Enlightened Love

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

What is Enlightened Love?

and why would you want it?

Marriages and relationships are not what they were 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago. The little woman staying at home taking care of her household in a pretty dress and full make up does not exist today. Women rarely have the time to bake pies and pastries for our families any more, never mind wear a dress to perform our household chores in. Most households today need to be dual income to continue to live in the way we have become accustomed. Our lives and love have changed and transformed. What used to work does not any more. If you don’t want to be a statistic you need to begin to relate to your significant other differently. Getting on the conscious love train is what is required for relationships to work in the 4th and 5th dimensional reality. 

How do you love in an enlightened way?

A conscious or enlightened relationship requires you to be awake. Being awake means that you are aware of what you are saying, doing and thinking. You cannot set your life on “auto pilot” and have a successful relationship. We are all busy. Often we are spinning our wheels and spending time on meaningless tasks that have no positive effect on our marriages, relationships or even the world. When we think with our minds alone, we are in our ego. Our ego gets wrapped up in tasks and events that can often be a waste of our time. Being awake and conscious we are using our heart-mind where we are empowered, compassionate and void of blame and victimization. Enlightened love transcends the ego. It is total acceptance, unconditional love, Oneness. Enlightenment is love. There is no separation, there is just us. There is no judgment, criticism or condemnation.

What is the EGO?

The ego is the like a lens that we view our physical reality through. The ego has gotten a bad wrap. It does have powerful functions, however. The ego is just a fraction of you. The ego passes on information to your consciousness about your physical reality. It is considered the lower self. Its function is to keep you safe, protected, fed, clothed and comfortable. Many people think that the ego is their true self. When we use our ego to make decisions we create challenges and difficulties on our road of life. Symptoms of using the ego to navigate with can cause you to be codependent, addictive, fearful, anxious and feel empty. When we are using our egoic mind we can feel lonely, alone, cut off from the Universe, unloved and uncared for. When we navigate with our ego we seek acceptance and approval. If we seek approval outside of ourselves we often come up feeling unappreciated by loved ones. There is a better way. Life can be so much more fulfilling when we begin to experience it consciously.


Consciousness is our eternal self. The part of you that lives on after death. This part of you chose to experience physical reality. Consciousness contains all that is you, your higher, lower and middle selves. Your consciousness has access to an amazing and limitless supply of information. It is often termed the spiritual part of you. It is the wiser part of you. It existed before you were born and continues after your death. It’s purpose is to experience. Experience could include having multiple marriages and divorces, learning through pain and suffering. When you are in your dream state, your ego is not present. You are fully expressing consciousness. We all have a spark of God (or Source energy) within us. We all have the ability to tap into the higher realms and cosmos where geniuses like Albert Einstein and Michelangelo channeled from. 

Signs your ego is in charge (3D)

  1. You keep score. You remember each time your partner did this to you.
  2. You have the need to be right. Being right will cause arguments and derision in a relationship. 
  3. You often feel anxious.
  4. You often feel fearful.
  5. You look outside of yourself for love, acceptance and approval.
  6. You ask others for their opinions.
  7. You are concerned about what others think of you.
  8. You often feel ungrounded and scattered.
  9. You seek approval and validation from others.
  10. You try to please others.
  11. You feel unworthy.
  12. You feel separate from others and God.
  13. You blame others for events in your life.
  14. You often judge others for what they do and say.
  15. You feel lonely or alone.
  16. You experience guilt and sometimes shame.
  17. You are resistant to change and new events.
  18. You are often rigid, rather than go with the flow.
  19. You react to what others say to you. 
  20. You make decisions based on your past experiences.
  21. You feel jealous or envious of others.
  22. You fear death.

How To Create An Enlightened Love (4th and 5thDimension)

Creating a conscious relationship comes from being aware of yourself. Being self aware means that you notice what you are thinking, and what you are creating unconsciously. Our relationships mirror back to us what is going on inside of us. We can only attract those that are of a similar vibration. We magnetize those to us that are like us in vibration. Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. If you want a relationship that is a higher quality than one you have had in the past, you have to resolve inner conflict and inadequacies. Being grateful for the past and the lessons learned helps you to recognize the gift in each of your life experiences. Learning from the past is key. Our past does not equal the future. Following is a guide to creating a conscious relationship. Notice that this is all about how YOU behave. It is all about YOU!

  1. Love and accept yourself completely.
  2. Accept responsibility for yourself. Don’t max out your visa card!
  3. Focus on the positive*. Be aware of what you are thinking and saying about yourself and others. This is like a fitness program, it takes time and effort, but this one thing alone will change your life. Whatever you focus on expands, whether it is positive or negative. We create with our unconscious thoughts. Using positive affirmations when your mind is in neutral will help reprogram your unconscious mind. * (More below)
  4. Let go of perfectionism, control, judgment, blame.
  5. Accept others as they are, rather than trying to change them.
  6. Be heart centered. 
  7. Be authentic – completely you.
  8. Trust yourself.
  9. Be honest with yourself and others.
  10. Respect and honor yourself.
  11. Be spontaneous.
  12. Connect with your inner child, allow yourself to play.
  13. Have a daily Spiritual practice.

None of this is possible without having a strong connection with Source or God energy. For me, this meant daily meditation. 

*Thoughts become things. Thoughts create. Think of every thought you think as a prayer. As you think a thought it goes out into the Universe. The Universe (God, Source) is there to orchestrate whatever it is you are thinking into manifestation. Each time you think, “This marriage will never work,” The Universe makes it so. It does not matter if you think, “I can’t do this.” The Universe will make it so. The Universe’s job is to support you. Whenever you say or think something over and over, the Universe will make it so. This is why so many people can’t manifest when they do everything else correctly. Their unconscious mind is running amuck! 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, speaker,  intuitive life, love and relationship coach. She is also a certified Hypnotherapist, and Master Energy healer. Her work is profound and life changing. Whether you are looking to expand your consciousness, or find the love of your dreams, her direct yet compassionate approach will move you from being stuck and disempowered to feeling deeply and profoundly connected and grounded. Her own journey from addictions and co-dependency, guilt, suffering and shame brings to the table much wisdom and life experience rather than book knowledge. She has been where you are and knows what it feels like to struggle and feel discontent with life. Wouldn’t you rather work with someone who has done it herself? E-mail Jennifer here: NOW!

2 thoughts on “Enlightened Love

  1. Ronja Andersson says:

    Thank you so much for this post Jennifer. It's the first time I land on your blog… I am touched to tears… This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Isn't it amazing how the Universe works like that? Always perfect timing 😉
    Powerful reminder… Thank you!
    With love,
    Ronja Venus

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