By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

A Godflick – A fight with God


Lately my words are not my words. They tumble out of my mouth and I am not saying them. Words are being combined in my energy clearings like “VORTALS” instead of vortex and portals. Time must be really speeding up for God to be wanting these things combined. These are new words that I did not create – like GODFLICK.

I was in the middle of coaching a client who is recovering and healing from breast cancer. We were talking about her inner conflict being a fight with God. Instead of “conflict” the word GODFLICK spilled out of my mouth. She had Godflick. 

What is a fight with God? Remember the movie Caddie Shack with Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield and Chevy Chase? A senior golfer is having an absolutely perfect round, the best in his life and a lightning storm begins. He wants to finish  and continue to play even after everything was telling him to stop. He stands on the green insisting he needs to finish this round with wind ripping at the flag lightning and rain all around, on the 18th hole and he raises his arm and shakes his fist to God with rage. A huge bolt of lightning hits him striking him dead instantly. The moral of the story is, “If you go toe-to-toe with The Big GUY you very well might end up dead!” The clip below is Bill Murray’s story about The Dalai Lama.

“So I got that going for me!”

If you have ever tried to go toe-to-toe with the BIG GUY/GAL (as God is sexless) you most likely wondered “Why you thought you could win?” After all God is everywhere all the time. You can’t escape GOD. You can’t run away fast enough, because God is already at your destination. What then is the point?

Truly you cannot have a fight with God without having an internal fight with Ta-da-da -da! YOU! Yes every time you have a fight with yourself it is also a fight with GOD. How interesting. Every internal battle, every diss, every put down to yourself is also a fight and diss of God. It makes a good case for Self Love which does not involve bashing yourself with a verbal sledge hammer every time you are not divine perfection. 

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