Are You Waiting For Someone Else To Love You?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Are you waiting for a man to show up so that you can receive love? Are you wanting to be perfect before you begin to love yourself? What are you waiting for?

I remember feeling like I had to have a man in my life to feel loved. I felt I was not good enough. I felt unworthy. How do you feel about you? Are you trying to please someone? Are you looking for validation from a parent that never comes?

Most of us are plagued with feelings of unworthiness at some point in our lives. Getting from A to B can feel impossible. We might think we are pretty great, but that we are not lovable. We judge ourselves. We feel guilt, shame, disgrace. We doubt that God could love us. Fear can keep us stuck. We can feel filled with anxiety.

What if you were already infinitely loved by God himself. What if God loved even the darkest parts of you, just as much as the pretty parts? What if you were completely loved and accepted just as you are, without you doing another thing? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I have a message from your High Self. You are already loved. You are already accepted. This unworthiness is not real. The lack and focus on your imperfection is keeping you in suffering. We live in an illusion. This illusion is a projection from our minds. When you begin to love and accept ourselves, you recognize that all of these horrible thoughts we have had about ourselves is all made up. Our mind keeps us stuck. When we can dissolve all the ego-thoughts, and begin to live in our heart, we begin to see that THE MATRIX is just like the illusion that we live in. Our mind keeps us in prison. 

All we have to do is let go of the constructs that we have conjured up. We need to begin to see ourselves as already perfect, you are already healed. You are already completely loved and accepted as you are.

Each and every person already has the energy of love inside. It truly is there. This infinite love is there, just waiting for you to tap in. You don’t have to be different, You don’t have to change yourself. It is all about letting go.

Your Divine Self (High Self) is already love. The real you is love. We have a hard time feeling and receiving this because we are filled with self contempt, judgement, resentment, anger and fear. When we let go of all of this made up stuff, all there is – IS LOVE!

Everything in your past was just here to teach you who you are. All the events in your past was to bring you to love. When we resist life experience and love – we suffer. When we rail against our experiences we are pushing love away. When we react we are in suffering and ego-mind. All of your past was just an experience to teach you who you are. Each event was only present in your life to bring you to the fullness of who you are. 

When you love you – you open up to receive more. When we shut down and turn love away – we are not able to receive love. When we continue to look for love, acceptance and validation from the outside world, we don’t receive it, because we are in resistance of it. If you don’t give love to you FIRST, no one else can give it to you. When someone shows up, you will make all kinds of excuses and reasons why you can’t be with the person who shows up for us. Because we don’t love ourselves. We will make all kinds of excuses why we don’t want to date someone. We long for love, but we reject it when it appears.

The more you love yourself, the more you can receive love. When you love yourself, you allow others to love you. 

No matter what you try to attain in life, you will still be you. If you don’t love yourself, no amount of money will make you feel happy, or fill you with love. No relationship, vehicle, house, job, or person will ever fill you with love, if you don’t love you first.

We Have To Choose Love For Ourselves

When you forgive yourself, for everything you have ever done, and anyone who has ever hurt you, so many things break away and dissolve. Forgiving events and people from the past, changes everything.
  1. Move into Love and Gratitude for everything.
  2. Be grateful for yourself.
  3. Be grateful for today.
  4. Be grateful for each moment.
  5. Be grateful for the love inside of you.
  6. Be grateful for the love outside of you.
  7. Be grateful for the acceptance of you.
What Do I Have To Let Go OF?

  • unforgiveness
  • resentment
  • anger
  • hatred
  • control
  • fear 
What do you NOT NEED to be Loved?

You don’t have to feel lovable
You don’t have to be worthy
You don’t have to be perfect
You don’t have to be the perfect weight
You don’t have to have the perfect job
You don’t have to accomplish anything

You are already GOOD ENOUGH.
You are already worthy.
You are already perfect.
You are already LOVED! All you have to do is give it to YOU!

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a catlystic coach. She helps you move out of fear, restriction and limitation. Your life begins to unfold in beautiful synchronistic ways. People show up in your life miraculously. Success in every area begins to unfold, like magic. Possibilities open when you love yourself. You are supported by The Universe. Your vibration brings you so much more than you ever imagined. Your life dreams begin to come true. You stop having to push your energy to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. They happen automatically FOR YOU! When you move into LOVE, The Universe supports you in every way.

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