. We keep a lot of our feelings in the shadows, often in an attempt to keep the peace. We are often difficult to read and even harder to please.

Women often think that men are insensitive. That is simply not true. They have sensitivity, they just aren’t very sensitive to a woman’s needs. They don’t understand women, which is not surprising. They may not be able to communicate the way women want them to, but some can be just as sensitive emotionally as women, if not more. Men’s needs are simple. 

Most men are happy if you give him sex when he wants it, fill his belly when he is hungry and treat him with the respect he deserves.  When happy he will treat his woman like a queen. Men enjoy sex when stressed. Most can go from zerio to sixty seemingly at the speed of light. Within two to ten minutes he can be happily falling asleep on his pillow immediately afterward. Sex calms and relaxes men. 

Women are far more complicated. We rarely tell our men what it is we need, and expect you to just intuitively know. For those men not equipped with psychic abilities, you are probably left in the dark when we get upset for seemingly no reason at all, then go storming off telling you “we’re fine!” Most women feel that their men don’t understand them. However, it is a rare women that can communicate what it is she really wants. When it comes to sex, only the most brave have the courage to tell you what does and 
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doesn’t feel good to us in the bedroom. We might be chatty Cathy’s in the kitchen, but “mmmm” is the word in the bedroom. 

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