17 Ways To Self-Care

 17 Ways To Self-Care


Being kind to ourselves is often the last thing we think about with our busy schedules. Loving yourself nurtures your soul and nourishes your mind, body, and spirit. Taking care of yourself is an act of loving kindness to Self. Giving yourself the much-needed me-time will help you have more to offer your clients, family, and friends. Giving to the point of feeling depleted is not taking care of yourself and is self-defeating. 

What does self-care really mean? 

Rather than pleasing others, you please yourself. Rather than making excuses and whining for being tired, you take a nap. You don’t feel guilty for saying “No” when your plate is already full. 

When you have no more clean clothes to wear, you do your laundry. When you begin to feel overwhelmed or stressed, it is a sign you need to take care of you. Here are 17 ways to nurture your mind-body-spirit to regenerate and renew.

  1. Take your dog for a long walk out in nature. Being outside alone will raise your vibration. Stop along the way to smell the flowers and other scents in the air. Adamantine particles in the air outside replenish, restore and cleanse you (raising your spirits and vibration)

     2.  Turn off your cell phone. Sometimes you just have to shut it off. Knowing that the phone
           will not ring for an hour or two can help to re-boot your energy.

     3.  Take a day off from using your computer. Sitting in front of your computer day after day 
            for 8 or more hours can leave you feeling out of whack and agitated. A break from 
            microwave technology and Wifi energy can help you feel grounded and more peaceful.

     4.  Read the book you have been putting off. Learning something new can raise your spirits
           and nurtures your mind. 

      5. Meditate or sit in silence for 20 minutes. Meditating on compassion has been 
           Scientifically proven to increase happiness and joy.

      6.  Go for a swim in your community pool. Swimming can be meditative and get your heart 
           rate up at the same time. Raising your heart rate for 20 minutes or more will burn 
           calories, and reset your energy. Since our bodies are more than 90% water swimming
           is very nurturing.

       7. Watch a funny movie. Laughing can helps us relax and just enjoy the moment.

       8.  Call a friend or family member you have not spoken to in a long while. Deep
             conversations with loved ones can renew you and increase levels of happiness.

       9.  Eat a healthy and nourishing meal. Sit down and relax while you eat, rather than
             rushing or eating while you work. Healthy food can raise your spirits and vibration
             quickly. Knowing you are feeding your body healthy food also is a boost for your body 
             as it gets nutritious food and is completely guilt-free, an added bonus.

     10.  Go to the beach. The ocean air and salt water is revitalizing and cleansing. There is
             nothing like salt water and a beach to ground, renew and restore your mind, body and 

     11.   Forgive yourself. We place a lot of stress on ourselves in our work day. Forgive yourself 
             for what you have not accomplished so far. Holding onto guilt and shame lowers your
             vibration and causes long-term health issues like Fibromyalgia and other immune 

     12.   Take a nap. Or go to bed early. Getting enough sleep can make a huge difference in how
              you perform during your workday. It can make the difference between being able to cope
             and having a melt-down. 

     13.   Spend time watching your children, or someone else’s children play. Sometimes we 
              forget how good play makes us feel. Watching a child enjoy the moment without worries 
              teaches us how to do the same. 

     14.   Go to a park or Botanical Garden. Enjoying the scents and beauty of roses and orchids
              lightens your spirit and brings more beauty into your world. 

    15.    Do yoga. Yoga helps center you and brings you peace. Gentle stretching in yoga is so
              beneficial for the body. The added bonus is the great yoga butt you get without much 

    16.    Take a trip. Nothing restores the soul like traveling to a new destination. Sure you might
              have a favorite place you visit, but traveling to someplace new excites the mind and 
              raises your happiness quotient.

    17.   Write. Whether it is a personal journal or several pages in the book you want to publish
             one day, writing can put you in the zone of optimum experience very quickly.  

With Love and Abundance,

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