Molecules of Emotion

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Humans are naturally emotional creatures. Our emotions are a gauge to let us know when boundaries are being crossed, (anger) or we are experiencing sadness. They are meant to move rather than become stagnant. When they are stuffed, ignored and not released they create illness like cancer or heart attacks. People can really die of a broken heart when energy of emotional pain is lodged in the heart chakra. What happens when we stuff emotions? How exactly does this happen?

I am not a scientist. However, being a sensitive and intuitive gives me the opportunity to see and feel emotions stuck in a person’s body. They manifest as energy blocks. After experiencing a break-up, death or a child moves away for college, we have to let this emotion out, or it will create havoc in our physical body.
After the death of my Twin Flame, John Armbruster, my friend and acupuncturist visited my home. He placed needles in my heart chakra to release the constriction and blocks. He said at the time that the blockage was profound. Left there, I most likely would have had a heart attack. 
As anger surfaces, we need to shout, bang a hammer, punch a pillow, or hit some baseballs at a batting cage. All of these ways are healthy releases of this energy. Keeping anger stuffed can cause depression, something I encountered for over 20 years. I was so used to being depressed, I had no idea it was from stuffing my emotions from physical and sexual abuse as a child. Often in our families, we are not allowed to be angry. We are not allowed to be sad. In my household the common refrain was, “Shut-up, or I’ll give you something to cry about!”
Women who have been molested can often find that they are not orgasmic, because fear is stuck in the walls of the vagina. I experienced this issue myself. We have to heal these parts of ourselves, or we will not live fully and vibrantly. The emotion becomes imbedded in the molecules of our body. Each molecule holds the emotion.
Every illness we have, has an emotional component. This emotion is like adding fuel to the fire. Emotions that are not deal with, felt and released become issues in our bodies, becoming illness, pain and disease. I had so much anger, resentment, fear and grief stuck in my body that I created Fibromyalgia and Epstein Barr disease. Pain wracked my body, even though I was a young woman. I am now living pain free! I was diagnosed with arthritis over 20 years ago – I have no symptoms of that disease at all now. Loving ourselves, allowing our bodies to release these emotions, feeling them fully is key.  Most people do the exact opposite. “Oh, I am feeling something I don’t like, let me bury this so I don’t have to look at it, or FEEL!” 


We have a release valve, like a volcano. When the pressure becomes too much we explode, seemingly out of nowhere. Some of us reach for a glass of wine, beer, or a piece of chocolate cake to shift our emotional state. Called “emotional eating,” this programs our body to look for sweets to make us feel better, when we need to be addressing the real cause the emotion. This process is basically eating our emotions. Eating when we are upset, stuffs the emotion deep into our cells, which eventually (in the near future) creates cancer, heart disease, arthritis, kidney disease and other debilitating issues.
I experienced breast cancer myself last year. I listened to my guidance and was able to release the resentment I felt towards my mother, more was just released this past weekend. We are never done releasing emotions, it is a constant movement, feeling and letting go. Forgiveness is important to release resentment and anger, or we will end up with physical blocks and cancer from this resentment. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that all disease comes from blockages in the physical body. These blockages come from stuffed emotions. Holding back tears, anger and not speaking our truth in the moment helps to perpetuate the issue creating our reaction. When we don’t deal with something, it does not go away, it will surface when we least expect it, usually at a very in-opportune time. 

Click on the link below to tune in to Nazim Rashid’s show: RECONNECTED on Blogtalk Radio. This show airs LIVE on July 19 at 11:00 AM PST or 2:00 PM EST.–molecules-of-emotion-with-jennifer-masters
Tonight’s podcast is all about emotions. How to release them. How to feel and allow them to move in a healthy way. We will also be discussing what different emotions cause in what parts of the body. What the illness means and ways to correct the issue. This is a repeat of a subject that I did months ago. There was so much interest that I have revised and added some great material that will be helpful in your life to keep you vibrant, and cancer free!

Author’s Note:  It is never too late to begin to see yourself and your emotions through different eyes. It is never too late to heal and become happy with you. It is never too late to open your heart and try to see things differently. If you feel you haven’t been able to make these changes on your own, hiring Jennifer will make all the difference. Listen to the replay from tonight’s podcast to a real live client of Jennifer’s. I asked Nikki to share her coaching experience. She has been attending my webcasts and the odd program here and there for the last 4 years. She finally decided to begin coaching with me – privately. Within 3 weeks….  she noted several changes:

  1. She began to feel better, happier
  2. She began to feel love for herself, prior to this no mantra or class did it for her.
  3. She said no one had ever “gotten her” like Jennifer did. 
  4. She said it was one little thing that came through in a channeled message in week 3 – that changed everything for her. 
  5. Nikki said, that Jennifer got to the crux of her issues very quickly and understood the root cause of them. This made all the difference. Everything began to click for her.

Aren’t you worth it? How much time, energy and money have you spent trying to feel better? Has nothing worked, like Nikki? Then maybe its time to work with someone who is Divinely connected who receives information from the Source – it is not Jennifer’s words that heal – 

Listen to the Replay: (605) 475-4099 PIN 939401#
5:00 PM Pacific time and 8:00 PM Eastern every Wednesday
(605) 475-4000 PIN 939401#  
Jennifer is the author of the forthcoming book: Orgasm For Life. She is a certified hypnotherapist, life coach and Master energy healer. She is intuitive, a mystic and reads The Akashic Records. She has studied with gurus, Masters and teachers all around the world. She is a masterful coach, empowering men and women to live a happy life and heal all their relationships by simply learning to love themselves. She is beginning a 6 week Group Coaching program on Saturday, May 31st. For more information about this program:
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Her website is:  http://www.JenniferElizabethMasters



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