The Spirituality of Money

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

“For what shall it profit a man,  if he shall gain the whole world,  and lose his own soul?”          – Jesus of Nazareth

Everything is energy. We are energy. Money is energy. We work at our profession and are paid for what we do. We have bills to pay in exchange for what we receive. The exchange that we currently have in place is money. Where humans run into issues is when they feel they never have enough. 

Money isn’t bad or evil. Money is just an exchange that allows us to get things we want to make our lives better like food, shelter, a vehicle, and services. It is our attachment to money that causes us issues. 

The Law of Impermanence

For most, we notice the ebb and flow of money. Money flows in as we receive and then out as we pay our mortgage, rent, utilities and buy food or clothing. The impermanence is obvious. 

How We Stop The Flow

There are many ways we stop the flow of money. We worry about not having enough, which causes the flow to be blocked. Fear blocks us. We can’t manifest when we are in fear. Following are the different ways we stop our flow:

  1. We waste money on things we don’t need.
  2. We become greedy.
  3. We aren’t good stewards with our money.
  4. We don’t respect money.
  5. We buy too much: groceries, hair products, facial creams, televisions, movies, books, clothing. Food spoils in the refridgerator. Hair products sit unused or get thrown out. We don’t read the books. Clothing sits in our closets with tags still on them unworn and unloved.
  6. We focus on our problems with money, which increases the problems.
  7. We worry about money.
  8. We feel that there is never enough.
  9. We are stingy with our money and don’t give to others.

Problems With Money

When we are good stewards of our money, we find the flow increases. When we waste or disrespect money, we may find the flow is restricted, until we learn how to work with the energy of money.

Limiting Beliefs

Our family of origin sets us up for wealth or poverty. If your family was poor and money was scarce, chances are you have similar issues with money. The messages we were programmed with as children become our beliefs in adulthood. 

When we believe we aren’t worthy we stop or restrict the flow. Our belief that there is never enough causes us to never have enough. When we believe that money is dirty, the root of all evil or unspiritual will cause us to suffer due to our lack of money.

The Truth About Money

The Universe is abundant. There is no lack in The Universe, only our perception of it. We can tap into the abundance when we are in balance with our Spiritual side, recognizing that we receive as we give. The more generous we are, the more money flows to us. The more generous you are with your gifts and talents, the more money will flow to you.

There is no competition in The Universe. Therefore, we are not in competition with anyone else. The more we can work together with others, the more money will flow to you.

The more heartfelt GRATITUDE you express, the more you will have. When we don’t recognize all that we have, it is very difficult for us to get more of what we want.

The Universe does not like any waste. If you waste money, there are repercussions. When you live simply in balance with the Spiritual focusing on the work you do, rather than making money you will find yourself in the flow. 

My Personal Experience 

I have had lots of money in the past. When I did, I had oodles of clothing, shoes, purses that matched two BMWs, a huge home filled with Waterford crystal, two sets of English bone china, a twelve-piece place setting of silver complete with fish service a houseful of gorgeous furniture. I lived extravagantly. I was miserable. I felt lost, lonely and unhappy. I wasn’t in balance with my Spiritual side. I didn’t love myself. I wasn’t generous. I wrote about this experience in my first book, Odyssey Victim To Victory

Fast Forward to present day:

I have learned to live simply. My focus is on the spiritual. I am in balance and harmony with all that is. I am generous with my time, gifts and talents. I give back to The Universe by helping others. I tip well. I stopped wasting food, clothing, water and time. I love myself. I love life. I have given a home to four stray cats and two stray dogs. I stop to smell the roses, notice the beauty that surrounds me. I am grateful for everything I have, receive and give. My focus isn’t on the money anymore, it is on the work I do. 

I bought three plane tickets to travel to Atlanta to see clients and assist my son, Adam with his Love Fest next weekend. I paid for a rental car. I bought another ticket to Colorado for my daughter’s graduation. My aunt in Canada is turning 90 in June, I weighed my options and decided that visiting my aunt and aging mother was beneficial so I bought a ticket to Toronto and paid for my passport renewal and expediting. In all I spent about two thousand dollars in less than a month. I had enough left to pay my rent. After leaving the Consulate of Canada on Friday and walking down 7th Street in Los Angeles, I said,

“Please fill my bank accounts back up as they are empty!” Within minutes, I had a text from a client in Colorado telling me she was sending me a check for $1,500! I immediately said, “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”


I had just dropped a couple of bills into a musician’s case generously while getting the cash for my passport. Even though I didn’t have much left at the time, I gave to someone else in need. Are you looking to co-create miracles? Read this.

The rules for manifesting money

  1. Be In Love. Love Life, Love with The World, Love with others.
  2. Feel grounded.
  3. Be present.
  4. Focused in the moment.
  5. Connected to Spirit – A Higher Power.
  6. Ask. 
  7. Know it is done.
  8. Give Generously of your time, gifts, talents, smiles, compliments and money.
  9. Give Thanks
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When we lovingly accept ourselves as we are with all our faults and flaws, we have healthy self-esteem. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of the forthcoming book: HAPPY HERE, HAPPY ANYWHERE. 

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