Can A Penis Shrink In Size?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


85% of women are pleased with the size of their mate’s penis. However, many men are plagued with their size – even when their partner has no issue at all with it. Being happy with yourself is key to being happy with your penis. The better you feel about yourself, the better and more satisfied you will be with your package. (See end of this blog post for an excerpt from Orgasm For Life.)


The average size of a man’s penis is between 5.5 inches to 6 inches in length. Men’s self esteem is tied to their penis. Every little tweak, or squeak that a penis makes causes men to worry and often obsess.  Women have similar issues about their bodies, breast size and size of their ass. 

Can a penis shrink from obsessive masturbation?
The penis is comprised of spongy tissue. Masturbation usually requires rubbing and can cause scar tissue, which damages the penis. The brain and the penis work together, believe it or not, which causes energy to be burned. When the brain does not receive energy in return for the masturbation, the penis atrophies. Atrophy causes the penis to shrink from masturbation. It seems strange that excessive masturbation causes atrophy in men. In women, if we don’t have sex, or masturbate the vagina can atrophy. 
Sexual activity with a vagina does not cause this damage. In other words, men are much better off having sex than rubbing one out all by themselves. 
Once a penis begins to shrink it is difficult to regain this lost size or mass. A penis pump is one way to prevent this from happening. Of course, not masturbating works even better!

Other ways that a man’s genitalia shrinks are:

  1. Aging
  2. Infrequent Sex (not to be confused with masturbation)
  3. Low testosterone and artificial testosterone supplements
  4. Steroids
  5. High levels of Estrogen in men with low levels of Testosterone
  6. Being catherized for long periods of time
Raising your hormone levels can help you regain size. 
For more information: Small Penis Syndrome

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Excerpt from Orgasm For Life – Copyright 2014

Cleanliness, rather than the size of your wood, matters more to women. Women prefer clean sheets, so do you laundry Dude!  Most women would rather have an average sized penis, even if it is on the small side, than a man who is too large. If a man is so large that he can’t have an erection inside of you, his size (big size) could be an issue. Confidence in yourself, and your ability to pleasure your woman figure higher on the list of must-haves than size. Everything is relative. If you have a great penis but don’t know how to bring a woman to orgasm, you are still lost. Focus instead on being a better person, more loving and considerate lover. These are the things that matter most to women.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a life, sex and love coach. She empowers men and women to Love Themselves Fearlessly. She has a weekly podcast dealing with self esteem, sex, the sacredness of sex and spirituality. She has been heard recently on the following radio shows:
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Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author of Orgasm For Life, life, love and sex coach and sex educator. She is a speaker, teacher and catalystic coach. You can contact her for a FREE 30 minute session to see if her methods and work are a good fit for your happiness and success goals for your life. Contact Jennifer HERE. 
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