Sensuous Mouth, Loving Heart, Connection

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


I love it when the light bulb flashes over my head and insight comes to me. I love when life inspires me, as it did yesterday. I visited my least favorite place in the world ……. the dentist. Driving away from my appointment, I began to realize how deeply our mouth and hearts are connected. Our mouths are personal, private and usually the first point of contact between us and another.

Our mouths communicate our feelings and desires to another. This connection between our mouths and heart is more profound that we ever thought. Our bodies systems work together, in synch and in amazing ways. Any issue that you have in your mouth goes to the heart. If you have periodontal disease, you will have an infection around the pericardium. Knowing this could save your life. Even the names are similar. 

We rarely think about the connection between the mouth and the heart. In July, 2012 when my ex-husband, died in his sleep from an abscessed tooth, his death drove home to our family, the importance of dental care, flossing and regular check ups. I wrote about this in one of my first blogs. Heart disease can be exacerbated by issues in the mouth, ultimately causing death. Being at the dentist drove home the connection about the heart and mouth in a different way.

Think about your first kiss. You may have connected through your eyes, before you connected with your lips. The anticipation of your lips first brush with one another is exciting in itself. Your heart raced, your face blushed, you were filled with an electrical charge. The heart produces electricity. As a matter of fact, it acts as our body’s generator. A kiss brings an electric jolt to the heart. There is no doubt that a romantic connection exists between our mouth and heart. 

A kiss for men releases oxytocin, which helps to bond us together. Oxytocin is known as the God hormone, or cuddling hormone. A kiss is no small thing. It is a intimate moment where time stands still. An electric current ignites and moves between two people during a kiss. 

Men find women’s lips sexy. Why? There are so many reasons why this is true. Men may begin to think of all the things they want to do with our mouths. Beyond the sexual, the sound of our voice that comes out of our mouths can make someone fall in love with us. A first kiss, can be like an electric jolt that runs through our body, culminating in our heart.

When we connect through a kiss with someone, a wave of current flows between us, igniting our hearts. Love begins with the first kiss. 

Our mouths can bring joy. Speaking kind words, telling someone how much they mean to you. Kind words can deepen love for someone. When we first get to know someone, talking on the phone, our focus in on their voice. We are entraining our energy with theirs through our voices. The words we speak to a loved one can have a tremendous effect on them, positive and negative. 

Our mouths can also bring heartache. When someone opens their heart to you, your words can also cut like a knife. Being careful to be compassionate, honest, open and loving in your communication even when delivering bad news is important. Using conscious communication means that you are thinking about what you are saying, before you speak the words. When we speak hurtful words without thinking, damage can be created that may never be undone or forgotten. Once we speak words, we cannot turn back the hands of time and take them back. 

There is no doubt that the heart and lips are connected, like a closed system working together for us to feel the magnitude of a loving connection. This spark, is like the small embers of a fire. When someone opens their heart to you, it is a tremendous gift that needs to be nurtured, protected and fanned to create a deeper for meaningful connection. With trust, honesty, integrity and compassion these small embers will burn into a fire that warms and bonds the two of you together forever. Love never ends. Our connection with another is always and forever remains. No divorce, death or severance of relationship ties puts a love completely out. It may grow smaller with time, but it is always present.

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Jennifer is the author of the forthcoming book: Orgasm For Life
Here website is . Jennifer is a life, love and sex coach, hypnotherapist and energy healer. She has been a hypnotherapist since 1989, an energy healer since 2007. Her first book, Odyssey Victim to Victory is available on Amazon. Jennifer offers private coaching sessions to empower, create clarity, focus and find your soul purpose.

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