FREE WEBINAR TONIGHT!: Intuition – Developing Your Sacred Gift

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


Everyone has intuitive powers. Like a GPS system, turned on it empowers you to navigate with ease.  Stress is reduced. You arrive on time at your destination. With your GPS turned off, you are delayed by roadblocks, and an ego which misguides you from a place of fear.  

Activated and exercised your intuition becomes a powerful gift. Your life becomes much easier when you access and develop it.  Your intuition is a navigational tool meant to make your life easier. Why is it most people never use it?


Many people are afraid to use their intuition because they feel it is against their beliefs. Or they fear that using in intuition will draw darkness to them. Or that they will have to change their belief system. 

Intuition From The Devil?

I was recently interviewed on a Georgia radio show, where the host challenged me about being a channel and a medium. She said that “they” didn’t believe in intuitive or psychic powers. They were Christians. I asked, “Do you believe in Jesus?” “Of course she replied, we’re Christians!” I reminded her that Jesus was a prophet and had picked his disciples using his intuition. He had visions and could see and feel into someone’s soul. 

We have been reminded by Jesus, “These works you can do and more.” 

How Do We Exercise Our Intuition?

  1. Know that you already have the gift. You are intuitive.
  2. Believe that you have this inate ability. BELIEF is imperative.
  3. Love and Accept yourself completely, knowing that you have been blessed with this innate gift.
  4. Meditate and sit in silence daily.
  5. Ask for your guides to connect with you. Begin talking to your guides. Everyone has guides. They are just waiting for you to begin to interact with them. This is a dialogue. You can have this conversation ALL THE TIME.
  6. Begin to notice when you have an inner knowing.
  7. Notice the guidance that your body gives you.
  8. Use discernment to separate the ego from TRUE guidance.
  9. Ask questions and wait for the answer. Write down what you receive.
  10. You will feel warm, positive, loved when this guidance comes from God and your guides.
  11. True guidance would never suggest you harm yourself or others.
  12. Keep a journal about your intuitive “hits.” (guidance).
  13. Trust the guidance you receive. True guidance will never steer you wrong. True guidance will short circuit problems, accidents and issues in your life. Your life will begin to unfold beautifully and effortlessly.
  14. Keep a dream journal. We often begin to receive guidance through our dreams, this is when your ego is absent. You are in your higher consciousness.
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Jennifer is a channel and a medium. She has written Odyssey Victim to Victory the story of her life and awakening. She is a certified life, love and relationship coach, Hypnotherapist and Master Energy Healer. She was awakened in 2012. 



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