Divine Presence Process Meditation

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Open your heart to receive

The Divine Presence Process Meditation connects you to Source energy within, fills your heart to overflowing and fills you with peace that surpasses understanding. I did this meditation consistently in 2012. I had a multitude of personal break throughs and mystical experiences during this time. 


Mala Beads

Mala beads are prayer beads that allow you to focus on the mantra rather than counting how many mantras you have chanted. When you are able to let go of the mind you go deep within. Your energy is raised to a higher vibration. In the place of expansion there are no walls, no limits and amazing stillness and peace beyond anything in the physical world. You will feel fulfilled, connected and all encompassing joy. Meditating each morning before you begin your day gives you order out of chaos and an ease to your day. Instead of having to push to make things happen, they happen automatically. 


Anyone can meditate. I had the hardest time using other methods in the past. Thoughts kept taking me out of my meditation. When I stopped worrying about the thoughts and instead focused on my breath and the mantras the thoughts quieted. My mind became peaceful. When I stopped resisting the thoughts, I relaxed further and my mind quieted more.




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