Blooming The Love That You Are

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

There is nothing new under the sun. All of our ideas and thoughts are being thought by others simultaneously. Which makes you wonder, kind a, doesn’t it?

Today I received a message from the Go Gratitude Group, a wonderful group of people who teach others to be grateful for what they have. They suggested a 30 day program to Bloom something that you want to expand on in your life. I am taking their suggestion and putting it out there for you. I am not taking credit for their work. So I am posting their entire e-mail to me. I am doing my own 30 day program. What are you going to manifest for you? With clear intent, focus and clarity of mind you will manifest this THING for yourself. I would love to hear your feedback. 


If you could bloom ONE thing . . . in the next 42 days . . . what would it be?

  • a new love relationship?
  • more time to smell the roses?
  • a career aligned with your passion?
  • a deeper connection with your soul?
  • more energy a health?
  • greater abundance?
  • peace of mind?
  • clarity?

It could be a new experience. . . Or a state of consciousness. . . A new skill. . . . An accomplishment. . . Or even a physical manifestation of something that would make your life better.Whatever it is, I invite you to pick just ONE thing. ONE thing that would make your heart sing.ONE thing that would make a difference.ONE thing that matters to YOU.As you take a moment to relax your mind . . . and allow yourself to truly consider what that ONE thing would be for you . . . and what that ONE thing would feel like . . . and how that ONE thing would make your life better . . .Ask yourself what ONE thing you could do right now that would bring that ONE thing closer to you.Whatever it is, make sure you do it right away. In this way, you’re entraining your mind, body and spirit to work in unison towards the realization of your DreamSeed.And as you do this over a 42 day period, you may find yourself be pleasantly delighted by the outcome.There’s only one small complication to all this.Fortunately – it’s simple to overcome as we find a way to . . .REMEMBER OUR DREAMSEEDS EVERY DAY.Human nature and modern life – being what it is – makes us all ADD prone. 1001 things vie for our attention every day. And if we’re not vigilant, it can squeeze the very life out of our dreams.So, to counter this tendency, we need a plan to REMEMBER that ONE thing. So that we can do ONE thing daily towards it’s realization . . . so that we may actually enjoy the fruits of ourDreamSeed in the here and now.You may do that through post-it notes, cell phone reminders or . . .You may simply join us for the July 1st Blooming HumansUnity WaveUnity Wave and allow the daily emails to serve as your reminder to remember the ONE thing you are blooming in the next 42 days.www.bloominghumans.comTo the realization of your ONE thing!Ken

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