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Her interviews are funny, intelligent, sexy and inspiring. Whether you are single, in a relationship or have been married most of your life, there is something for everyone. Wondering how to bring passion back into your marriage? Wondering how to create deeper intimacy? Wondering if you will ever have sex again? Listen in!


Janet Love is a Medical Intuitive healer. She interviews Jennifer about her book, why being helpless or hopeless can be a good thing. If you are not having sex, want to, would like to leave your marriage or relationship, listen to this show. Compassionate, authentic, loving relationships involve touching. When people are not having sex, they rarely touch. Yet humans need touch to survive. This interview dives into the book, beyond sex. 

August 13, 2014, Illuminating Now: Sexuality Within Relationship Airing now. Loving our genitals, how we look, being in the moment. Being okay with our bodies, feeling sexy, beautiful. How can we feel sexy? Where is the G-Spot? Does it exist? How can I get it to work?
August 6, 2014, Illuminate Now, With Linzi Levinson This show will be aired this Wednesday. We discuss sexuality on our own. How we each need to understand ourselves better, so that we can explain and tell our partners what feels good. How to ask for what you want. The key is better understanding of ourselves.

Success and Beauty with Charlotte Howard Recorded on August 5th. This is a great show, only 30 minutes of your time.
Illuminate Together With Michelle Spalding, The Fairy Godmother. This is a 30 minute show. Recorded on July 30, 2014. 
Illuminate Now:Our Sexuality With Host Linzi Levinson. Is it possible to have an orgasm for LIFE? It was on this show that Linzi felt like we needed to get together and do two more shows. This is the first of three shows with Linzi on Voice America. June 18, 2014
August 13, 2014 Illuminate Now, With Linzi Levinson. Relationships aren’t easy. How to make them feel more comfortable. Asking and getting what you want, without hurting or harming your partner. 
The Secrets of My Success with Coach Deb Bailey This show is for women entrepreneurs. This is a very funny interview with Deb Bailey. Deb had me back for a second time because she found the subject of my book so interesting. If you want to hear about Orgasm For Life before you purchase it and wonder if I really can be funny, this is the show for you to listen to. Lot’s of laughter and fun on this show. 
The Love Doctor: Orgasm For Life Shaneetha Akinlana and I met in Atlanta, Georgia several years ago at an event. We did similar things in different markets, although we both lived in Atlanta. We have a special connection. Shaneetha is loving, kind, funny and we have great chemistry together. Part I
The Love Doctor: Orgasm For Life Part II Shaneetha and I had so much to talk about that this show became a two parter. Great information, laughter and fun. Inspiration, wisdom and great information about love, sex and intimacy.
Jamillah A Shabaz Part I  Orgasm For Life. We talk about affairs, who is at fault and this brings up several subsequent discussions. The phone lines lit up to the point they had to have me back on the show again!
Ascended Insights with Jamillah A. Shabaz: Part II After creating quite a stir last week, we began where we left off. Great conversation about my book, sex and relationships.

Orgasm For Life with Hollis Chapman  Hollis is all about living your passion. This is the second time I have been on Hollis’ show. Most hosts like me, and have me return several times. Which makes me very happy! May 2014, Mother’s Day.

Live Your Passion – WIth Hollis Chapman My first time with Holis. February, 2014.
Sedona Talk Radio: Lindsay Marina  Intuitive Guidance. Lindsay is a psychic. 
The Bedroom Diaries With Felice. This show helps women understand self love and how it changes their lives for the better. Relationships are better, happiness comes becomes a permanent fixture in your life. 

Universal Energy: Law Of Attraction Join Anna Banguilan as she talks with Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, an author, inspirational speaker, hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach, mother of 3, Master Energy Healer and ordained minister.

As a Scorpio, she unabashedly says she has enjoyed sexual expression. She assists women to find the Sacredness in Sex. Married and divorced 4 times, Jennifer is an empowerment and sex coach for women.
Her motto is: If you don’t love being alone with you, how can you expect anyone else to? When we love ourselves completely and compassionately we stop beating ourselves up and gratefully appreciate each experience in our lives as another way to enrich and nurture our soul and others.


Living Large Radio: The Keys To Loving Yourself with P.K. Spearman. 

Jennifer has been on over 200 radio shows on Blogtalk, CBS radio, Voice America, to name a few. She is a catalystic life coach and Master energy healer as well as the author or two books: Orgasm For Life and Odyssey Victim to Victory.  Her website is:

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