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By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

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What is Your Body Telling You?


Our bodies never lie. Being awake enough to notice is key. From a stomach gurgle to a yawn our body gives us messages about what is happening on an emotional level. 

We have the ability to heal our bodies. We have to begin to heal ourselves on an emotional level if we ever want to heal the physical disease or symptom. This is why chemo and surgery to CURE cancer do not work. Chemo does not rid the body of the source of the issue which is emotional in nature. When cancer returns after chemo and surgery, the patient is often surprised. No emotional healing has occurred. 

Cancer comes from anger and resentment. When you heal the source of the issue, the cancer is healed. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2013. By September, my test results came out clear. I used love and forgiveness to clear the issues that were still present from anger and resentment of my mother. These issues were from my childhood. Just because you are not consciously aware of issues does not mean they are absent. Tapping into your higher consciousness will help you see and feel that you have more work to do. 
Diabetes that is plaguing our nation comes from missing out on the sweetness of life. My two oldest brothers are diabetic.  When my oldest brother was born, my father resented him. He was conceived shortly after my parents were married. My dad felt he did not have enough time alone with my mother. Yes, he was responsible for the conception. However, my parents were not conscious or awake and lived in fear, blame and victimhood. My father never forgave my brother for being born. He was short-tempered and impatient with him, always leaving him with the feeling he did not belong and was not loved. He grew up with insecurities (as we all did) but moreover over ate to fill the void that was left by not being loved and accepted by my father. He missed out on the sweetness of life. 
Even diabetes can be cured by getting to the root cause. Healing the issue of not feeling loved and accepted is what I help people do. We clear out the old programming and re-program the unconscious mind with what is called Spiritual Re- parenting. It works beautifully. 
Angry words left unspoken cause sinus infections.  Usually the person that we need to be honest with is someone very close to you. I have experienced many sinus infections in the past. They healed up quickly once I took care of the unspoken words. Once you clear up the issue on the emotional level, the infection clears up also.
The kidneys have to do with anger. When you are pissed off, your kidneys can hurt. Drink more pure water. Give yourself space and a healthy way to vent your anger. I like to go somewhere away from civilization and do cathartic screaming. 
How do you do this? Begin by having a temper tantrum, stomping your feet like a child pump your arms up and down like you are running in place and stomp your feet. Bend from the waist forward and begin to yell a guttural scream and as you bring yourself into a standing position complete the scream. Do this at least three times till you are hoarse from the screaming. You may cry afterward. Yelling allows the anger to be released so that you can get to the pain that lies buried underneath. We often cry after we have an angry outburst because we have uncovered the pain which made us angry in the first place.
If you have ever noticed a two-year-old in a store kicking and screaming in a grocery store, these kids are like a limp noodle after their tantrum is over. Take a page out of a child’s book, have a temper tantrum and move your anger up and out. Cathartic screaming allows you to vent in a safe place; you will be so glad you did. Everyone has anger. It has to move, or it will cause illness and disease in your body. Do this in a safe way, so that you don’t take it out on anyone else.

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