Do You Feel Something Is Missing From Your Life?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

New Year’s resolutions abound at the beginning of the year. People start with the best intentions of going to the gym and making their lives different. By the end of January,  however, many have already dropped off the elliptical their memberships hanging. Instead of finding the beginning of the year a new beginning many people begin to wonder what is missing. 

I remember an emptiness that plagued me even when I was married and had small children. It wasn’t until I really began to focus on a spiritual life that I felt the emptiness disappear. Till we find a higher purpose for our life, we may feel we are wasting our time and that something is missing. 

Following are ways that I filled the emptiness within and have never looked back. Once we have a spiritual connection with all that is, it can never be taken away.; our lives change forever for the better. 

1. Ask yourself when you are happiest? Once you know what brings you the most happiness focus more time and attention on those areas. For me, it is my family and helping others. You may find something else brings you happiness. The point of this exercise is to look for the areas that bring you the most joy and see if you can do more of those things. 

2. Know your core values. Our core values are what is important to us. Until someone asks what is important to us, we rarely think about it. Once we focus on those things that are the most important we can eliminate those that don’t matter or don’t bring us joy or happiness. 

Having a partner who aligns with our core values makes our relationships run smoother. Some people align with our core values and others don’t. It is better to fall in love with someone who’s core values and yours match up. If you are already in a relationship sit down with your partner and ask what their core values are. Make a conversation of it. You might just find out that your core values line up very well.

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3. Eliminate wastefulness. When we waste time, money and energy, we feel regret. If we sleep late and waste the day, we may feel depressed, and that life is wasting away. I remember a time before I was awake and wasting half of the food I bought for my family. I bought more than we needed because I could afford it. I threw away more food at the end of the week than I buy now for a month. Wasting food made me feel bad. I knew others were going hungry Feeling bad about ourselves is something we need to avoid. Stop wasting time, energy, money and doing useless tasks that bring you no results.

4. Spend less time on social media. Social media can take the place of real interactions with live people. Instead of spending so much time with people you don’t really know, make lunch and dinner dates to get together with old friends and people you truly care about. Personal interactions where you can make eye contact and hug them mean much more than typing away to people you have never met.

5. Connect with your higher consciousness. Meditating daily connects us with our soul and Source energy. Having a Divine or spiritual connection gives us a higher purpose and fills the emptiness within. Having daily spiritual practices like chanting, praying or meditating will fill you faster than anything material. 

6. Breathe deeply. When we don’t feel good about ourselves, we barely breathe. I remember lying on an acupuncturists’ table years ago and realizing I wasn’t breathing at all. Once I began to notice how often this occurred, I made a point of breathing consciously. Since then I have drawn the conclusion that those who are barely breathing have low self-esteem. People who don’t value themselves barely breathe. 

Affirm life by breathing deeply. Make a point of setting the alarm on your phone to remind yourself at the top of the hour to breathe deeply. Eventually, you will raise your self-esteem and value life enough to begin to breathe deeply on your own. Take time to expand your lung capacity by stretching your arms out wide and breathing deeply at the same time. 

7. Find your soul purpose. Each of us has a soul purpose. If you are doing a job, you hate to ask yourself what you love to do. How could you do more of what you love until you can begin to work in a field where you are aligned with your soul purpose. Maybe you have overcome a trauma or found a shortcut to happiness. Perhaps you have discovered a way to heal yourself through food. Whatever you have done to change your life could help someone else change theirs. Your personal journey could be someone else’s catalyst.

For over twenty years I kept getting a very clear message that I needed to write a book about my life. I resisted this message for years because I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to read my story, Odyssey Victim To Victory. Once my book was written, I recognized how many women and men had been molested as children and still carried guilt, shame, and horrible low self-esteem with them. My calling was to help others become happy in spite of their past. I found joy and happiness in fulfilling my soul purpose. Now I help others find their soul purpose through the Akashic Records. 

Once we align with our soul purpose, we feel fulfilled. Each person has a purpose, whether it is writing a book, coaching or empowering others that have experienced the challenges you have overcome, you have a higher calling that will fulfill you. This higher calling fills the emptiness within.

9. Quiet the mind chatter. If you attempt to figure things out with your mind, listen to the chatter, or the mind chatter of others you will feel something is missing in your life. Once the mental chatter ceases, the quiet within takes on a larger space. We hear our Guidance rather than reacting to negativity. Mantras playing in the background of your mind will quiet the mind chatter. It sounds counterproductive, I know. But a mantra is a positive vibration that calms the mind and reduces stress. 

Your mantra could be as simple as my favorite, ” I am the light of the Divine inside me.” Or, I AM LOVE. Play the mantra in the background of your mind while doing mundane tasks like driving, showering or putting on your makeup.

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