My Twin Flame Love: Part I

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Women dream of a Soul Mate or Twin Flame relationship. They long for the deep soul connection with a partner that crosses all time, dimensions and lifetimes. In 2003, I experienced my own Twin Flame relationship. This is my story. 


On October 31st, 2003, I purchased my first pick-up truck. I had been running my own landscape design and installation company, since July 1st, 2001. I had become a Master Gardener some years before. I enjoyed designing and planting. I had been operating out of the back of my leather interior, Ford Explorer for two years. My landscape professional friends and nurserymen teased me, “When are you going to get a truck like a REAL landscaper?” Purchasing a truck was a big deal. The truck was symbolic for me. It signified that I was committed to running For Heaven Scapes, Ltd for some time to come. I had difficulty sticking with anything for very long. My ADD caused me to lose interest quickly. Landscaping was different, I was passionate about it. Although the truck had 69,000 miles on it, it was like new for me. It had been previously owned by a woman and felt like mine.

My confidence began to increase the longer I was in business. It was just 8 months since I kicked Rich Resuta out of the house. He had been abusive the entire 10 years of our marriage. He was controlling, intimidating and raged much of the time. Finally standing up to him and telling him “ENOUGH!” was huge for me. I spent my time when my 7-year old daughter was not with me, quietly, journaling, meditating and healing from our marriage. 

With my brand new white pick-up truck, I drove to Murphy North Carolina to spend the weekend with my spiritual mentor at that time, Lynette Lindsey. Lynette was a psychic. Although there was a15 year age difference, we became close friends. She helped me and I helped her when she had breast cancer. She taught me about Metaphysics and energy. She was my first spiritual teacher. She had lived with native American Indians in Chaco canyon and several other places across the United States. She was a very gentle being and certainly walked softly on the earth. She studied and was very “into” Native American tradition and lore. 
She handed me a brochure about a buffalo drum making workshop taking place the next month in Hiawassee, Georgia. She pushed me to go. She told me, “There is something here for you.” When Lynette had a psychic feeling, I knew she would be right. 
On the morning of the workshop, there was a chill in the air. It was a frosty morning. I received guidance to “dress down. Take off my diamond earrings, wear layers and look feminine.” I had never received guidance like this before. I did as I was instructed, and dressed in layers as “they” told me to do. I loaded my aging golden retriever, Gunner and Karma into my white pick-up truck. I was on the road by 7:05 AM. I was pleased with myself as I knew the two-hour drive would land me in Murphy a little late for Lynette’s taste. She always liked to be early. So much for what Lynette wanted. She was lucky I was up and on the road by 7:00! I enjoyed the drive, which was made more exciting by the newness of my vehicle. It was going to be a great day!
Lynette was anxious when I arrived. I was late. It made her angry. We had to pick up Anne, her friend before driving to Hiawassee for the workshop. Hiawassee was around a mountain and took another hour to get there. I had already driven two to Lynette’s from Alpharetta, Georgia. 
As we drove down Anne’s driveway we saw a herd of deer grazing. Lynette said that was a sign. Deer represent gentleness. Whoever sees the animal first, is who the sign is for. I knew it too. I counted three. Lynette said the number was significant. I wasn’t sure of what, but I knew it was meant for me.
Lynette was all abuzz about John Armbruster, the drum-maker and presenter of this workshop. She had taken John all around Murphy and had lunch with him earlier in the week. She said that she looked at John’s palms (she read palms and taught palmistry). She found his were extraordinary. She said she had never seen such a square hand. She said he was not from here. She said he had a photographic memory and was incredibly intelligent. She was very excited about him, I wondered, silently, if she was falling for him. 
Anne was ready and we were turned around and back on the road before long. As we turned into the Metaphysical store Where Angels Gather, we saw a flock of turkeys. Turkeys represent give-away. In Native American tradition, a give-away often follows a sweat lodge or pow-wow. People put treasures on a blanket. You leave the treasures you no longer want and make take someone else’s giveaway treasure. 
We all were very quiet as we felt the day had a magical quality about it. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but it certainly felt like we had walked through a door into another world.

As we climbed out of the truck and began to walk toward the store where the workshop was to be held, Lynette said, “Oh there’s John!” I looked up to see a man who looked like The Marlboro man from commercials. He was clad entirely in denim. He was wearing a Stetson with Indian beads and a turtle around the brim.

huarache sandals

On his feet, which were bare on this cold, November morning were huarache sandals. I thought at the time, this man is very unusual. He was definitely non-traditional. His ocean blue eyes looked right into mine as I passed by. I said a quick hello, as Lynette called over her shoulder, We’ll go and register inside. ” He was not my type at all. A little stocky, shorter than I liked and certainly more earthy that I liked. I had to say I was intrigued.

John Armbruster 2003
We each paid our registration fee and spent the remainder of the 30 minutes prior to the class warming up. It was chilly and the workshop was being held in the outdoor gazebo. 
At 11:00 we wandered outside, in the cold, for the workshop. Another older woman showed up a little late, which made a total of 5 in the workshop. John was okay with that, as he was habitually late as well, he told us. He introduced himself. He was a Geologist, an earth keeper, a geomancer, did Imperical Feng Shui for the earth and home, sweat lodges and was a pipe carrier. He talked for about 30 minutes while he told us how to sand the drum frames till they were smooth. We warmed up rather quickly doing this physical work. Pretty soon, our jackets were off as the sun warmed up the gazebo.
As we worked on our drums, each woman introduced themselves. I was the youngest of the group. When it came time for me, I said my name and where I was from, John replied in a strange squeaky voice, “You are from TORONTO? AND your name is JENNIFER!!!??” He acted as if this was significant. At this point, he sat down beside me ostensibly to help another woman with her drum frame and began asking me questions. 
We worked on our drums for almost two hours and Lynette suddenly stood up and said, “I haven’t gotten my hug, John!” He smiled warmly and moved into the center of the gazebo to hug her. The other women quickly stood up as well, each smiling and waiting for her hug. I waited till everyone had their hugs and I moved into the center of the gazebo. Lynette stood there smiling at us. John moved toward me and I leaned my head on his shoulder while he held me. I could smell leather and cold on him. He drew me close to him and we stood for what seemed like no time, an eternity, I was not certain how long. While he held me I felt wave after wave of love coming from him, around him to me around me the energy was so strong, Lynette told me afterward she had to back up it almost knocked her over. The love for this man was deep, far-reaching and endless. I could not understand how I could feel such love for someone I had never met before. 
John handed out our buffalo skins. I knew nothing about buffalo and less about drums. Lynette was angry with me as she thought John had given me the better buffalo hide for my drum. I could not see the difference. I thought it was strange how angry she was.
As we reluctantly let go of each other, we were both unsteady on our feet. These feelings were pure love. There was no sexual energy in this feeling. Although I argued with Lynette about that later. I only felt deep connected love. It was endless, amazing and had me reeling. I was not divorced, only separated. Why would I meet someone, when I wasn’t looking, and obviously not available – legally?


We finished our drum-making and John did a ceremony to awaken the drums. We stood in the center of the gazebo while John belted out a traditional Native American blessing. His voice was incredible, You could feel it in your soul. He touched oil of sage on each of our foreheads and also on the drum. When he touched my face, he looked into my eyes and awakened more than just my drum. There was a strong pull between us. He had a hard time not kissing me. He finally looked away and tried to pull it together enough to close the workshop. 
Everyone scattered quickly. I walked down the sidewalk to wash off my hands in the outside spigot. I wondered how I should give him my business card. I wasn’t sure what to say. I knew he was heading to Atlanta and needed a place to stay. Although, in the back of my mind, I knew I had Ariel with me the next week. Rich would not like it if I had a man staying with me, with Ariel present. He would probably never find out, I thought….
As I walked back to the gazebo, John was gathering up the last of his plastic totes with the buffalo skins, rawhide sinew, and sandpaper. I knew this was my only chance. I handed John my For Heaven Scapes, business card. He was impressed. I did Feng Shui in the garden, he did it for the earth. I suggested we have lunch together when he was in Atlanta. He said he would call me. He thanked me and I walked off with my feet barely touching the earth. 
After dropping Anne at her home, Lynette and I drove back to her place in Murphy as if we were flying on rocket ships. We were both high as kites. I could not explain the feeling, except to say I knew what happened today was hugely significant. She did too. 
Lynette told me she would take me out to the local barbecue joint in Murphy because I drove everyone. There are not many places to choose from there. From flea market to bird seed store, there were not many shops and fewer restaurants. As we sat down at the table Lynette regarded me with amusement. I looked at her and said with a lilt in my voice, “WHAT??” She said, “You know perfectly well WHAT! John is what! What was that all about?” I told her what I experienced. She doubted that validity of my statement that it was not a sexual experience at all. All I felt was pure love. 
It was then that she told me that the energy of our embrace nearly bowled her over. She said she felt faintly embarrassed, as the other women were looking on as we stood there suspended in time and space, seemingly above everyone else, floating. 
I didn’t care what the others thought. That was the least of my concerns. I wondered how I could keep him from Rich. Ariel could not keep a secret. 
I left Gunner with Lynette. The drive was too much for him. He would not come out from under her table to make the drive home. I wondered to Lynette how I would get him back to Alpharetta – more than 2 hours away. She said not to worry. She would think of something. I knew she had something up her sleeve.
By Monday, John had called and left me a message. I knew he was staying with friends in the Sautee Nachoochee Valley in Georgia. I was not sure of their relationship when I  returned his call and heard a curious woman’s voice. Her name was Diana. She smiled into the phone and called, “JOOHHHN! There’s a  woman on the phone for you!” As John came to the phone, I could hear teasing from Diana about the phone call. 
John expressed a strong desire to see me again. I explained the situation with my daughter. I offered my upstairs room, with the caveat that there was no door to the bedroom. He told me he had spend a night or two in a snow drift in the mountains, he was not the least concerned about no door to the bedroom. John was not sure how he was going to get from Diana’s to Atlanta. Since Gunner was still at Lynette’s I said, I might have to drive up to get him. I would let him know once I talked with Lynette.

I called Lynette to tell her that John would be staying with me a couple of nights. She smiled into the phone and offered to drive Gunner down to the highway, meeting me half-way. It was a longer and very windy drive for her, I was grateful for her help. She knew she was playing the part she needed to and was happy to do it. She smiled at me as John got out of her Jeep. Ariel said hello to Lynette and sheepishly sat in the backseat playing Opossum all the way home. I knew she was taking it all in, listening while feigning sleep. John commented a few times about her taking him in. She was watching when he wasn’t looking.


When we arrived home, it was late. As John lifted Gunner out of the truck, he said to me words I will never forget, looking around at the beauty of the 7 acre property I lived on, 100 year old trees, he said, “You have a rich life.” I pondered his words. John was not one to make small talk. When he commented about something you knew it carried weight. I carried Ariel to bed then I showed John his room. 

We sat in the area designated as a family room. It was a little chilly there at night. We talked for hours about our lives, families and what we had learned. I had never seen John without his hat, till now. He liked wearing it. I wondered if he slept in it? It was so John. He wore an amber necklace around his neck, always, he said. He did computer programming to make ends meet. Drum-making and earth-keeping did not pay the bills. Apparently, he was quite good at what he did. I had no doubt. I swore I was spending time with the Marlboro man. What on earth was happening?

Eventually, I could not stand it any longer. After hours of talking and nervous sexual tension between us, I slide over closer to him and kissed him fully on the mouth. As I began to move away, he pulled me back, saying, “Don’t go, yet! I’m liking this.”

While I shared stories, I named him, John-of-few-words, and gave myself the moniker, Jennifer-who-speaks-too-much. He told me about being with a beautiful woman named, Jennifer. He spent several nights in a snow drift with her in the Sierra Nevada mountains. She wanted to BE with him. He could feel another person that he was supposed to be with, also named Jennifer. 

He was told her name and that she was from Toronto. He was told he would die at the hands of Jennifer. When he flew to Atlanta, although he had appointments, he thought he might die in a plane crash. I found it terribly eery. He said he could feel the exact moment that she was no longer available. He thought that this person was either off the planet or had married. He asked me when Rich and I got married. He asked me when Ariel was born. The dates coincided with my marriage to Rich, more importantly, the birth of Ariel. John knew the Jennifer in his vision from Toronto, was me. 

The interesting thing was that I had felt a man coming to me on the etheric or astral plane for over 10 years. I could feel that this person loved me. I didn’t know who he was. I didn’t know where he was, but I could feel him. He came in very strongly before I met Rich Resuta. Comparing notes, it was the same time frame that he had. My sense was that when I turned the corner to marry Rich, John was pushed further back. 

We did not make love that night. John had an issue with sexual addiction. He wanted to wait as long as we could. He was trying to change his ways. Women fell all over him. Although he was not brawny, or incredibly good-looking, he was charismatic and had a very special energy about him. His friend, Diana would later recount stories of women standing in front of him when he was in the middle of meditating or doing ceremony and do hand-stands and other revealing yoga positions right in front of him when he was in Sedona. He had a magnetism and charisma that few have. There was no doubt John was special, as Lynette reminded me every time I spoke to her.

John and I visited a client of his in Atlanta. We did the Feng Shui together. We each taught the other what we knew. I noticed that a piece of furniture had been moved and that there was an argument over it. The couple had split up and divided furniture. They fought over the piano. We cleared the energy of the house together.

Being with John was amazing. We didn’t need to speak. I could read his thoughts. At one point, he quipped, “Get out of my head, will you?” I could finish his sentences, when he stopped talking. Although we just met, we knew each other instantly. Our connection was immediate. There was history, of unknown origin. People felt it when they saw us together.

I had just yelled at Ariel – she’s not happy here

Our time together drew to an end. Rich refused to allow Ariel to be in the house when my Indian friend was over. Ariel’s connection with John was powerful as well. She told John of being in a past life with him, where they were both Native American Indians. Ariel described the wikiup that he lived in. John said she was his sister. She told John he had also been her father. He became quite somber at this point. As if to break the tension, Ariel went and grabbed her recorder and played for John. John played his native American flute for her. There was a softness between Ariel and John that was missing in her relationship with her father. John totally accepted her as an equal. He could see her gifts. He gave Ariel a piece of buffalo fur. He said it was sacred. He also gave her a feather from a Blue Heron. He said he communicated and worked with Blue Heron energy. 

There was so much richness here between the three of us. When John found out that Rich would not allow Ariel to come back and see him, his eyes filled with tears and he cried. He would not speak of what he was feeling. There was much he did not tell me.

When I drove him to the airport, he found out his flight was delayed. I had already driven off and was headed home. He called me asking me to come back. I turned around, even though I was only 20 minutes from home. Our time was precious and we both knew it. We had Chinese food and I drove John back to the airport. I parked in the dropping off lane. He slid over in the front seat to snuggle and kiss my good-bye. As we were in a deep embrace one of Atlanta’s finest policewomen rapped on my window. “This is a drop off only!” John kept kissing me. I gasped for air, “John she’s giving us a ticket!” He kept kissing me. When she rapped on my window again, she angrily said, “Move this vehicle NOW!” John took the ticket from me and told me this $50.00 kiss was well worth it! It may have been the most expensive kiss he had ever had, but it was one he would always remember!

John returned to Atlanta three weeks later. He and I spent Thanksgiving at Diana’s, his friend in Sautee, Georgia. I marveled at all the carbohydrates on the table. I was not used to eating this way. John said, “They’re young.” John was doing marriage counseling for Diana and Steve. Steve would drink while they talked. John commented that there were some serious issues there. I instantly liked his friends. Diana told me to bring Ariel up to meet Forrest. They were the same age. I told her I would. 

Around Thanksgiving, John held a children’s honoring ceremony at Diana’s. Ariel and I were invited. There were water balloon fights and a circle where the children were each honored for their gifts in front of the group by their parents. It was lovely. All the kids had a blast. John had Ariel and I saged each person in the circle. It felt like family. Ariel and I talked about her connection with John. She said he was more of a father to her than her own. He certainly was more loving and accepting. But more than that, it was a deep spiritual connection and love that no one could explain. 

Ariel’s connection with John was profound. Of course, she could not keep silent when at her father’s. She was exploding with stories about him. Rich was hoping for a reconciliation. He was angry, humiliated and feeling desperate. He came at me with both barrels legally. With Christmas coming, my attorney said John needed to stay away. He had become a source of concern for Rich. It put me in a very bad position legally. Georgia was a good ole’ boy network. Males seemed to do better than females in court.

John sent a package for New Years. John did not believe in giving presents for Christmas. He didn’t like the gift-giving because it was “Christmas” that whole materialistic thing bothered the heck out of him. He was not materialistic at all. In fact, he was the opposite. He preferred gifts that were meaningful. His gifts spoke of the relationship between the two people. In the box, was a turtle for Ariel. It had significance. He wrote a loving card to us both, with a note to each of us explaining the gifts that he sent. (The details of the card are written in my book Odyssey Victim To Victory). 

He sent a crystal to Ariel for protection and a Herkimer diamond that he mined himself for me. Each gift had a significance for us personally. There was no doubt of the love that he felt for both of us. Getting through the holidays without seeing each other was very difficult. We talked on the phone often and connected through AOL messenger at other times. Finally, in January, John had enough. He decided to come to see me. Against my legal advice, we both agreed, we couldn’t wait any longer. 

The is the end of Part I. Click here for Part II. I have a summary and follow-up article about what I learned through this profound and life-changing experience in Twin Flame Lessons

This story is also written in my first book, Odyssey Victim To Victory. Although it was fifteen years ago, I remember like it was yesterday. I remember what I wore, how he smelled and felt. Recounting this story to you now, brings back all those feelings like I am in the moment. Which is one of the reasons, we need to not live life with regret. Be grateful for each moment and stay in the present. 

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What People Are Saying About Jennifer’s Energy Clearings

I woke up this morning & am feeling calm, light & fine. My hands are not shaking anymore. All you wrote were correct. I gave you my name & photo & you cleared those who attached to me. I don’t feel them. My nightmares & seeing ugly creatures have stopped. Thank You Very Much!A+++++



2 thoughts on “My Twin Flame Love: Part I

  1. Laura says:


    loved reading the information on your website. I can feel the love and compassion you shared with your beloved, one of profound love and spiritual embodiment.

    Thank you.

    • Jennifer Elizabeth Masters says:


      Thank you for your sweet message. I appreciate it. John continues to be one of those people I think about and wonder what he’s doing now? It was the deepest connection I have ever enjoyed with a human. He is certainly someone I will never forget.

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