Super Moon Sunday, June 23, 2013 Guest: Astrologer Cheney Hall

Super Moon Sunday, June 23, 2013

Guest: Astrologer Cheney Hall has written this wonderful post


This moon is a powerful time to release that which no longer serves you

This moon will have the biggest impact on career, balancing feminine and masculine and to increase awareness



A Super Moon because it is at perigee – closest to the Earth – and at syzygy – in direct alignment with the Sun … as a result this full moon has the potential to be even more emotional than usual … remember full moons are when the emotions and bodily fluids tend to be at their highest … this Moon will also be emotionally charged as Jupiter is in conjunction – dissociated being in another sign – but shortly to enter the sign of Cancer which is ruled by the Moon which just happens to rule the emotions … and Mercury is currently in Cancer slowing down ready to take its second retrograde journey beginning on June 25th … and that will have a tendency to not only slow down the mental processing but turn it much more inward … and with the Sun having just passed the solstice point – which it does twice a year making the Sun appear to come to a “stand still” for a few days, the effects of this full Moon will be further enhanced … the “message” will be abundantly clear for those who truly open their hearts and minds !!!

As always, full Moons are periods of enhanced illumination and enlightenment, and given all the planetary energy currently in play that will certainly be the case this time … among the areas we can expect this awareness to appear in are included : projects which were begun around January 11th of this year which was the date of the Capricorn new moon; increasing our security; our fathers – current or karmic issues that need to be dealt with; retirement and the progressing of old age; responsibility – self-discipline, adult behavior, keeping commitments; public image – have we gone too far overboard trying to project what and how we want the world to see us as; careers and professions – are they where we truly belong and are we doing what we should to further develop them in a more positive and productive manner; success – are we happy with what we have achieved, has it alluded us so far, and do we need to work not necessarily harder but smarter; how we deal with authority figures – effective or self-defeating; releasing excessive control and allowing others to grow and prosper on their own as well; addressing health issues – especially in the areas of the bones and joints, arthritis and rheumatism, gall bladder issues, the knees, and the skin. It is important to keep in mind whichever house this full moon fall in your natal chart, that area of life will also be influenced.

Most importantly, it is about balancing the masculine (Capricorn) with the feminine (Cancer) in order to increase our individual awareness and take positive charge of our lives to promote greater personal and spiritual growth by broadening our views and higher beliefs and values, and having the courage to release what has become old and outdated thus holding us back from who and what the Universe constantly encourages us to become !!!

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