5 Reasons Not To Reconcile

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

5 Reasons Not To Reconcile

If you have ever been in a long-term relationship there have probably been instances when you wondered,  “Why did you make the choices you did?” You may even wonder if you could stay with your partner until death do you part. Relationships are not easy. They require much more than love. You need to have patience, great communication skills, and compassion. There is no instruction manual for relationships.

When our relationships break down there may be children, pets and real estate involved. Break ups can be complicated. Having been there myself, I attempted 7, (or was it 8?) reconciliations with my daughter’s father before I realized that no amount of wanting it to work would make it work. 

I had unselfish reasons for wanting to give it another try. My sons had already been through one divorce, this was to be their second divorce. My daughter was so sensitive and I wanted her to have her father’s input and love around her. Frankly, I missed the “family aspect” of being married. I loved living as a family. Even though my husband had many good traits he was abusive and angry. His anger caused a lot of discord within our family. I had a tendency to forget the bad times and focus on the positive once the pain of the last argument evaporated. 

Even with counseling,  old patterns can re-emerge quickly. Leopards don’t change their spots and you can’t remove the stripes from a tiger.  If you are looking to change your partner, they have to want to. Often going back with someone who has been abusive or had an affair will lead to further abuse and disrespect of you.

5 powerful blocks to reconciliation are below.

  1. Your partner was dishonest, inauthentic or out of integrity. No amount of counseling can overcome this.  
  2. Your partner has been abusive. This will not change with any amount of counseling.
  3. Addictive or compulsive behaviors. Even if apologized and acknowledged still continue. Denial is a big part of this.
  4. You have outgrown your partner. 
  5. You no longer feel sexually attracted to your partner.

Energy healing is a powerful tool to help you overcome self-sabotage, programs, patterns and beliefs that cause issues in your relationships and hold you back. 

Before you begin a new relationship Call Jennifer Elizabeth Masters at (770) 480-5500. Schedule your DISCOVERY session with her to find out if her coaching style is a good fit for you. Her direct approach moves you quickly forward so that you can live the life of happiness and fulfillment sooner rather than later.  

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