5 Ways To Keep That Youthful Glow By Aging Gracefully

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Aging gracefully is more than a spiritual experience, it is a way of life. If you want to turn back the hands of time, these five suggestions will help you remove the ravages of time not only from your face, body, and health but you will feel more vibrant, happy, youthful and alive! 

Men before you leave this page thinking this isn’t for you, think again. Men need to take care of themselves inside and out too. Men more than women are notorious for not taking care of themselves. Graceful aging is for everyone, no matter how old you are.

This October, I will turn 62. That’s right, in less than two months I will celebrate and I mean celebrate my sixty-second birthday. I don’t feel old; I feel eighteen inside. When other people tell me they are old, I tell them they can’t possibly be because they are younger than me, and I am not OLD!

These photos were just taken, by Timothi Jane Graham in Pasadena California, August 21st, 2016. 
None are airbrushed, or altered in any way. Nor have I had facial surgery, lipo, botox or any other such treatment.


No matter how old you are right now, aging is inevitable. How you live your life contributes to the way you look in your Golden Years. 

Why should you care? Looking and feeling youthful, happy and vibrant is cause for celebration. Life is so much easier when you are happy, and feeling good. 40% of how you feel is up to you and what you do. When you take care of your soul, you begin to turn back the years. Your face softens, you radiate love from the core of your being.


I live alone, in the hot, dry desert of California. I have experienced lots of challenges and strife. I have had trauma, suffering and pain

both physical and emotional. Those issues no longer define me. I have overcome the past.

I am outside every single day, walking, dancing and playing in the desert sun. I go to the beach regularly, and I don’t take drugs, medicines or any hormones to soften the ravages of time. It is what I do for my soul that keeps me young, ageless and timeless.


For years, I was on such a tight budget I couldn’t afford expensive face creams or products to keep my face in tip top shape. Following are my recommendations for looking and staying youthful, beautiful and radiant well beyond your seventies and eighties whether you are alone, married or polyamorous and no matter your budget. Taking care of your body temple is a sacred act and daily practice.

Happiness more than anything is what has caused me to look younger now than I did five years ago. Working with me will help you get to happy! 
1. Meditate daily. Even ten minutes to start is enough to get you going. Turn off your cell phone, music and telephone. Turn inward by sitting in silence focusing on the center of your chest, your heart chakra. Smile like Mona Lisa to your heart while you meditate. A smile to yourself shifts you. Meditation can help you remember things you have forgotten, it connects you with Source energy and puts you in a state of flow. Meditation will improve your ability to stay young because it reduces stress and softens you. Link to Divine Presence Process Meditation. 
2. Do mantras daily. Mantras shift the brain to congruency. When brain waves are congruent we feel calm; stress is released, our body can heal itself. I had a tumor on the side of my thigh disappear in less than six weeks. Our body can heal itself when we give it what it needs. Our body and mind need stillness and quiet daily.
We create new neuro pathways with positive statements that we repeat silently in the background of our mind. Peeling carrots, cooking, driving, showering, walking, riding your bike, are all times when you can use a mantra silently without anyone knowing. Mantras can also be sung to music if you wish. An Indian Guru told me that mantras done silently are much more powerful than those out loud. When I began doing mantras silently, my mental chatter stopped completely. The craziness went away. A calm overcame my mind. Can you imagine a quiet mind?

3. Treat your body temple as your church. Would you defame, critique or destroy a church? Of course not. Constant self-criticism causes disease. Set healthy boundaries and respect yourself. Take care to get enough sleep, good food and nurture your soul daily. Drink plenty of water, avoid those substances that you know don’t serve your highest good. Let food be thy medicine

4. Your home is your sanctuary, keep it clean, orderly and free of arguments. Arguing in your home causes negativity to stick to soft furnishings. You lay your head on a pillow after an argument with your spouse, and you are sleeping on a pile of negativity. If you have disagreements, do your best to do your discussing outside of your home and especially your bedroom.

5. Know that The Universe and God always have your back. You are always supported by the Universe. Everything you need is always given to you when you trust. 

Worry is a useless emotion, one I know quite well. Worry causes stress and ages you. Trust and faith will help you overcome worry. Remind yourself of this fact by repeating the following statement(s) upon rising and right before sleep. Meditating helps you stay connected and reminded of your Divine nature. I have included my video for you to help you get started. All it takes is seventeen minutes each day to feel loved and open to receive love. If you have difficulty with any of these, contact me for a private session to get connected and clear.

The Universe always brings me what I need exactly when I need it!
The Universe is always and in every way orchestrating my life for me.
The Universe always supports me.

Once we connect to our personal Divinity, we are never alone. 

I want to hear from you. Did this article help you? What are you currently doing to age gracefully?

Are you ready to find happiness and love? Are you certain that your life can be better, happier and more fulfilling but you don’t know how to get there? 

E-mail Jennifer for a private discovery session to find out if her work is
a good fit for you. Jennifer works with women to build confidence, healthy boundaries, self-esteem and step into their innate power. 


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Jennifer is both a healer and a love and passion coach. She empowers women to be the strong, powerful confident women they truly are, helping them find joy and love within so that life becomes a moving meditation filled with bliss, fun and happiness.

A very special thank you to Timothi Jane Graham who did such an amazing and professional job on these photos. Timothi got me and captured my soul essence in these photos. Thank you Timothi! You are one beautiful and gifted woman! 




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