Discovering Yourself

Discovering yourself engages the support of the universe and God into the expanded magnificence of ourselves. With the question, “Who am I?” We engage the unseen world in our journey. The invisible begins to orchestrate synchronicities and help we didn’t know existed.

Where Do We Begin?

Questions. Think about it this way; how much attention do you focus on others rather than yourself? How much time do you spend asking others what are they doing? Or how are they? What about you? How much of your day are you totally conscious of your behavior, thinking, and emotional state? 10%? 20%?

Most of us are on auto-pilot where we experience life unconsciously, unaware of what we are thinking, feeling and doing.

Becoming Conscious

If the first thing we do in the morning is to grab our cell phone and start scrolling through social media feed or the news, we shut off and revert to an unconscious state. Meaning our unconscious (past programming) is running the show!

Best Time To Access Our Subconscious

  • first thing in the morning as soon as you awaken
  • right before sleep

Change Your Habitual Programming

Beginning your day with a prayer of gratitude for being alive and a ten-minute meditation will shift your entire day. You can even check in during this time to notice and ask yourself the questions below. Discover your true self by asking questions.

We begin the discovery of ourselves by questioning. Most people are so focused on discovering information about others that they forget to ask themselves questions. I like to think of this as “dating yourself!”

What Do I Ask Myself?

  • What am I thinking?
  • What am I feeling?
  • How can I become more aware of myself?


Raising our awareness of our thoughts moves us into a conscious state. We might walk around go into a shop, forget why we went there, and end up at home all while in an unconscious state. Being consciously aware takes practice.

The thoughts we think create the emotions that we feel. When we begin to notice what it is we are thinking, we can have more control over our emotional state.


We are creatures of habit. Until we recognize we are walking around without conscious awareness of what it is we think or feel we are at the mercy of our mind. Changing our habits takes presence. It also takes practice.

Have patience with yourself while you change your habitual way of being. The worst thing we can do is to beat ourselves up for not doing what we set out to do. Remember that the kinder we are with ourselves, the better we begin to feel. Leave the tough taskmaster behind. Turn on your inner charm and compassion for yourself.


Breathing deeply helps us be present in the moment. Take a moment to focus on your breath. Are you breathing or holding your breath? I remember when I first began my personal journey of introspection, I had no idea how deeply habitual I had become. I was holding my breath most of the day. Think about it this way, how do you feel when you hold your breath? Helpless? Powerless? Small?

Take a deep breath. Then exhale. Repeat this process. Inhale deeply. Exhale completely. Inhale again. Exhale all the way out. Now notice how differently you feel.


Mindfulness means being aware of what we are doing while we are doing it. Not only are we unconscious if we hold our breath, but we are keeping ourselves small and insignificant by not breathing.

Take Up More Space!

Deep conscious breathing signals to the universe that we are waking up and are happy to be alive. We affirm life through our deep conscious breathing.

Meditation Supports You

Meditation can be so many things. We can sit upright and use a mantra to occupy our mind and quiet the mind chatter. We can take a walk consciously, noticing our footsteps and breathing as we move.

So many of us think we can’t meditate because our errant thoughts won’t stop. I have some suggestions for you that will help and take the pressure off attempting NOT to think of the elephant or whatever image keeps showing up to distract you. This used to be me.

Sit upright in a comfortable position. Before closing your eyes, turn your eyeballs up towards the ceiling. Hold your gaze on the ceiling without turning your entire head upwards. Keep looking upwards at the ceiling. Your eye muscles will receive a little tug. You are stretching yourself, its okay, you are doing great!

Gently close your eyes.

You’ll notice that the act of ceiling gazing allows your mind to be quiet. Sit as long as you can just noticing your breathing and how you feel. Each time you sit to meditate you will find you get better at quieting your mind. Or use a mantra to occupy your mind. Your mantra could be, “I LOVE ME.” Or “I AM LOVED.”


Mantras give your mind something to do so that the thoughts slow. Eventually, your mind will be prepared for your daily meditation. Each time it will get easier. Give yourself a five minute limit for the first meditation and add a minute or two each day. There are other mantras I recommend to allow you to feel safe and protected.

I am safe.

I am protected.

I am deserving.

I am loved.

Looking for Help Transforming?

Join me on this transformational journey. There is such a thing as entrainment. If you want to be wealthy, hang out with wealthy people. If you want to be happy or enlightened with inner peace, hang out with someone who has achieved those things and overcome trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, abandonment, codependency, and addictions. There are only two weeks to reserve your place on this incredible trip to Venice and Tuscany for twelve days. Entrainment takes place when you hang out and spend time with someone who has what you want. I’d love for you to travel with me on this intimate journey with 7 lovely beings.

There was a time when I felt lost and didn’t know who I was. Over the past thirty-six years, self-inquiry and all the things I mentioned earlier helped me find myself. I know the ropes. I have been there. I know exactly what suffering feels like. I know what it feels like to be lonely, lost, and totally broken. I have helped thousands overcome their past to move into a place of being happy with themselves and their lives, by learning to love themselves. I can help you too. You can book your transformation discovery session with me here, it’s absolutely free. Much love,


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