By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


You have done your work. You have created your vision of your dream relationship. 


Why has your dream relationship not shown up in your reality?

You know you can create your own reality. You hear it all the time. You begin to doubt that it is real because this magical relationship is still not showing up! Why is it taking so long?

There are many reasons why some manifestations take longer than others. Perhaps you have a lesson to learn that you have not learned yet. Perhaps you are desiring something that is so far beyond your energetic vibration at this point in time that you need to make specific changes within yourself to be able to bring it into reality. Or, you have doubts about the fact that it will really happen. 

Manifestation works. We do all the right things. We get present, we are connected to Source energy, centered in love. We envision it, we feel what it would feel like to have our dream come true, by experiencing the joy of having it. We really experience it to the point that we can taste it, smell it and it still doesn’t happen. 
Usually the reason a manifestation does not come into our reality in what we think would be a reasonable time frame is because the changes have not happened in our energy field that would support this manifestation. What do I mean?
Let’s take a Divine Relationships for example. We desire a healthy relationship. We have done considerable work on ourselves, we have meditated, done chanting, toning, cleared our energy field. We have studied, read, become positive and have even stopped throwing hand grenades at our ex. Why has it not arrived?
An orchestration must take place in The Universe for the perfect relationship to materialize. One of the things that we are responsible for is our own energy. If we want to create a HIGHER LOVE, we have to be THE HIGHER LOVE OURSELVES. We have to be sure that we have forgiven everyone, including ourselves. We have to take responsibility for our own finances, be good stewards of our money, love everyone, heal all our personal relationships even with those who are difficult, or we will not be able to energetically support what we are attempting to manifest. If we have not done sufficient work on ourselves it is time to take a closer look to see what is still hanging on. Is it anger? Is it resentment? Is it un-forgiveness? Are we looking for a man or woman who is of elevated consciousness yet we are still addicted to sugar, meth, or some other substance? Do we still have the need to be right all the time? Do we still try to control our family, feeling that we KNOW better than anyone else? If these things are showing up there is still more work to do.  
Perhaps we still have issues that we have to resolve with self acceptance. Are we in denial? Or it could be that we are unavailable emotionally. This is the biggest issue we have as humans. 
I have found the best way to break down this barrier that we build up to protect ourselves is by watching a program or movie that will cause you to cry, let go and grieve. My favorite program for releasing is Grey’s Anatomy. Watching show after show and being able to let go and cry will help you to break down the barriers to intimacy that you have created to protect your heart. You cannot have a deep loving relationship when you have a solid block to love in your heart. This damn has to break. The best way to break it down is to cry. I am not talking about a few tears that roll down your face either. I am talking about slobbering, gut wrenching releasing. Something worth having is worth doing the work to get it.
The problem with most people today is that they are not willing to go the distance to get what they want. Most people are afraid. When you live in fear you can’t attract a fearless love. The majority of the population don’t want to do the work, but want what they want anyway. It can be difficult to get there on your own. You need to hire a coach who knows how to create intimacy, that loves themselves already.
If you are ready to break through the barriers come to mamma! I am the woman who can help you break through your tough shields you have put in place. I have done it and have helped others do it too. I will help you become fearless and clear the crap that continues to plague you and hold you back. You have got to be fearless and really want it. Don’t be afraid to let it all out, you will feel so much better. 
To have it all you have to be able to risk it all. The kind of risk I am talking about is intimacy. Intimacy is not sex. Yes sex can be a part of intimacy but isn’t always. Some people have sex and don’t connect emotionally at all. Recreational sex, or sex with someone you barely know does not involve intimacy. Intimacy is about a deep emotional connection. You can be married or in a long-term committed relationship and not allow your spouse in completely. The best relationships are founded on deep connected intimacy. To have real intimacy you have to let go of all your fear of being hurt. Focusing on being hurt attracts someone who will feel as you do. You will create a relationship based on fear. It won’t work and will not fulfill you. Relationships based on fear usually end up with one person cheating or betraying the other.
To have an open-heart relationship your heart has to be fully opened. To have a relationship where there is no cheating, you have to be completely honest with yourself and others. To have someone who loves and adores you, you must love and adore yourself. To have someone who is gererous with their love money and gifts, you must be generous with your love, money and gifts. You cannot long for your mate to show up, because that creates a state of lack. You have to act like he or she is already here. You have to make room in your closet for another person. You have to feel and be thankful for this person who is in your energy field.
Steps to Finding A HIGHER Love
  1. Heal your heart by seeing the gift in the past.
  2. Let go of anger.
  3. Forgive everyone, including yourself.
  4. Accept yourself completely.
  5. Love yourself compassionately
  6. Let go of control.
  7. Let go of manipulation.
  8. Let go of the need to be right.
  9. Let go of perfectionism.
  10. Be grateful for what you have.
  11. Be completely happy with you.
  12. When you fall in love with yourself you will attract another who loves and accepts you. You will be like a magnet. 
  13. Write a list of 100 criteria that you want in your Divine Partner. 
  14. Boil this list down to 10 must haves. 
  15. Ask for this love to be delivered to you.
  16. Say a prayer that you are ready for your Divine Partner to be sent to you. Do not have any doubts. Consider that it is done, say thank you. 
  17. Feel this person around you. Feel what it feels like to have them in your life. Be grateful for this loving relationship. 
How long have you attempted to get this relationship on your own? How much longer are you willing to wait? Remember if you have not done the preparation work to raise your own vibration and clear your own energy, you will continue to attract the same kind of person you have been attracting up until now. Hire Jennifer to assist you clear your blocks to love, of yourself and another. She will help you deepen your intimacy in your current relationship and help you manifest your Divine Partner. She has done this successfully for her clients.
Jennifer is a self actualized and enlightened being. She is a master at manifesting love. She has cleared her own blocks to love and healed her self loathing, unworthiness and denial. She knows how to clear emotional unavailability and has helped thousands of people to clear their limiting beliefs and blocks. Working with and asking questions of an enlightened person speeds up the process of healing. E-mail Jennifer now to find out if you are a good match for her work. Order your FREE discovery session NOW!

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