Orgasm For Life – The Book

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Available on Amazon May 20th


Men and women are different anatomically, psychologically and emotionally. We communicate differently from each other. Women are emotionally driven while men are process driven. Our communication styles differ. Even our biorhythms are different. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to time of highest arousal. Our libidos, are rarely in synch. Why were we created so differently?

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I asked God that very question. The answer I received might surprise you. I wondered if maybe God made a mistake, or perhaps our differences were part of a cruel Universal joke. No. The reason we are so different is for a very good reason. It is part of the Divine Plan. We are meant to get over our differences and come together in love.

Imagine for a moment, a darkened room, a naked woman sprawled across the bed, her arms outstretched, her husband making love to her with wild abandon while little children roam all over the house crying, “Mommy when will you and Daddy be done, so we can have breakfast?….I’m hungry!” Dishes cascading out of the sink, laundry undone and strewn about the house, children crying from neglect and hunger. If men and women were more similar than different, we would spend all our time in the bedroom having sex!

Somebody has to keep their feet on the ground instead of over their spouses’ shoulders. One of us had to take care of the household, laundry, cooking and children. If both men and women had the same motivation, desire, libido and were turned on by the same things – visual…..   we would be in a world of hurt!

There was method to this madness. We are supposed to bridge the gap – this great chasm, that exists between men and women to just get along. We are meant to reconcile our differences and learn to work things out. 

If men and women were alike, all we would be doing all day would be rolling in the hay. Yes women would have their skirts over their heads and men would be bending over backwards. Well maybe not backwards. 
Although challenging, our motivations are vastly different. Men are motivated by sex, women by romance. Men need sex to feel intimate. Women need intimacy to want sex. Men can be ready to go as soon as their partners are naked. Women on the other hand are slower to warm up. We are at cross-purposes from one another all the time. Yet, we still manage to have over populated this planet.
The purpose of Orgasm For Life is to bridge the gap of communication, different libidos and desires. Sex is a beautiful thing when we can be in synch with our partner, communicating our desires with authenticity and openness. That is the biggest problem men and women face today is authentic communication. Without clear communication we misunderstand one another. We can’t resolve conflict. We often blame the other.

Understanding is one of the key ingredients in Orgasm For Life. Women need to understand their desires and how to communicate them to our partners. Men need to understand what women need, so that they are fulfilled and satisfied sexually. We all want the same things, we just go about it differently. Men are turned on visually, women are turned on in their minds. 
For thousands of years women have lain with men. Yet, women’s needs have often been unmet. Women have been in fear of men since time immemorial. Fear has plagued our sexual encounters, workplaces and relationships. Fear has permeated relationships and tainted our bedrooms. Fear is in our DNA. Pornography has helped to perpetuate old myths. Breaking old patterns takes time, patience and compassion. It is time for the tables to be turned. Men need to better understand what a woman needs. Women need to understand and get to know what feels good for them, so they can communicate it to their partners.

80% of women fake orgasm. They are not getting fulfilled. 40% of women are sexually dysfunctional – not from a physical ailment or illness, but from psychological reasons. Orgasm For Life assists women and men to understand each other, wade through conflict with aplomb and grow together through developing trust, authenticity and conscious communication.
Orgasm For Life breaks through the patterns of dysfunction, teaching men and women how to heal from it. Women have been faking it to protect their men’s ego and sexual prowess. Women have contributed to and helped to perpetuate this problem. Orgasm For Life breaks the silence. With loving kindness, compassion and clear communication men and women will improve their relationships and deepen intimacy creating more fulfilling sex-lives and deepening their connection. 

Orgasm For Life helps both men and women be better lovers, partners, lovers and spouses. Through better understanding, communication and orgasmic bliss both partners will be fulfilled. Sex is the glue that holds a couple together – keeping them open, intimate and connected. Love is the foundation that creates a deep bond. Having regular sex is healthy, increases heart rate and keeps the body young and vibrant.

Orgasm For Life is scheduled to be out at the end of May, 2014. It will be available as an e-book, paperback and audio book on Jennifer Elizabeth Master’s website.

You can reach her website here: 

Jennifer is an author, life, love and sex coach for women. She teaches and empowers women, and men to love themselves fearlessly. She also helps couples overcome sexual dysfunction. You can’t love others more than you love yourself. You can find Jennifer on FaceBook. Share this blog if you have found it helpful with your friends.

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