Orgasm For Life – With Hollis Chapman –

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


Hollis Chapman interviewed me today on BlogTalk Radio about my forthcoming book: Orgasm For Life

The link is below to the interview.
Why did I write it?
What inspired me? God
40 % of women are sexually dysfunctional – and non-orgasmic
The purpose of writing this book was to bring men and women together and bridge the chasm between us. 
Our communication isn’t there. Women are afraid to speak up about what they need and what they want. 
80% of women are faking it
26% are faking it ALL THE TIME
How do we change this? How can we communicate better with one another so that our sex lives can improve.
  1. Connect through eye contact with your partner
  2. Talk to your partner throughout the sex act
  3. Continue to talk to your partner so that they stay with you – instead of disconnecting and dissocociateing from their experience.
  4. Keep your mouth opened and relaxed. Relax your jaw.
  5. An orgasm is about letting go. Surrender to the experience
  6. Breathe – with an open mouth so that other parts of the body can open that need to and relax.
  7. Communicate with your partner about what feels good.
  8. Let your partner know what feels good.


Jennifer is an author, speaker, hypnotherapist, Master Energy Healer, intuitive life, love and sex coach. She empowers women to love and accept themselves as well as become multi-orgasmic. Self love is the cornerstone for healthy and balanced relationships. When we love and accept ourselves we are better able to love and accept others for who they are. You can book your FREE discovery session with Jennifer to see if you are a good fit for Jennifer’s coaching style.   her e-mail address is:

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