Robin WIlliams Manic Man Tribute and Tragedy

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

It is with great sadness that I write this post about Robin Williams. He had been a recovering addict, healing a cocaine addiction many years ago. He recently opened up about his

addiction and went to rehab, as he quipped, in the wine country. It is very sad that he was not able to get the help he needed in time to save his life. Robin Williams was a comic that I grew up with. He brought joy, and incredible manic humor to stand up comedy. 


As a child, I watched Mork and Mindy and fell in love with his fast-paced humor. My family loved him in Mrs. Doubtfire and The Bird Cage. One of my favorite movies was a more serious role, Good Will Hunting. Good Morning Viet Nam, was a great movie where he played an outrageously outspoken (where art mimics life) radio announcer on base in Viet Nam. I have posted several of his best interviews or shows below. What is really ironic, as pointed out by one of our readers is that one of Robin’s movies What Dreams May Come, was about someone battling the darkness of addiction.


If you don’t follow astrology, we just experienced the most powerful full moon of the year. Babies are born, people die and break-up during powerful full moons. The past three days surrounding this super full moon have been challenging, pushing our limits, dredging up sadness, break-ups for many as well as depression for those who don’t normally suffer from it. 

This past weekend was challenging emotionally for many. A neighbor had to put her sweet little dog to sleep,  causing great sadness in our community. I’ve had my own emotional events in the past 48 hours. I woke this morning feeling a deep heaviness that I had not felt in years. Needless to say I cleared my energy and that of several others that were also feeling this deep darkness and depression. Today was a very heavy day energetically. Many felt depressed. The fact that Robin took his own life today, shows how heavy the energy was of this full moon.

Several of my healer friends had sadness and serious break-ups happen as well. A Super Moon is not just a bright moon. This one was touted as being the biggest certainly of 2014, perhaps even in years. A full moon can cause deeper experiences of what one is presently dealing with. Which is what I believe occurred with Robin Williams. Addiction is a dark energy. Coupled with a super moon, which added fuel to the already high fire, it proved too great for Robin to endure. Sadly, he felt that there was no way out. Strange he did not even mention how he was feeling to his wife. My sympathy and condolences go out to his wife, daughter, two sons and all who loved and adored him.

Increase In Dark Energies Balance The Light

Since March 2013, I have done over 1,100 energy clearings. I clear negativity, depression, suicide, attachments and past life issues from people’s energy. They come to me for anxiety, depression, agitation and feelings of suicide. The energy clearings I have done in the past six months have been ten times more challenging than ever before. Everyone I cleared in the past six months had dark energies attached. When I say dark, I mean demons, dark forces and the like. I don’t often talk about these things because many already think that the work I do is already “out there.” I had been guided to write an article about dark energies over a month ago. I usually follow such guidance. I felt it would be met with judgment and criticism. With the death of Robin Williams earlier today, I feel that lives may be saved, if I talk about what is going on in the Universe, the ethers and this planet.

The brighter the light gets, the darker and more powerful the dark side gets to balance things out. There is always an equilibrium. Many of you are aware that more people have become enlightened in the past two years than ever before. The consciousness of our planet has risen. So too has the strength of the dark side. There is always a balance in our Universe. As the light is strengthened, so too is the dark. Even the Bible speaks of a war in the heavens of the light and dark. Armageddon is something many people have heard about. It is a war fought here on earth as well as in the heavens.

Dark energy manifests for people who don’t know what an energy clearing is, as depression, feeling there is no way out, or feeling so despondent that one may choose to take their own life. I have cleared many people with apparent Schizophrenia, chronic depression and suicide programs. I have written about a young girl who attempted suicide 11 times. I cleared her and found that she had committed suicide in 30 of her past lives. For suicidal energy to show up in her life this time, is no great surprise. 

When a dark energy attaches to someone, they may feel deep sadness, chaos may show up in their life, or they may choose to overdose or take their life because the darkness and heaviness is so profound. When the moon was full, I spent half the day Saturday crying. I don’t normally cry. This morning I felt heavy, laden with a darkness that would not let go. I prayed and cleared myself. 

Addictions and Dark Energies

The point is that there is help. There are people who can help you without medication. Addictions usually lead to attachments from either drugs or alcohol. When you smoke pot, take street drugs or drink alcohol, you perforate your auric field. These holes, rips and tears create a way in. Without proper protection dark energies can attach. People with addictions often have attachments because the attachments create the addiction. Fear attracts the dark. Dark energies feed off fear.

An energy clearing is done with the angels, The Ascended Masters and your guides. The Divine of course oversees all. I work with the Forces of Light, Angels of Light and each person’s High Self. Could I have saved Robin’s life? That is an answer we will never know. I do know that through energy clearings, this work has changed the course of my life and anyone else who has had one. I do know that the people who’s energy I cleared who had suicidal programming, did not commit suicide. One woman with a meth addiction was cleared of her addiction when I removed the attached soul of her best friend. He had been shot by police and had a meth amphetamine addiction.

Programs and patterns of negativity are lifted. Suicide patterns are cleared. Past lives where tragedy occurred that create a heaviness are also removed. This is felt immediately, with the entire assimilation of the clearing completing within the next 3 – 5 days. I often clear others for those who recognize that their loved ones are challenged with negativity and deep depression. Once the attachments are removed the person feels better, lighter, more focused and calm. When depression is present many experience insomnia. One of the biggest things that occurs is that the subject is able to sleep deeply. 

I am very sad for Robin’s wife and family. I wish I had known what he was going through. When you or a loved one is challenged with depression or suicidal thoughts, seek out the help of someone who does energy clearings, it could save your life, or that of the ones you love. 

To you Robin, I am sad to lose the amazing comic talent and incredible intelligence of you. My family and I will miss you. You will bless the angels with your amazing gift of humor and laughter! We will miss you terribly.

This is an interview with Parkinson a talk-show host in Britain. It is excellent and fairly clean (part I and Part II). The third video is a watch at your own risk, it is raunchy, typical Robin Williams unplugged. Part II is hilarious as he talks about Lance Armstrong, going to rehab in wine country. 

Robin Williams side-splitting comedy Vintage

Robin Williams photo shoot for Parade Magainze

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