Loving Yourself Cancer FREE!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

In May while in meditation I was told to check my right breast.

My intuition is never wrong. I listened. I checked my right breast and found a lump the size of a plum. It was hard to believe that a lump almost the size of my fist would go unnoticed by me. I began to reflect on the recent past. I lost one of my dearest friends to breast cancer September, 2012. A healer with similar childhood issues to mine (childhood molestation) also shared her story of breast cancer, chemo and surgery with the healing community only months earlier.  There was a common thread here.

I knew I would not follow the traditional medical route. It was not my way. Chemo had killed my friend, Diana Davis, a beautiful and amazing woman and fellow energy healer.

Diana Davis, friend author and healer

I knew that I had the power to heal this within me. As a healer I recognized that I had more emotional work to do. Cancer is caused by deep hurt, long standing resentment and grief eating away at itself. I also knew just the person I had to do the work with, my mother. Our mothers are our key to self love. Mine had just triggered me in a big way and I knew if I was triggered, I still had issues with her. 

My daughter Ariel had a series of prophetic dreams. She saw me losing my hair, having surgery and recovery. She saw us crying and upset. It was my daughter’s dreams that spurred me into action well and above what I would normally have done. It is our human need to keep ourselves calm that we tend to avoid. My first reaction was to ignore it and keep going. Ariel’s dreams caused me to take affirmative action to heal myself.

Prior to my healing I had pains in all my upper body lymph nodes. Swelling in my neck. I had pain in the lymph nodes in my arms, underarms and neck. I had shooting pain in the left breast and swelling within the breast tissue on both sides (bilateral). The left side was DCIS. These symptoms were estrogen related. 

I made an INTENTION TO HEAL my body.
This is the protocol I followed to heal:

  1. Gave up all caffeine immediately.
  2. Changed to alkaline water only. PH of 10.2
  3. Gave up all wheat, soy, dairy, nuts, sugar, rice and breads.
  4. Drank a barley grass drink daily.
  5. Juiced daily: carrot, apple, celery, lemon, ginger combination.
  6. Stayed calm, happy and peaceful.
  7. Sank in and forgave my mother completely. Using the Ho’oponopono Prayer 
  8. Took vitamin B3
  9. Took Laminine twice daily.
  10. Cleared my energy at least 3 times a week.
  11. Meditated daily using the Divine Presence Process Meditation.
  12. Exercised daily. Spent time doing the things I loved. Beach every week, walking my dog, Karma in nature.
  13. Got a John of God healing.
  14. Prayed for complete healing of my body.
  15. Had a friend do some healing work on me.
  16. Sunk into myself, feeling the vibration of love surround me and Loved myself even more. (See sinking in below)
  17. I know that love heals all. I loved my mother.
  18. I slept when I was tired. 
  19. I listened to my body. 
  20. I did not push beyond my limits.
The two biggest reasons women get breast cancer is due to lack of self care or nurturing and holding onto resentment and anger. We give to others more than we give to ourselves. We need to be reminded that we are human after all and won’t be around much longer if we don’t focus on ourselves. The anger piece is one of huge denial. Most women don’t have a clue how much anger they are holding onto. The key to my healing was that I loved myself completely. I did not beat myself up, I was kind, compassionate and loving to me.

What got me out of avoiding the issue was the following experience coupled with my daughter’s dreams. One afternoon I felt completely exhausted, I was almost falling asleep on my feet. I gave in and went to bed in the middle of the afternoon, which I rarely did prior to this experience. I fell asleep almost immediately and went into what felt like a coma. It was a dark deep sleep. Two hours passed quickly. As I began to wake, I was in the place of in between, neither fully awake, nor asleep. I was taken down the tunnel of light. YES THE TUNNEL OF LIGHT!

I could sense people in front of me, my father, Diana and others. Behind me were two beings, I could sense their presence, but not see them. I felt peaceful. I knew where they were taking me. I was not afraid. Then with the screeching halt of my voice, “What about Ariel?” Ariel’s father, Rich Resuta, just crossed over a year ago. He had visited me in spirit form the night he died. Rich told me, “A door simply opened and I walked through, there was no pain, no heart attack. Although they will find heart disease. It did not cause my death.” She hadn’t fully recovered from his death. She was a year away from graduation and college. My death could devastate her. I knew I had to stay. As soon as I said, “I have to stay for Ariel!” I was backed out of the tunnel and back in my body, in an instant. I had the choice. I could take the easy way………  or STAY. I chose to stay. I still have work to do. My daughter needs me. I am glad I made this choice. 

Four months later after following this protocol and staying in a high vibration, my clients noticed a change in me. I was bolder, happier, stronger and more clear. My webinars are different. There is a much higher vibration in my energy clearings. This experience has changed me permanently. I know with love all things are possible. Love heals all. It healed these “C” cells in my body. Cancer and other diseases cannot live when your body is vibrating at a high vibration. Love is the vibration of healing. Love is what we all need more of. Could you stand a little more love in your life?

My tests came back this week. I am CANCER FREE! Thank you God!

The process of “sinking in” came about from this healing protocol. I already loved myself. I became more profoundly connected to myself. Deeply grounded in my body, connected to my soul and The Divine within me. I envisioned myself with a huge Buddha bootie. I envisioned myself sitting on this huge bootie while I meditated. Loving myself completely. I knew the wind could not knock me off my moorings. I was deeply rooted in myself and The Divine. I was sinking in to ME.
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Jennifer is a certified hypnotherapist, life, relationship and self love coach. She is a healed healer, enlightened and self actualized. Her coaching is like no other. As a channel she is able to cut to the root of your issues quickly, breaking through denial. She can be contacted by e-mail for a DISCOVERY session to see if you are a good fit for her program. She works with people committed to healing their lives and relationships completely. She offers group coaching and private sessions. For more information on her programs visit her site above or email  here: Divinehealingnow@yahoo.com

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  1. Jennifer Elizabeth Masters says:

    I loved myself before I got breast cancer. What I discovered was that it was possible to love myself even more. I was pushing myself AND had more issues to forgive with my mother. Just when we think we are done, The Universe (GOD) shows up to say, no you are not done here!

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