5 Reasons To Let Him Go!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I love men! I really do. Men are usually strong and masculine and oh so different from us. We love their touch, their bodies and cuddling with them before and hopefully, after sex. We enjoy their way of thinking and the helpful ways that they try to fix any problem we might have. Men are wonderful,  well…mostly. Similar to women, there are those who are keepers and there are those that we would rather forget. This post is to help you avoid the disaster down the road, like marrying someone that will abuse you. You know the ones that leave you crying on the floor with no self esteem, penniless, car less and maybe even house-less. We all want to avoid those!


I feel compelled to write this post for those women who are feeling unsure about whether to stay or go. As a woman myself who has gone, far more than stayed. I have learned some quick techniques for finding out if your guy is worth holding on to. I will give you the low-down on the down and out so you can get out as quickly as you can! If you are dating one of these guys below, for goodness sake, don’t marry them! The situation will only get worse. For those feeling stuck in relationships where they don’t feel like a priority, or are beginning to wonder? Read on. These insightful tips will help you make the best decision for you and keep your bank account intact.

The Best Is Now
What you see is what you get! Don’t think your love will change your man. It won’t. If you don’t like what you see, hear and smell, leave! Everyone is on their best behavior at the beginning of a relationship. It doesn’t get any better than the beginning of a relationship. In fact, it is downhill from here on! If he doesn’t respect you, leaves his clothes for you to pick up, doesn’t contribute and leaves you hanging…..  What are you waiting for? An exit invitation?


  1. His father just fired him and he doesn’t have a job. Or he just quit a job, or is about to quit, or is always thinking of quitting. He is a quitter. Get out while his body is still warm. He will probably also tell you that his boss is an ass hole. All of his bosses are asses. Unless you want to support his ass all your life, run! Quick like a bunny!
  2. He puts your down or makes fun of you in any way. Your face, your body, your cooking….  your family…..  Be like the Tasmanian Devil and do the whirling dervish thing! Get out!

    Making fun of you in any way is a sure sign of abuse down the road. Men who are abusers show early signs. Making fun, is a sure fired way to tell he will be trying to shove a fist in your face down the road, or be plain passive aggressive and angry most of your married life. An angry man will also try to control you with his anger. Been there done that wore the T-shirt and spent 8 years trying to walk away! He might even be really subversive and say something like, “I was just kidding!” Bull shit! This makes me want to throw up. Don’t believe it for a moment. Yes, I get angry, this kidding thing was the ban of my existence for three years with someone I was in love with. He finally called me the “C” word when I was in Hawaii with him. Needless to say – He’s outta HERE!~

  3. He raises his voice to intimidate you. This guy won’t talk to you with a civil tone when he is upset or feeling threatened and insists on yelling at you. He uses anger to control you, evade situations or discussions – like the fact that he is never home, or drunk all the time, won’t have sex with you, or won’t call you or any other serious conversation. 
  4. He has an addiction of any kind. This includes drinking alcoholic beverages including 3 beer or more a night, vape pen, smoking, meth, cocaine hookah or pot. Even if your guy doesn’t actually GET DRUNK. Seriously, if your guy can’t function without a drug in his system, why would you want him? Addictions lead to control issues and abuse. It is rare that an alcoholic (addict) will not be angry or abusive at some point. Usually whenever they drink. Alcoholics have issues with low self esteem. They put you down to make themselves feel better. Grab your keys and purse and run like OJ! “Oh, but he is so charismatic and well liked by everyone that knows him!” That is simply the Dr. Jekyll, Mr Hyde. He will treat everyone he sees in the outside world like gold and you like yesterday’s cow dung! Believe me, I have tried three on for size and EVERYONE of them was abusive in some way! Let me count the ways, physically, emotionally, withholding love and sex. Why would you want this kind of life? God help you if you stay.
  5. He only uses text to communicate except when he wants sex, then he might make an exception. Seriously, you would be so much better off with a dog or a cat. They at least would love

    you unconditionally and be there at night to snuggle.

Ladies, and I really mean Goddesses! Stand up. Be heard. If you aren’t getting what you want and need: LEAVE! The crumbs of affection are so few here that you would be better off and happier on your own. You will not attract another person in a dud of a relationship. End this one cleanly. Don’t say meekly, “Well let’s maybe try and have a break!” NO!!!! When you close one door you open another. It is so much easier once you leave. Then you will feel freedom, empowered and better for taking care of yourself for a change. Staying in a relationship where your needs are not being met and you are being put down drains your life force energy. It depletes you, rather than completes you.

You think you won’t find anyone better? Have you seen all the men out there lately? There are a million of them. The better you take

care of yourself, the better guy you will attract. If you feel you only deserve crumbs, crumbs are what you will get.

What you think you create. What you believe you receive. Instead here is your new question to the Universe. The Universe is always working to make you RIGHT. So if you say, “I can’t find anyone better.” Or, “I will always be alone.” YOU MY DEAR ARE CORRECT! Instead say the following:
How can I effortlessly and easily find someone better than ______?

I work with women who need help feeling powerful. If this is you, contact me now. I used to feel powerless and weak. I thought I had to accept poor treatment. I took what I could get. I allowed men to walk over me. I was a people pleaser. My family raised me to be this way. I spent a lifetime overcoming what my programming was. Now I am 60 and men are knocking on my door, following me around! I am tripping over them. It is because I know that I am worth it. I love myself and you can too! You have value. You might be resistant to receiving love. We can work with that. I have many magical powers to help you feel better, more confident. Well they may not be magical, but they certainly are God-given! You will be happy and confident and empowered. Armed with good feelings you attract a better quality of man. You will feel happier and won’t just accept anything or anyone who gives you attention. You deserve to be loved for who you are. You are beautiful inside and out, you just need help remembering. For a confidential private session contact Jennifer here:


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